Samsung Galaxy J2 – Forgot PIN Password – What to Do

You would think that forgetting a 4-digit code is almost impossible, but it actually happens all too often. Considering how much we use smartphones, forgetting your PIN can have a disastrous impact on your life, as you lose all your contact info, videos, photos, and more.

Samsung Galaxy J2 - Forgot PIN Password - What to Do

Samsung Find My Mobile

Galaxy J2 Forgot PIN

Samsung’s phone tracker app wasn’t initially designed to help users that forgot their 4-digit password. This app’s main purpose is to allow phone tracking, as long as the device is powered on and is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

But Find my Mobile comes with a bunch of remote access features too. Because of this, you can use it to access your phone without needing the PIN code.

You can then wipe the data from your Galaxy J2.

This deletes all personal information but it also gets rid of any profiles and configurations you have made. The phone is reset to factory settings, which means you won’t need a PIN code to access it.

You can also simply reset your PIN code without having to wipe all your data.

The Find my Mobile desktop interface is simple and intuitive. After enabling the service on your phone, you can access the list of accepted operations from the remote options panel, displayed on the right side of the screen.

How to Set Up Find My Mobile on the Galaxy J2

Galaxy J2 Forgot PIN Password

  1. Tap the Settings icon
  2. Enter “Lock screen and security”
  3. Locate and tap on “Find My Mobile”
  4. Select “Add Account”
  5. Input your information and tap “Create Account”

Galaxy J2 Forgot PIN What to Do

When first turned on, the Find My Mobile service will automatically enable the remote access features, so you can reset the PIN code from a PC or wipe all data from the phone.

Factory Reset

If you’re old enough to have used Windows 98, ME, or XP, you should be familiar with how a system reboot used to fix the dreaded blue screens. When all else fails, a reset can clear your PIN password too.

It’s simple to perform a factory reset on the Galaxy J2. But keep in mind that this action deletes all the data from your phone. You can perform a factory reset by following the next steps:

Samsung Galaxy J2 Forgot PIN Password

  1. Turn the phone off
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons
  3. Release the Power button when the Samsung logo appears
  4. Wait for the “Android system recovery” or “General Maintenance” menu to appear
  5. Highlight the “wipe data/factory reset” option
  6. Press the Power key to initiate it

This comes in handy if you haven’t enabled the Find My Mobile service or you can’t access your Samsung account.

A Final Word

If you’re not satisfied with the level of security provided by the fingerprint pattern, a PIN code serves as a very nice backup. But try to pick something that’s easy to remember and also hard to guess by others.

To avoid unnecessary data wipes, make sure to set up the Find My Mobile service as soon as possible.

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