How to Play Music in Discord

Most people use Discord to communicate with each other while playing their favorite video games. Whenever you add music to your Discord voice chats, you make the whole experience much more immersive and entertaining. But how, exactly, can you play songs while chatting with friends on Discord?

In this article, we’ll present you with two simple ways to play tunes while using Discord.

How to Play Music in Discord

There are only two methods for playing music in Discord.

  • Use a bot
  • Connect your account to Spotify.
  • Play music using a Mic.

How to Add a Music Bot to Discord

Adding a music bot to Discord generally goes as follows:

  1. Create a server in your Discord with the “+” symbol.
  2. Name the server and your region.
  3. Go to a bot’s website and click on the “Invite” or “Add” button.
  4. Log in to your Discord account.
  5. Select a server for your music bot, pass the verification, and that’s all there is to it.

How to Play Music in a Discord Call

To include music in your Discord calls, you can set up a bot called FredBoat. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the FredBoat bot website, and hit the “Invite To Server” button.
  2. Select a server, press “Authorize,” and check the “I’m not a robot” box.
  3. Join a voice channel and tell FredBoat which song you want the bot to play with the “;;play [URL]“ command. For instance, you can type, “;;play”

Instead of searching for a specific URL, you can also search for the name of a song by typing “;;play Name of Song.” To stop playing music, simply type “;;stop.” Another thing we love about FredBoat is that you can use commands to let others in your channel vote to skip the song currently playing. You can find the complete list of commands on the FredBoat website.

How to Play Music in Discord Through a Mic

Playing music in Discord through a mic works the same as a call. You can also use your bots’ commands. But first, you’ll need to change some microphone settings on your PC:

  1. Go to your “Control Panel.”
  2. Navigate to “Hardware & Sound,” followed by “Manage Audio Devices.”
  3. Access the “Recording” options.
  4. Enable “Stereo Mix” and set it to the “default mic.”

You can now join a voice chat and start playing music using FredBoat.

How to Play Music in Discord on Android

If you’re using an Android device, you can select a Discord bot from the website. Once you’re there, here’s what you need to do next:

  1. Hit the “Music” tab to see the list of available music bots. Some of the most popular options are Sinon, MedalBot, and Astolfo.
  2. Press “View” to find out more about a specific bot and tap the “Invite” button on the bot you wish to add.
  3. Log in to your Discord account. This will redirect you to the bot’s website, where you’ll need to select a server where you want to play music.
  4. Tap “Authorize” and the “I’m not a robot” box, which installs the bot to your Discord server.
  5. Open Discord and head to the “Menu.”
  6. From the list of servers, choose the one on which you added the bot.
  7. Join a voice channel and enter the command that tells the bot to play the music. You can find the commands on the bot’s website.

How to Play Music in Discord on iPhone

The MEE6 bot is an excellent choice for playing music in Discord on your iPhone. To set it up, take the following steps:

  1. Go to MEE6’s website and log in to your Discord account
  2. Authorize the bot to enter your account.
  3. Choose the server to which you want to add the bot.
  4. Tap “Plugins” and press “Music.” If this function was previously disabled, tap on “Add.”
  5. Launch Discord and join a voice channel.
  6. Type “!search” and enter the song or artist. The bot will list the results.
  7. Enter the number of the song and add it to your playlist.
  8. Type “!play” to start listening to music.

How to Play Music in Discord Without a Bot

The only way to play music in Discord without a bot is to connect it to Spotify:

  1. Launch Discord and go to your “User Settings.”
  2. Choose “Connections” and locate the Spotify icon under the “Connect Your Accounts” tab.
  3. Click on the icon, and you’ll be redirected to Spotify’s login page.
  4. Enter your Spotify credentials and agree to the terms of use by pressing the “Agree” button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Once the process is over, a notification should say, “Connected Your Spotify Account to Discord.”
  6. Head to Discord and scroll down to check the connection.

You can now start listening to your favorite songs and artists on Discord.

As you can see, setting up music on Discord takes just a few clicks. Connect your Spotify account or see which bot works best, and all your tunes will be in your Discord sessions in no time.

Additional Discord Music FAQs

Here are the answers to some more of your frequently asked questions about Discord music.

Can I play Pandora on Discord?

Unfortunately, Discord does not support Pandora. At the time of writing, there isn’t a Discord bot to make this work either.

But, all hope isn’t lost. With millions of Pandora users, it’s incredibly inconvenient to get left with only Spotify compatibility. Sometimes, the only option is to submit a feature request to Discord. You can submit feedback to Discord and make feature requests. More specifically, there are already a plethora of Pandora-related requests here.

Visit this page and upvote the existing Pandora requests.

Are there any bots that can play music in a private or group call?

Unfortunately no. Many users have requested the option, but there are no bots available to play music in a group or on private calls. The only workaround to this issue is to create a private server and invite the member(s) to that server to play music using the instructions above.

What happened to Groovy?

Groovy was once a popular bot that let users listen to music on their servers. Unfortunately, as of July of 2022, Groovy is no longer operational. You can still add Groovy to your servers, but the music functions are disabled.

At this time, there is no word whether Groovy will make a comeback. In the meantime, you can add Groovy to your servers and keep checking for functionality periodically.

Is Rythm still available?

Rythm is a bot that helped Discord users for several years, was shut down after issues with YouTube. However, the developers haven’t given up just yet. Although you can’t access music, you can become a Beta tester.

Here’s how to become a Rythm Beta tester:

1. Visit the official Rythm website. Then, scroll all the way to the bottom of the home page.

2. Click on the Apply for our beta program option.

3. Click on Auth with Discord.

4. Click Authorize.

4. Fill out the remaining information and click Next Step.

5. A new page will appear. Fill out the questionairre and click Submit.

Now, watch for communications from Rythm if you’ve been accepted into the program.

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