The 14 Best Roku Private Channels

You’ve heard of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon’s Prime Instant Video. But have you heard of Roku? This cutting edge company makes media equipment that connect your television to the wonderful world of internet streaming. Unlike the aforementioned companies, Roku comes in the form of a physical box or a “streaming stick,” each of which allow you to access and navigate the Roku streaming platform. From there, you can see dozens of unique channels, including, of course, Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Instant Video.

The 14 Best Roku Private Channels

Introducing Roku Channels

Roku channels make it possible to watch hundreds of move titles, television shows, news broadcasts from around the world, and even live streams from a wide variety of organizations. Many of these channels are public. In other words, they can be easily located via the Roku channel store. Anyone can find and enjoy these channels. However, some Roku channels are private channels. These channels are harder to find and require an access code.

More About Private Channels

Private channels may be private for any number of reasons. They could have explicit content that make them ineligible for listing publicly. They might be in beta testing. In other words, the providers could still be working out some kinks. Finally, they may be directed to a private audience. Yes, this means you can create a private channel for you and your friends to enjoy.

Despite being “private” many of these channels are intended for public consumption and a quick internet search makes it easy to find them and the necessary access codes. In fact, some of the most popular channels on Roku are, or were at one point, private channels.

Must-See Private Roku Channels

Before you start Googling to find the best private channels, check out our list below. These are among the best and most popular private channels currently available on Roku. Keep in mind that Roku channels are often changing and channels that are private today may be public tomorrow (or gone completely).

Nowhere TV

Access Code: H9DWC

Running since 2010, this Roku fan favorite streams live television from across the globe. Nowhere TV culls content from ABC, BBC, HBO, and more, bringing you the best available programming. It also includes podcasts from international sources, like France, Russia, and Germany. Finally, it’s programming is highly versatile, providing quality content on everything from gardening to sports. If this sounds too good to be true, wait until we tell you that it’s free. Check out this and other Nowhere titles for some of the best private Roku programming.


Access Code: NMEVA

FilmOn is an internet-based television service that streams live TV from all over the world. Although it is a standalone service, it does have a private channel available through Roku. FilmOn has licensed over 700 international channels, including the full suite of over-the-air UK channels. FilmOn also allows you to record up to an hour of video for later viewing. If it sounds a lot like Nowhere TV, that’s because the two channels provide a similar service. However, with both channels being free, there’s no reason not to add both to your Roku list.

The Internet Archive

Access Code: NMJS5

Also called the Nowhere Archive, this channel will launch you into the golden days of television and cinema with old films, cartoons, and shows. Watch classic silent films, Film Noir mysteries, and B-list science fiction. Catch up on blast-from-the-past animated characters like Popeye and Betty Boop. You can even see dated commercials and movie trailers. The Internet Archive strives to bring the public domain to your door.

Ace TV

Access Code: acetv

Imagine an endless stream of classic martial arts films, hilariously tacky science fiction, and the best horror that B-movies have to offer. Now imagine it with classic television commercials for a fully-immersive time travel experience. Similar to The Internet Archive, Ace TV seeks to bring you the classics. However, it focuses exclusively on a treasure trove of B-movies.

iTunes Podcasts

Access Code: ITPC

iTunes is about more than just, well, tunes. The Apple music service provides access to a large collection of podcasts. Search for podcasts that match your interests, explore highlighted podcasts, and organize your favorites for easy access. The channel is free, which means only free podcasts are accessible through it. For paid podcasts, you’ll need to access iTunes directly.

Cowboy Classics

Access Code: COWBOY

If you’re a John Wayne fan, then look no further. Cowboy Classics has all of your western needs from bar brawls to high noon duels. The channel draws on nearly 60 classic films from the late 1920s to mid 1980s. Most of these films are famed “spaghetti westerns” like the acclaimed The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. However, you’ll also get a healthy dose of silent westerns and some more obscure films featuring some big names.

Silent Movie Channel

Access Code: ROLLEM

If you’re less into Butch Cassidy and more into Buster Keaton, this could be your channel. See silent films spanning a wide variety of genres from an equally wide variety of cultures. The Silent Movie Channel is a tour through history and across the world.

Great Chefs


This popular cooking show ran for 700 episodes on PBS before it was taken off the air. However, you can rediscover your favorite dishes (or discover the show for the first time) thanks to the Great Chefs Roku channel. Learn to make everything from Tuna Tartare to Brutti Ma Buani from some of the best chefs in the country.

Wilderness Channel

Access Code: FL1821095

This self-proclaimed “TV gone wild” station is your one stop shop for all things nature. View programming related to hunting, fishing, and tracking. You can also learn more about camping, backpacking, and general wilderness survival. Finally, the channel features live videos from The National Parks Service and Parks Canada. Whether you’re a duck hunter or simply a bird watcher, this channel has something for you.

Space Time

Access Code: CN6MRTG

Maybe your head is focused less on the ground and more on the sky. If so, you should check out Space Time, a.k.a. Space Time Free, on Roku. This channel brings you all things space-related, including content from world space agencies like NASA. And don’t worry, although Space Time covers some complex topics, you don’t need to be an astrophysicist to enjoy it.

Neon Party Games

Access Code: H2CLHP

Who knew that Roku channels could be so interactive? These engaging party games incorporate your smartphone or tablet. Many of the games can be played solitaire style, but they are all best with friends.

Unofficial Twitch

Access Code: TwitchTV

The world’s number one video streaming platform for gamers now has a Roku channel. Stream the channel to see the best of TwitchTV. Search by game to keep up with your favorite games and players. Not sure what Twitch is? Now’s your chance to find out.

Relax TV

Access Code: VRQHQ

Also called Relax Time, this channel promises tropical lagoons, calming rain storms, serene ocean sunsets, and more. It even includes an electronic fish tank and fireplace to add some character to your living room. This Roku channel is a must have for unwinding after a tough day.

Goats Live

Access Code: GoatsLive

Watch goats…well…live. Seriously. Of course, this channel is a shadow of its former self. Back in 2015, this goat spying webcam was listed by EarthCam as one of the 25 most interesting webcams. However, it has since gone from 24-hour goat TV to weekly video updates. It would seem the goats have tired of their fame. Still, the channel is worth a peek. After all, you need to take all the goats you can get.

I Need More Roku Private Channels!

Is our list just not enough? Check out for more private and public channels. And don’t worry. New channels are popping up all the time. What are some of your favorite private channels that we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments.


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