How To Repost Someone Else’s Instagram Story

You likely already know that if you’re tagged in an Instagram Story you automatically get a notification. You can then check it out and comment or you can reshare it in your own Story. It is that second part we’re covering today. Keep reading to learn how to repost an Instagram Story.

One of the golden rules of social media is to keep reposting old stuff to a minimum. Most of your friends will already have seen the Story and won’t want to see it again. If you have different friends or just want to make your own shout out about the Story then there is nothing wrong with a quick repost to share it with your own circle of friends. As long as you don’t do it all the time and make plenty of your own Stories as well as repost others, your friends shouldn’t mind.

Reposting an Instagram Story

The ability to repost an Instagram Story was gradually rolled out across the world. It was a subtle update and one some users didn’t notice for a while but it should be there on your version of the app by now.

How to Repost an Instagram Story

When you are notified of being mentioned in an Instagram Story you should see a link to ‘Add This to Your Story’ in your feed.

Open the Story and Share

Select this option and the Story will be imported into the Story editor where you can add edits yourself before posting. It appears the same as if you created it yourself and allows you to make whatever changes you want before publishing.

Try to add your own message or feel onto it to keep it from being the EXACT same if you are reposting the majority of the same people.

Tap the Airplane icon

You can also select to repost the Story by selecting the paper airplane icon once you’re in it. Tap the icon and select Add Post to Your Story in the popup window to achieve the same.

That public profile also has a bearing on whether you can report the Story or not. If the original poster has a public account, you can freely repost their Instagram Story and your friends will be able to interact as normal. If they have a private account or have limited access, you will not be able to repost it.

Once you publish, the original poster will appear on the left in a little icon. The Story will be published on your feed as your other Stories will and your friends will be able to select the original poster’s icon to be sent to their profile. As long as their profile is public, your friends will be able to see their profile and interact as usual.

Sharing a Story in Direct Messages

If you’d like to send the story to only one or a few people, Instagram gives you the freedom to do so. Assuming their privacy settings don’t prevent it, follow these steps:

Open the Story you’d like to repost

Tap the Airplane icon

The location of the airplane icon may vary depending on your OS so you may have to search for it.

Select the recipients and ‘Send’

When reposting is a good thing

Reposting other people’s work on social media is something that has to be done sparingly and be done properly. Instagram takes care of attribution by adding the original Story creator’s profile to your repost but if it didn’t, it is good manners to attribute them with a hashtag or link.

Reposting can be useful for individual users but also for people promoting themselves, their products or services, or their business. You just have to do it right.

Here are some ways reposting can be a positive:

Promoting a local event or charity – Nobody minds you reposting an Instagram Story promoting a local event or charity. As long as you only do it once and it adds value to that organization.

Providing helpful tips or problem-solving – A bit like TechJunkie does here, reposting a tip for fixing an issue or solving a problem is always welcome. We all have issues with tech and with daily life so genuinely helpful advice is usually gratefully accepted.

Sharing interesting, random, or breaking news – As long as it isn’t fake news or political, people don’t usually mind you reposting something that is random, interesting, or breaking. Just be selective in what you post and keep it relevant.

Promoting yourself or your products – You have to be careful not to overdo it but the occasional repost to promote something you did or something your product or service achieved is usually well-received. As long as this kind of repost is kept to a minimum, it usually goes down okay.

Reposting an Instagram Story is usually fine as long as the original poster doesn’t mind and it is relevant to the people you’re sharing it with. Promote yourself too often and people will quickly begin switching off. That means when you do post something genuinely useful, it won’t have the reach it really should.

Why can’t I repost someone’s story?

More than likely that person’s account is set to u0022Private.u0022 If that’s the case it should give you a message stating only those who are friends with that person can see the content.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf you’re not seeing the airplane icon we’ve discussed check that your Instagram app has the latest updates. As mentioned above, some users didn’t get the option to repost stories when others did. Updating your app may allow you to repost.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAnother reason you may not be able to repost someone else’s story is that Instagram is preventing you from doing so. Whether you’ve violated community guidelines or for some other reason, you may want to reach out to Instagram support if you aren’t able to repost stories when you know you should.

Will someone know if I repost their story? Even if I send it in a DM?

Yes, the user will receive a notification that you’ve shared their story. It’s best to check with someone first unless it falls into one of the categories we mentioned above.

Can someone see that I viewed their Instagram story?

Yes. The creator can click on their story and su003ca href=u0022 the profiles of every person who watched it. u003c/au003e

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Is this an iOS thing because even I click the airplane on my Android I just get the option to share to a person?
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Same 🙁 I think it’s only for iOS
S P says:
Maybe this applies to the original poster:

“That public profile also has a bearing on whether you can report the Story or not. If the original poster has a public account, you can freely repost their Instagram Story and your friends will be able to interact as normal. If they have a private account or have limited access, you will not be able to repost it.”

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