How to Repair Workbench in Rust

Having access to a workbench in Rust can open up many possibilities for crafting items. While you can create many things, the workbench itself has limited durability. If you render it unusable, you’ll have to make a new workbench or find another one.

How to Repair Workbench in Rust

However, before the workbench is broken, you can perform repairs on it. That way, you can continue crafting useful items for survival. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to repair a workbench in Rust.

How to Repair Workbench in Rust

There are three ways you can repair a workbench in Rust, although a Level 1 workbench only allows for two. All three methods yield the same result, so you can pick whichever one you like.

For Level 2 and Level 3 workbenches, you can use a repair bench to repair them. Keep in mind that there is a 20% condition loss if you use this method.

The resources you’ll need to repair all workbenches are Metal Fragments, High-Quality Metal, and Scrap. Time to go on a hunting trip for materials! Without doing so, you’ll be stuck with a damaged workbench.

  1. Walk towards a repair bench.
  2. Bring up the repair menu.
  3. Drag your workbench from your inventory to the box at the bottom right corner.
  4. Select “Repair.”
  5. After it’s repaired, drag the workbench back into your inventory.

You can also repair a workbench with a hammer. The difference being that a hammer costs more resources. After calculations, you’ll find yourself spending more than double compared to using a repair bench.

Regardless, you’ll sometimes have to repair a workbench with a hammer. You might not have access to a repair bench yet, making this method the only choice.

  1. Equip yourself with a hammer and make sure you have enough resources.
  2. Approach your workbench.
  3. Attack the workbench with your hammer.
  4. Continue until the workbench’s health bar is full.

A hammer only costs 100 Wood to create, and you can craft one anywhere. Compared to having to hunt for a repair bench, you can repair it instantly. You’ll spend more resources, so remember to have enough handy.

A third method, only available to certain players, is using a Garry’s Mod Tool Gun. This is an item you can only get via Steam. Acquiring it requires you to have Garry’s Mod in your library.

It works just like a hammer. But it’s still worth using a repair bench, as the Garry’s Mod Tool Gun uses the same number of resources as hammers. Nevertheless, it’s still a cool repair method to know about.

  1. Equip the Garry’s Mod Tool Gun and ensure you have enough resources.
  2. Approach your workbench.
  3. Shoot the workbench with your Tool Gun.
  4. Continue until the workbench’s health bar is full.

Other than repairing workbenches, the Garry’s Mod Tool Gun can upgrade other items. Sadly, console players won’t be able to get it.

How to Craft a Workbench in Rust

Before you can repair a workbench, you need to craft one for yourself first. Unlike advanced items, you can craft a workbench by default without hunting for blueprints. All you need is enough resources.

  1. Gather 500 Wood, 100 Metal Fragments, and 50 Scrap.
  2. Open your crafting menu.
  3. Scroll until you find “Work Bench.”
  4. Select it and wait for a few seconds.

Once you have the workbench in your inventory, you can place it down and craft more items. Some items can’t be made without one, so it’s best to have one handy!

Additional FAQs

How Do I Repair Items in Rust?

We talked about using hammers, repair benches, and Garry’s Mod Tool Gun to repair items. These three are the most common methods to repair any damaged gear and make the most of them. Using the hammer to repair vehicle engines, walls, and more will be something you’ll be used to doing.

What Does a Repair Bench Do?

As the name suggests, a repair bench allows you to repair items so you can use them more. This does come with a penalty, as repaired items will have less maximum health than before. Every time you repair an item, you’ll find that it’s 20% less durable.

Other than repairs, you can also change the skins of items using a repair bench. If you like certain appearances for your items, a repair bench can help them look cool.

Where Do I Find Repair Benches in Rust?

While you can make your own repair bench, the game world is littered with them. Let’s see where you can find one and take it with you! Are you going to say no to free food?

• Airfield

• Bandit Camp

• Launch Site

• Mining Outpost

• Outpost

• Power Plant

• Train Yard

• Water Treatment Plant

Even if every world is different, the repair bench can always be found in certain spots within these locations. Some locations like the Water Treatment Plant have more than one repair bench. What’s not to love when you come across two of them?

Do I Need Blueprints to Repair Items?

Yes and no. For Level 1 items, you don’t need to have the blueprint to perform repairs. However, higher-level items require you to have their corresponding blueprints before you can repair them.

If you don’t have the proper blueprint, the game will display “You don’t have this item’s blueprint” in red text.

Do I Need Blueprints to Change Item Skins?

Not at all. Unlike repairing an item, you can change an item’s skins without having the blueprint in your possession. All you need is the skin itself and the item it’s designed for. You don’t even need to spend any resources for skin changes.

Breathe New Life Into Your Workbench

Now that you know how to repair your workbench, you’ll be able to squeeze some more life out of it. Even with the durability loss, it’s acceptable for at least one repair to keep it running.

Have you repaired a workbench or do you prefer to make a new one altogether? Let us know in the comments down below.

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