How to Use a Jetpack in Starfield

Jetpacks are one of the most essential devices for helping you explore the “Starfield” cosmos. It allows you to fly around and quickly cover ground conveniently. This helps to improve your gameplay experience and makes your journey through the game realm easier. However, to make the most of this equipment, you’ll need to learn how to utilize it.

How to Use a Jetpack in Starfield

Read on to discover how to use jetpacks in “Starfield.”

Using a Jetpack in Starfield

Jetpacks aren’t a default item in the game. You have to complete a quest to obtain the gadget. Even better, they can be upgraded using the skill tree. Before considering how to use it, you must find the item. Here’s how you can get the jetpack:

  1. Attain Level 2 in the game.
  2. Go to the Tech tree and unlock “Boost Pack Training” using one skill point.
  3. Advance through the main story until you join the Constellation.
  4. Equip the Constellation Backpack.

This is the first boost pack you can access in “Starfield.” You’ll come upon it in the Constellation’s Lodge in New Atlantis. Exploring the cosmos and looting can also earn you a boost pack, as they are sometimes hidden in the stashes. You can upgrade the item later to provide you with added thrust and increased storage as you advance through the game.

Now that you’ve got an idea of how vital this instrument is to your success, here’s how to use it:

  1. Hit the “Y” on Xbox or the “Space Bar” on PC to equip the jetpack.
  2. Press the “Space Bar” (or the “Y” button on Xbox) twice to use the boost pack.
  3. Hold the “Jump” button until you reach your desired location or the pack runs out of fuel.

If you jump and you’re unable to use your jetpack, it’s likely that you haven’t researched it yet. To solve this:

  1. Return to the game’s main menu and go to “Skills.”
  2. Select “TECH.”
  3. Click on the “BOOST PACK TRAINING” option.
  4. Level up to “Rank 1,” and you can use the jetpack.

Players who select the Bounty Hunter or Soldier background at the start of the game will get a jetpack by default.

Starfield Jetpack Ranks

Allocating points to the boost pack training skill allows you to harness its benefits. As you continue to research the item, level up the rank. Each provides some effects that help enhance your gaming experience. Listed below are the benefits that come with each level:

  • Rank 1: Unlocks the ability to use the jetpack.
  • Rank 2: Reduces the amount of fuel your jetpack consumes.
  • Rank 3: Shortens the waiting time in between boost pack fuel regeneration.
  • Rank 4: Multiplies all bonuses from previous levels by two.

These effects are more pronounced when using the jetpack in low-gravity areas.

Understanding Starfield Boost Packs

Even though the Constellation Pack is the first one you can acquire from the game, you’ll come across other types of jetpacks when exploring the cosmos. Listed below are the four primary boost packs you can find in the game:

  • Basic Boost Pack: You can find this in the game’s early stages. It doesn’t offer any advanced features.
  • Power Boost Pack: This pack provides few but powerful thrusts.
  • Skip-Velocity Boost Pack: It features more thrusts, but they aren’t strong.
  • Balanced Boost Pack: This is the best jetpack in the game. It’s a good blend of the Power Boost Pack and the Skip-Velocity boost, enhancing the item’s utility.

The Level 1 rank in the game is enough for an early playthrough. Most players even use it throughout the entire main quest line. While perks are a “nice-to-have,” they aren’t necessarily essential. You really only need access to it, and the boosts are a nice bonus.

You’ll also be floating for most of the game, especially in low-gravity areas, so you might not need to level up because you won’t require the boost pack to glide often. However, fully upgrading the pack comes with perks like flying on specified planets and hovering over mountains, obstacles, and enemies.

Ways You Can Use the Jetpack

“Starfield” provides several ways for players to utilize the jetpack. Most of the game’s universe features airspace, so you need equipment to help you traverse the universe. But the boost packs provide more than that. Listed below are various ways you can use the “Starfield” jetpack to enhance your success rate in the game.

Quickly Maneuvering the Terrain

Players can jump over obstacles and mountainous terrain with the help of a jetpack. It protects you from the heavy impact you can suffer from a fall by ensuring you land on the ground safely after a jump. The pack is also handy during combat when you need to bypass a set of stairs.

Launch Sky Attacks

You can target and fire shots at your enemies from the sky using the boost pack. It offers a significant tactical advantage because enemies won’t be able to see you and adequately prepare for the attack. Many also find the moves fun and provide a more immersive experience.

Uncover Enemy Hideouts

Enemies can’t stay out of your line of sight when you’re gliding around space. The jetpack provides enough thrust to allow you to spot enemies, even behind cover. Make sure to use this to your advantage to secure a win.

Zoom in Closer to Enemies

If you love to deliver swift and deliberate attacks on your enemies, the boost pack will be the perfect addition to your “Starfield” playthrough. Utilize it to glide across rooms and get closer to your target. This will help to deliver full-blown surprise attacks on your enemies, giving you a tremendous tactical advantage in the game.

Track Your Boost Meter

You can view the boost meter bar on your screen’s bottom right corner. The jetpack will be unavailable for use if it gets depleted. Thankfully, it keeps regenerating even when in mid-air. However, it’s best to keep an eye on this meter to assess how much thrust the boost pack can provide in your next maneuver.


Why is your jetpack not working?

You’ve likely not invested in your Boost Pack Training skills. More often than not, the problem isn’t technical.

How many ranks can you explore in Starfield?

The game features four jetpack levels that allow you to upgrade the item as you wish to enjoy more benefits.

What is the best Starfield jetpack?

The Balanced Boost pack is arguably it best. It provided placers with a good blend of thrust frequency and power, ideal for combat and convenient travel.

Explore Bethesda’s Newest Universe With a Jetpack

This space-themed game features an expansive world. Even though you can use ships, jetpacks are ideal for covering shorter expeditions. It’s also beneficial on planets with low gravity, as you can travel faster. This also applies in instances where your inventory is too cumbersome to carry. The boost pack gives your character a thrust, which makes moving the load easier.

What are your thoughts on Bethesda’s new universe? Which boost pack would you recommend to other players and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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