How to Record Discord Audio

Discord has been a favorite virtual meet-up platform for many communities for several years now. Originally used exclusively by gamers, this place has many perks that make it perfect for chat and opinion exchange with people who like the same things as you do.

How to Record Discord Audio

One of the features that Discord users love is the ability to record your voice chats, which isn’t something you can do on many platforms out there. If you haven’t tried it before, you may not be sure how to record audio. To learn more about it, read our walkthrough below.

How to Record Discord Audio on iOS Devices

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad to access Discord, your built-in recording feature may not work with this platform. But don’t worry, there are ways to record audio using Discord’s recording bot named Craig.

One of the best features that Craig offers is allowing you to record multiple speakers at once, and saving the files separately. That way, you don’t need to waste time trimming and editing the files manually, but you still have the editing option if you need it.

That makes Craig one of the best choices for podcasts, and for other purposes, too. However, before you start recording, make sure all the parties included know they’re being recorded. In some states, it’s illegal to record someone without them being aware of it.

Here’s how to use Craig.

  1. You need to create a Discord server first. After you do that, navigate to the Craig Bot official website and tap the Invite Craig to Your Discord Server option.
    Craig Bot Homepage
  2. Log in to use the bot.
  3. Invite it to the server you’ve created by entering the following command: craig:, join (name of your server). It will start recording the desired voice chat.
  4. When you’re done recording, enter the command: craig:, leave (name of your server). That will finish the recording, and you will receive a link to tap and download the audio file.
  5. Choose AAC or FLAC, and the file will be saved directly on your iPhone, where you can edit it.

How to Record Discord Audio on Android

The Craig bot described in the previous section also works on Android phones. The steps to take are the same as on iOS devices.

But as we stated, you can only use Craig if you’re the one who created a server.

So, can you record audio on a server where you’re just a member? Luckily, yes. There are various apps to download from the Google Play store that allows you to record audio, such as the popular Camtasia. It’s excellent for recording tutorials, too. You’ll still need to separate the audio from video when done recording if you only need the sound.

How to Record Discord Audio on a Computer

You can use the Craig bot for recording on your computer, too. In this case, you can also save the file (or files) in the .wmv format.

There are other methods to record audio on Discord on PCs with Windows or Mac computers; if you’re not the server owner, you can’t use Craig.

How to Record Discord Audio with OBS

One of the most widespread tools for recording audio from Discord on computers is the OBS recorder. It’s free, but you can make a donation to the website so they can keep allowing the free download. There’s even a server on Discord dedicated to this tool, so you can join it and ask anything you might want to know about the tool.

OBS also allows you screen recording, so you can set up the tool depending on what you need to create.

To record with OBS, do the following:

  1. Open the software and click on the + icon at the bottom of the window, in Sources.
  2. You’ll see a new menu on the screen, where you need to click on Audio Output Capture.
  3. In the new window, name the desktop audio source and click on OK at the bottom to save your choice.
  4. Select whether you’re using earphones or speakers in Properties. You’ll find the options in a drop-down menu, so after you pick one output device, select OK to save.
  5. It’s not obligatory, but it’s recommended to test the tool before you start recording to make sure everything will work. Under Audio Mixer, you’ll see audio sliders. They should move if OBS is picking up audio. You can, for example, play music on your computer to run the test. During this step, you can also adjust the recording volume.
  6. Now you’re ready to record your audio, so navigate to Controls in the lower right corner and select Start Recording. You’ll also find Settings here, so you can click it to choose another file format to save your recordings.
  7. When you’re done, go to File at the top of the screen, click on Show Recordings to access all the files you’ve recorded. They’ll usually be blank video files with audio only, and you’ll identify them by time and date contained in the file name.

How to Record Discord Audio with Audacity

Audacity is another free tool for Discord audio recording. You can use it with different operating systems, including macOS, Windows, and Linux. It’s quite versatile in terms of file formats and the ability to record from many outputs.

However, bear in mind that only one person can be recorded at a time. It’s not suitable for recording multiple speakers. Still, if you want a practical tool to record a podcast where you’re the only speaker, you can’t go wrong with Audacity. Here’s how to record using Audacity.

  1. Download the software to your computer and install it.
  2. Launch Audacity and when the main window opens, click Edit > Preferences.
  3. If it isn’t selected already, click on Devices.
  4. From this menu, select your microphone as the recording device.
  5. Now it’s time to open Discord and join a voice channel. Select the red button to begin recording.
  6. The black square button will stop the recording, and you can then click on Export to pick a location to store your file.

How to Record Discord Audio with Windows Xbox Game Bar

Did you know you could also record Discord audio using your Windows game bar? And it’s so simple. Here are the instructions.

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows key + G. The game bar will open, and you’ll see all the options on the screen.
  2. You’ll see the Audio section on the left, so select the audio you want to record.
  3. Above that, select the microphone icon to turn it on while recording.
  4. Click on the Record button or use the Windows key + Alt + R shortcut.
  5. When you stop the recording by clicking the icon in the top right corner, the file will automatically be saved to your computer.

How to Record Discord Audio with Elgato

Elgato Sound Capture is also an excellent choice for those who want to record their Discord audio. It’s user-friendly and ideal for recording gameplay, but you need to set up the hardware and software before you can move on to record audio.

After connecting the hardware with the device where you want to record the sound, download the Elgato Game Capture HD software. After you’ve installed it, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Elgato Game Capture HD software and go to Settings to open the Elgato Sound Capture.
  2. Select Team Chat from the bar at the top.
  3. Select the drop-down menu to adjust the settings. First, choose the desired audio input to set up your microphone.
  4. The next step is to select the appropriate output so you can hear other speakers, too.
  5. Now you can close the program but keep the Elgato Game Capture software open so you can track your recording.
  6. You can choose to share your recordings on social media or save them to your computer in different formats, such as MP4.
  7. Finally, start recording by clicking on the red record button in the lower-left corner.

How to Record Discord Audio for a Podcast

Depending on what tool you’re using to record Discord audio, you can create excellent podcasts via this platform. It’s no wonder that it’s so popular among podcast authors since you have plenty of possibilities to create and save time in the process.

How? Well, different tools offer different features and editing options. For example, you can download different speakers in separate files, so you don’t have to edit the whole recording multiple times. On the other hand, you can record an entire show and then edit it as you see fit while keeping it in a single file.

You can also conveniently choose a format in which you want to save the recording. That helps you make sure all the platforms and tools you’re using are compatible, and you don’t need to use a converter.

Additional FAQs

How Do I Record a Discord Call?

Calls on Discord aren’t automatically recorded. However, you can pick one of the ways we’ve presented in the article to record them if necessary. You may use the audio to create YouTube tutorials or podcasts, as this platform is very suitable for that.

Don’t forget to let everyone participating in the call know that you’re recording them to avoid any legal trouble.

From Games to Education

As you can see, chat recordings from Discord can be used for so many different purposes. From gaming to educational and motivational podcasts, your possibilities are practically endless. It’s up to you to decide what you’re going to do with the recording and which of the presented methods suits your needs. Fortunately, you’re not limited by the device you’re using since there are solutions for all types: phones, tablets, and computers.

How are you going to record your Discord call? Why do you need the recording? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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