How to Show Grid View in Google Meet on Your iPad

The time when the iPods were reserved only for games and music is behind us. Today, we can use iPads for work and education, and most people find them more convenient than a big laptop or a desktop computer. That’s especially true when it comes to online meetings and using apps such as Google Meet.

How to Show Grid View in Google Meet on Your iPad

However, we haven’t been able to use Google Meet in a grid mode on our iPads for a long time, but it’s possible now. In this article, we’ll explain to you how to show Google Meet grid view on your iPad.

Things You’ll Need

Although this may be the fastest option available, bear in mind that it’s not a one-click operation. That’s why we suggest that you take some time and go through this process, step by step.

You’ll have to download a recently created extension, Google Meet Grid View Extension, as well as Remote Desktop Extension. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Your iPad.
  2. The Remote Desktop app installed on your iPad.
  3. Desktop or Laptop.
  4. Google Remote Desktop Extension on your desktop or laptop.
  5. Google Meet account.
  6. Google Meet Grit View Extension on your desktop and iPad.
    show google meet grid view on the ipad

First Steps

Since it’s not possible to use Grid view on Google Meet on your iPad, you’ll have to access your computer’s desktop from your iPad. We’re going to do that using Chrome Remote Desktop Extension.

Bear in mind that your laptop or computer has to be on all the time. Otherwise, the meeting could suddenly end. Keep both chargers for your laptop and your iPad handy.

If you haven’t used Remote Desktop before, it’s time to download it:

  1. Go to the App store.
  2. Download the Remote Desktop app.
  3. Create your Remote Access account.
  4. Turn on Screen Mirroring.

Also, you’ll have to download the Google Meet Grid View extension to your laptop and iPad. The extension is free, and it’s compatible with all devices.

how to show google meet grid view on ipad

Final Steps

Once you’ve prepared everything, it’s time to start the meeting. Again, we encourage you to try this out before the conference call. If you have an important meeting with multiple participants, you can try it out with a friend beforehand, just to make sure everything works smoothly.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Connect your devices using the Remote Desktop app.
  2. Open Google Meet on your desktop or laptop.
  3. Start or join a meeting.
  4. Click on Grid View sign, at the bottom of the screen.

You should now see other participants in a grid mode. If everything looks good, it’s time to switch from your desktop to your iPad and enjoy a high-quality meeting.

Google Meet Grid View Extension

Google Meet is an excellent app for conference calls and all kinds of meetings, but it lacks one thing – a grid view. Grid view is beneficial for people who work in large teams.

It’s also beneficial for teachers and students because they can see all participants. It just makes you feel as if you were all in the same classroom.

Google Meet Grid View Extension allows the users to see more than 50 participants, without losing the quality of the call.

Make sure to explore all of the options that can improve the quality of your meeting. For example, you can hide participants who have their video turned off, so their images won’t distract you. There’s also an option to highlight the person who is speaking, which makes it easier to focus and follow the meeting.

It’s Worth It!

Some people may be put off by the somewhat long installation process. However, we assure you it’s simpler than it looks, and you’d be glad you did it. In the long run, benefits are enormous as you can enjoy high-quality meetings from the comfort of your couch.

What device do you usually use for Google Meet? Do you have any other tips or tricks when it comes to this tool? Let us know in the comments section below.

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