Donald Trump is a video-game bad guy in NES mod “Trumptendo”

Artist Jeff Hong has brought the presumptive US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump into the world of mid-80s video games, with a collection of Nintendo Entertainment System titles that have been modded to feature Trump as a villain.  

Among the Trumpified titles are Donkey Trump, Donald Trump’s Urban Champion and Donald Trump’s Punch-Out!! The games – which can be played for free on the Trumptendo site – swap out iconic antagonists such as Bowser and Donkey Kong for 8-bit likenesses of the TV personality-slash–GOP frontrunner.

In Donkey Trump and Super Bernie Bros! Hong also recasts Nintendo’s Mario for Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders, with the white-haired sprite facing off against Trump as a chief villain.

The political message may not be subtle, but it’s a lot of fun to indulge in a fantasy fight against a man that is (fantasy or not) bent on world domination. You can find out more on the Trumptendo website, along with links to Hong’s Unhappily Ever After project, which reframes classic Disney characters in somewhat grim urban settings. 


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