How To Play Hay Day on PC Computer / Laptop

Have you ever dreamed of having your own farm? Well, perhaps not, but Hay Day is a great Android and iOS game in which you can grow and customize a farm. More than 100 million gamers have downloaded this delightful game, and you don’t need a compatible tablet or mobile for it. In fact, you can play Hay Day, and most other Android games, in Windows with emulator software.

How To Play Hay Day on PC Computer / Laptop

This Tech Junkie post told you how to play Boom Beach with Droid4X. Of course, you could also play Hay Day with that emulator. There are, however, a number of alternative Android emulators worth noting. KOPLAYER is a slightly underrated Android emulator for Windows. The emulator is fairly similar to Droid4X, as it has an integrated Google Play store, boasts 99% app compatibility, and enables you to customize the game controls for gamepad and keyboard. On the whole, it’s a very player-friendly experience. The software’s UI design also incorporates an Android desktop that has the same Back, Desktop and Recent Application buttons of its mobile counterpart, and a Settings page. This is how to play Hay Day on Windows with KOPLAYER.

Installing KOPLAYER and Hay Day

Open the KOPLAYER website and press the Download button there to save the emulator’s installer to Windows. After that, open the program’s setup wizard to add KOPLAYER to your desktop or laptop. Like most installation wizards, this one is straightforward and takes a little longer than five minutes.

Once setup is complete, launch the KOPLAYER window shown in the shot below, the same way you would with any other recently installed program. A brief program guide opens for you to flick through, and then you’ll be prompted to log in to your Google account required for Google Play. So if you don’t have a Google account, press the New button. Otherwise, you can press Existing and log in to that account.

hay day

Now click Play Store to open Google Play. Unlike in Droid4X, you don’t need to install the Google Play Game app first, as it’s already there for you to use. As such, enter ‘Hay Day’ into the search box, and select to open that app’s page. Press the Install button to add Hay Day to KOPLAYER.

hay day2

Give it five or ten minutes, and then press the DeskTop button on the right of the software’s window to return to the KOPLAYER desktop. Now it should include a Hay Day app icon. So click the Hay Day icon to launch the app. The game will open in the emulator as shown below, just as it would on a mobile device.

hay day3

Configuring the Controls and Graphic Settings

To scroll up, down, left and right, hold the left mouse button and drag the cursor. It functions as your finger would on a mobile device’s touch screen. Rather than moving the mouse in the direction you want to scroll, it’s more like you’re physically dragging the screen, so dragging the mouse left scrolls right, and dragging up scrolls down. Rolling the mouse wheel also scrolls up and down. Hold the Ctrl key and roll the mouse wheel up and down to zoom in and out. You can select all the game buttons and farm buildings with the mouse.

Press the Keyboard settings button at the top of the vertical toolbar on the left KOPLAYER’s window to customize the game controls. That will open the options shown in the shot directly below. First, drag the WASD control pad onto the main game window. Press the Save button to close the options and complete control setup. Press the OK button on the Setup Complete window, which tells you that you can toggle the keyboard on/off by pressing the F12 hotkey. Now you can press W and S to scroll down/up and A and D to scroll right and left.

hay day4

You can also customize the controls with keyboard mapping to add virtual hotkeys to Hay Day’s menu buttons. Click the Keyboard settings button to open control customization options again. Then click Hay Day’s Settings button at the top left corner of window to confirm a virtual button position for it. A small circle should appear overlapping the Settings button as below. Press a keyboard key such as S to assign to that virtual button. Once you have everything set up to your liking, press Save to confirm the new settings. If you followed this example, the Hay Day settings will now open when you press S.

hay day5

In addition, players can assign keys to more specific mouse movements or slides. To do so, press Ctrl + K and then hold the left mouse button and drag cursor in the required direction. Press a key to add to the mouse slide and save the settings. Pressing that hotkey will then simulate the mouse slide.

hay day6

The quick way to delete keyboard customization is to press the Clean button from the keyboard editing options. That will erase all the keyboard settings, restoring the default settings. Or you can right-click a virtual button there and select Cancel key.

Like most emulators, KOPLAYER has a full-screen mode. Press the FullScreen button at the bottom left of the software’s window to switch to that mode. Alternatively, you can switch to full-screen mode and revert back to the original window at your leisure by pressing F11.

hay day11

To configure the graphics, select the Menu button left of the Minimize engine option on KOPLAYER’s title bar. Select Software Settings to open the resolution–the size and sharpness of the image–options shown directly below. There you can configure the emulator resolution by selecting alternative settings from the drop-down menu or by selecting Custom resolution.

hay day12

Click the Advance tab to open further RAM options. Then you can customize the RAM and CPU core settings. That tab also includes Compatible (OpenGL) and Speed (DirectX) rending options. The tab suggests users select Speed (DirectX) if a game app isn’t opening. However, you’ll need to select Compatible (OpenGL) to record game videos with KOPLAYER. Press Save to apply newly selected settings.

KOPLAYER’s Additional Toolbar Options

The left toolbar includes a few handy options. For example, you can click the speaker buttons to adjust the game audio. Those options adjust the emulator game volume settings only and not the overall audio configuration in Windows.

In addition, you can capture game screenshots without the Snipping Tool. Click the Screenshot scissor button on the left toolbar to take a snapshot. The shots automatically save to the Gallery. You can open the screenshots by clicking System Tool on the KOPLAYER desktop. Then select Gallery > Screenshots and click the saved snapshot to expand it. Press the left and right arrows to flick through the images. If you press the Menu button on the left toolbar with a screenshot open, you can select to play a slideshow by clicking More > Slideshow.

hay day13

As mentioned, KOPLAYER has a recording option you can select by pressing the Video Recording button on the left toolbar. That opens the small window shown below, from which you can select a file path for the saved video. Then press Start and open Hay Day to record some game footage.

hay day9

KOPLAYER gives you 30 GB of storage for apps; much more generous than your standard smart phone. To delete games, left-click the apps and hold the mouse button. Then press Yes to confirm deletion. Or you can click System tool > Settings > Apps to open the page below. Select an app to delete there, and press its Uninstall button.

hay day10

So now you can have lots of fun with the KOPLAYER emulator and Hay Day. KOPLAYER runs all the Android games smoothly, and with it you can make the most of your desktop’s or laptop’s extra processing and superior graphic engines. Plus, the software also has an additional file manager, browser, music player, camera, and image gallery. Check out this Tech Junkie guide for further Android emulator details.

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