Samsung Galaxy J2 – How to Change Lock Screen

The Samsung Galaxy J2 can be updated to run on an Android 5.1 OS, and it won’t go higher than that. This means that the phone is limited in terms of customization. But, even so, it does not lack a highly important feature – the Lock Screen.

Samsung Galaxy J2 - How to Change Lock Screen

Note that this feature won’t be turned on by default. Therefore, if you’re using a brand new Galaxy J2, you want to learn how to set it up.

Setting Up the Lock Screen

The first thing you want to do when you power on your new Galaxy J2 is to configure the lock screen. This is not a mandatory feature but it is extremely useful.

It can prevent prying eyes from reading your messages or prevent people from using your phone to make personal calls, prank calls, or use your accounts to buy items with your credit card information.

If your phone gets lost or stolen, screen locking will keep everyone from accessing your personal information. If phone thieves are involved, they can still perform a factory wipe and you may never find your phone again. But your personal data will still be safe from any kind of misuse.

Galaxy J2 Change Lock Screen

  1. Go to Apps on your Home Screen
  2. Tap the Settings icon
  3. Locate and tap on “Lock screen and security”
  4. Select “Screen lock type”

Galaxy J2 Lock Screen

From this panel you can choose to set a PIN code, password, choose a swipe unlock method or a pattern unlock method.

If you want to set up a pattern, simply select the Pattern option and then draw a pattern with your finger.

Galaxy J2 How to Lock Screen

Tap Continue to then draw the unlock pattern again to confirm. Tap Confirm and resume configuring your lock screen features.

How to Configure Lock Screen Notifications

Under the Settings > Lock screen and security path, you can also configure your notifications. While the screen is locked, you can choose what your Galaxy J2 is going to show.

There are three options:

1. Show content

Whenever an app receives an update or you get a message, you will be able to see and read that on the screen, even if it’s locked.

2. Hide content

If you choose this option, notifications will still pop up. However, no other information will be displayed other than what the app is or who texted you. Curious George sitting next to you won’t be able to read what other coworkers texted you about his fashion choices.

3. Do not show notifications

This option keeps the lock screen display as blank as it gets. No matter what’s happening on your phone, app updates, software updates, text messages, social media alerts – none of that will pop up on the screen.

This is a good option to use if you know you’re easily distracted while working, but you still can’t afford to turn the phone off for a few hours.

A Final Word

The settings for the lock screen on a Galaxy J2 are not as fancy or elaborate as on newer Samsung smartphones. However, the same standard security options are available, so you can set up a layered defense system against theft or nosy people.

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Jackie O'Connor says:
I haven’t used my galaxy j2 for months and can’t remember 4 digit pin code. So i cant do anything on the phone.
How can this be fixed?

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