How & Where to Sell Items in Starfield

Trading is the lifeblood of any role-playing game’s economic and social system. Even though you can obtain credits by completing main missions and side quests in “Starfield,” selling items is one of the most reliable ways to earn money. Players hoping to score big bucks to buy premium gear or settle in “Starfield’s” Dream Home must figure out profitable avenues for trading their merchandise.

How & Where to Sell Items in Starfield

Read on to discover the best places to sell your items in “Starfield.”

The Best Item Selling Locations in Starfield

Plenty of options exist for trading items in “Starfield.” Not only does offloading your items earn you money, but it’s also an excellent way to deal with encumbrance. Players can pursue three primary options: the kiosks at the ship landing pad, regular vendors, and branches of the Trade Authority.

The Trade Authority

In the game, you can spot branches of this huge entity across all major cities. Several reasons make it a preferred option for players, but one of the best is that they hold ample cash reserves. This means that you’re paid in credits. It’s also a favorite spot for criminals because they take in contraband and stolen items.

The Trade Authority branch in New Atlantis is located in The Well. You can reach it via the elevator at Jemison Mercantile or at the MAST NAT station. The Cydonia branch is close to the primary staircase that leads to the mining level. In Neon City, the Trade Authority branch is situated on the main strip. You can also find it in the main bar that leads to the town’s center in Akila.

Ship Landing Pad Kiosks

Spaceports hold a variety of kiosks where you can sell your items. However, they suffer a few limitations. Their cash reserves are typically meager and don’t hold valuable items you may want for a worthwhile tradeoff. This means you’ll have to visit several kiosks before making decent cash.

Regular Vendors

Regular vendors are a better alternative than spaceports kiosks because even though their reserves are tinier, they hold more valuable resources. Players can purchase better items from them, giving the kiosks more money to buy the merchandise they want to offload. The UC Exchange in Cydonia and the Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis are some of the best vendors in the game.

Additional Options for Selling Your Starfield Items

Alternative options for offloading your items do exist. Listed below are other locations for selling your items in the game.

New Atlantis

This is the first spaceport you’ll arrive at when exploring the Alpha Centauri System. It holds the Commercial District, which carries numerous vendors, including the famous Jemison Mercantile. Players can fast-travel to this location after visiting it at least once.

Neon City

The Volii System lies in this location and is one of the best places for offloading items in “Starfield.” The location has plenty of stores, and they are located in one area, making them very accessible. The fact that there’s a Trade Authority in the area makes it an even better choice since you can also sell contraband items.


Even though this Wild West city is pretty conservative, there are still a few vendors to whom you can sell your merchandise. Shepherd’s General Store is to the left of the city’s entrance. The Rowlands Arms shop is also pretty close to it. There’s also a small-sized Trade Authority store in this area.

The Key

If you like dealing in piracy, have a price placed on your head, and bounty hunters are after you, The Key is a good location for selling your items. It holds The Depot Market, where you can sell your merchandise. However, to avoid elimination, players must complete the Crimson Fleet Faction Quest before heading to the Kyrx System.

Earning Extra Credit From Selling Items

Investing in the commerce skill tree is a smart option if you’re looking for a way to make more money. It boosts the amount of credit you get from each sale while reducing the cash you have to expend to buy items. At the highest skill rank, Level 4, players enjoy a 20% discount and a 25% increase on all items sold.

Understanding How to Sell Items in Starfield

One of the most notable goals in the game is making money. However, most aren’t aware of how to go about it. The instructions below will guide you in making your first sale and countless more in this captivating RPG title.

  1. Talk to any merchant.
  2. Request to see their wares to access the “Buy” menu.

  3. Hit the “LB” button for Xbox users or the “Q” key for PC to move to the “Sell” window.
  4. Pressing the key again will bring up your ship inventory. This lets you directly sell items in your cargo hold without carrying them to the stores, making managing your inventory much easier.

Be aware that you can’t sell directly from your companion’s inventory. You can transfer them to your load or store them in your ship.

Tips for When Vendors Run Out of Credit

Getting a vendor interested in buying your items is one thing, but what do you do when they deplete their credit? All traders in Starfield have a cap on their daily credit expenditure. They can hit this mark quickly if they sell items of extraordinary value, like spacesuits.

If you’ve invested in the commerce skill, gaining more credits means the store runs out of them faster. This minimizes your ability to offload even though it saves you more money. Thankfully, there are workarounds to help you solve this dilemma.

Go to Sleep

All stores refresh their supply and credit reserves. Players can go to sleep and try to offload the items after 24 hours. The Den is an excellent location to do this, especially if you’re holding stolen or contraband items since you don’t get scanned. It’s also a smart option if your inventory is too large and you don’t want to use too much oxygen due to encumbrance.

Fast Travel

If you can fast travel, moving from one Trade Authority to another is a better alternative, given how long sleep takes in the game. Players can also browse a store’s selection for any valuable item they may want to add to their inventory. Buying it will give the vendor the credits required to offload more items from you.

Stack Up Your Wealth Through Selling in Starfield

Selling items in “Starfield” is relatively straightforward. However, a few factors can determine where the player will trade, and some merchants deal in specified items. Also, you can only sell items currently in your load and those within your ship’s cargo hold. Since Bethesda’s latest entrant holds an expansive universe, loot piles up quickly, and players need an efficient way to offload it. The places mentioned in this article are some of the game’s most reliable and reliable options.

What’s the highest rate you’ve ever sold an item for in “Starfield”? Where did you trade it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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