How to Remove Triller Watermark

Triller is a fun and popular social media platform that lets you create video and music content. It offers a lot of video editing options, allowing you to bring out your inner superstar and dazzle your followers. You can choose the songs you’d like to record your videos for, explore other creators, and interact with your followers.

How to Remove Triller Watermark

If you download your Triller masterpiece to your device to re-post it to other social media platforms, you’ll see the video has the Triller watermark superimposed on it. In this article, we’re going to see what is a watermark and what does it do, and if there is a way to get rid of the Triller watermark from your videos.

What Is a Watermark?

Watermark is, as the name implies, a mark or lettering that is superimposed onto a photo, a document, or a video. It’s a technique that has been around for centuries but is still widely used. Usually, a watermark contains an artist, creator, or company’s name. It is perhaps best known for its use on banknotes. Also, documents such as passports, and frequently used stationery like envelopes and stamps feature watermarks.

One of the main purposes of watermarking is to prevent counterfeiting and identity theft. That is for watermarking in print. Nowadays, creators and companies also use watermarks to protect their copyrighted digital materials.

A watermark can be superimposed on a digital document as well, but it’s mostly used for photos and videos. Many photographers and graphic designers use it to mark their art.

Numerous photo and editing apps also superimpose the name of the app on the video or photo you’ve created. This way, if you repost them to another platform, the watermark will tell where the content was created.

There are a lot of benefits to watermarking, but it can also be an inconvenience. Sometimes, those watermarks can be quite big and conspicuous, and interfere with the image or video. When it comes to the less subtle watermarks, people sometimes try to circumvent them.


How to Remove a Watermark

The watermark on Triller is not too big, and it’s somewhat discreet. It displays the Triller app logo and your username right above it. Either way, getting rid of Triller watermark is going to require some effort. You might even have to download an app for it or use a video editing app that you might already have on your phone or tablet. Here are some of the approaches you can go with.

triller watermark

Crop the Video

Removing the watermark by cropping the video is a compromise. You will remove the watermark completely, but you’ll also lose a part of the video. It all depends on where the watermark is and how much of a video you’re ready to cut out. Sometimes, it will turn out ok, and other times you’ll lose the vital bits of the video.

Use an App or an Online Watermark Remover

You can always try to outsource the problem. You can do a search and see if there is an online option or an app with good reviews. A lot of them can solve the issue very well.

Blur the Watermark

In case you’re just looking for a quick fix, you can always just blur the watermark on the Triller video. There are Windows and Mac programs that can do it for you. There are also numerous video editors for iOS and Android that can help you out.

How Much Does It Bother You?

The Triller watermark isn’t very big and it’s not located at the center of your video. So the question you might want to ask yourself is, “How much does it bother me?”

Most of the time, you probably won’t even notice it and neither will the viewers. Yes, it’s your video, but you’ve created it using Triller app so it’s got the watermark. That is also why your username is attached to the watermark.

What do you think about watermarks and would you get rid of those on your Triller videos? Let us know in the comment section below.

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