How To Stream Netflix on Kodi

With so many online streaming services, it’s hard to choose the ones to rely on. Fortunately, thanks to Kodi, going from one service to the other is now much easier. If you haven’t heard, Kodi is a media player that lets you view and play various digital media files locally and online.

How To Stream Netflix on Kodi

Kodi is both free and open-source, meaning that lots of add-ons get released. Because of add-ons, it’s able to stream content from services like Netflix, SoundCloud, Hulu, and many more. This makes it great if you subscribe to multiple online streaming services.

So, what do you need to do to stream Netflix on Kodi? Stick with us to find out.

Install a VPN

Since Kodi is an open-source platform, there are a lot of unofficial and dangerous add-ons, threatening to infect your device. This is why you should install a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs are tools that can help you connect to a foreign server by changing your IP (internet protocol) address. This can help you fake your location, which is great for streaming Netflix because some of the content might be restricted in your country.

Of course, VPNs wouldn’t be nearly as popular if they didn’t have additional benefits. Their biggest upside, in general, is improved security. By connecting to a network through a VPN, online data gets encrypted, ensuring you’re anonymous on the web and safe from hackers.

NordVPN is among the best VPNs for streaming Netflix, but you can also try ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, and CyberGhost.

Install Kodi

Here are the steps to installing Kodi on your device:

  1. Go to the Kodi download page.
  2. Scroll down and you’ll see a list of platforms. Select the platform you’re using by clicking on its icon.
    Kodi Download Page
  3. Choose the version you would like to download. It is always best to go for the newest stable version.
    Note: If Kodi doesn’t work on your device, make sure the device supports it. Alternatively, you can try downloading a prerelease, which is a test version. This means you should be prepared for bugs and crashes, though.
  4. Download the installation file, run it, and follow the setup process. Make sure to remember where you installed it so you can access it later if you find no desktop or start menu shortcut.

Install the Netflix Add-on

Before we go any further, note that only Kodi 18 currently supports the Netflix add-on. Kodi 17 used to support it as well by using a repository, but that repository’s link is not available anymore. Also, you need to have a Netflix account, just like when watching Netflix without any third-party software. Having Kodi does not let you watch Netflix for free (unless you happen to be using it during a trial period).

You can find the Netflix repository that works with Kodi 18 and download it here. The download should start immediately. This should work on most, if not all devices, as they have very similar setup procedures. If you manage to install it on a PC, you will most likely manage to install it on another device as well.

Here’s how to install the add-on on a PC:

  1. After running Kodi, click Add-ons. You can find this in the menu to the left. If there is no desktop or Start menu shortcut, find Kodi’s install location and then enter kodi.exe.
  2. Find the gear icon and click it. You should be taken to the Add-on settings.
  3. Hover over the Settings category to the left to open it automatically. After that, hover over Add-ons, make sure you stay there and enable unknown sources. Read the warning that pops out carefully and click “Yes.”
  4. Press the Escape button to go back to the Add-ons menu.
  5. You should be able to see the Add-on Browser in the top-left corner, symbolized by the package icon. Click on it.
  6. A new menu shall appear. Click “Install from zip file.”
    Kodi Add-on Browser
  7. Upload the repository you’ve just downloaded by finding it inside of Kodi’s file explorer.

Your Netflix add-on should now be ready and working. You can find it inside Video Add-ons. If it doesn’t work, you can try finding another Netflix repository, as there are frequent updates. By the time you’re reading this, there might be a newer version already.

Kodi Add-ons Menu

You can also try to use the “Install from repository” option after installing from a zip file. It is also located in the Add-on Browser and might help with versions that require additional installation steps. You don’t have to do this for this particular repository, though.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kodi safe?

Kodi is safe as long as you take the proper security steps such as a VPN and anti-malware. When installing add-ons GitHub is generally pretty safe but it’s best to do your research first. Make sure you’re downloading add-ons from a reputable source.

Signing Out

Installing Netflix on Kodi is no big task, but you should consider installing a VPN to go with it as well. Be careful with Kodi’s unofficial add-ons to ensure your device stays protected.

Did you run into any issues while installing the Netflix add-on for Kodi on your device? Which Netflix show are you looking to catch up with the most? Let us know about your Netflix and Kodi experiences in the comments below!

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