What are the Symbols Next to Names in Roblox?

If you play Roblox regularly, you might have come across players with symbols next to their names. This can often cause confusion. After all, it’s important for you to know exactly who’s in your game, and how to best spot them.

What are the Symbols Next to Names in Roblox?

In this article, we will show you all the symbols a player can have next to their name, and how to easily recognize them.

Player List Icons

While playing a game, the Player List will list all the players that are currently in the game. This list can also include other information, such as what teams they’re on or their current score.

To enable or disable the player list, press on the Tab key.

Your Player List might look like this:

the Symbols Next to Names in Roblox

Some players will have a few unique symbols next to their names. The icons and their description are as follows:

Roblox Admins – Roblox Admins

The creator of the current game – The creator of the current game

Premium members – Premium members

Any players that are your friends – Any players that are your friends

Players that have sent you a friend request – Players that have sent you a friend request

Players that you are following – Players that you are following, or who are following you

Players who are YouTube celebrities – Players who are YouTube celebrities, or a part of Roblox Video Stars Program

Players with a graduation cap – Players with a graduation cap are currently interns for Roblox

Unique Players

Currently, there are a few players who have unique icons. This is due to them being a part of the Roblox staff. The list of these users and their icons feature below:

– Shedletsky Shedletsky

Sorcus– Sorcus

Jeditkacheff– Jeditkacheff

RobloxSai– RobloxSai

If you’re looking to get a unique icon for yourself, we suggest learning as much as you can about Roblox and becoming a member of their staff. Or you can become a YouTube celebrity! Otherwise, you could always go for a Premium subscription and have something to show off to other players.

Icons Outside of Game

While you’re outside of a game, a few icons will help you easily know what your friends are up to. These icons show up in a colored circle on their profile status:

user is online– Indicates a user is online

user is currently developing their own game – Indicates the user is currently developing their own game

user is playing a game – Indicates the user is playing a game

Offline users won’t have anything next to their profile.

What Is Roblox Premium

A Premium membership for Roblox grants you a monthly Robux allowance and gives you a 10% bonus when buying any additional Robux.

You’re also granted access to the trading and selling features, allowing you to earn more money from the games and items you make in-game!

As noted above, all Premium members will have the aforementioned icon displayed on the player list, so you can notice at a glance. If you want to have the icon yourself, the only way is to purchase Premium.

In-Game Friend Requests

While playing a game, you may find a player you want to befriend. If you want to add someone to your friends list, there’s no need to leave the game. Simply click on their name on the leaderboard and press “Send Friend Request”.

If you want to Follow or Unfollow someone, choose those options from the same menu. This way, you don’t have to stop playing the game in order to expand your social circle. That can be a real time-saver.

If another player decides to send you a friend request, a message will pop up in the bottom right of the screen. You can simply accept or reject it there, or click on their name on the player list later, and accept or decline from that menu.

Blocking or Reporting Players

If someone is harassing you or breaking game rules, you can block them or report them to the Roblox moderators inside the game as well. Simply click on their name in the player list and select the option you need.

If you’re unsure if someone is breaking the rules, you can check the Community Rules to make sure you’re up-to-date.

What Are Symbols Next to Names in Roblox

Icons for the Ages

Hopefully, this article has shed some light on some of the player icons you might experience in-game. Now you can tell at a glance who’s your friend, or who’s following you. Plus, you can immediately spot if a celebrity or a staff member is playing your game.

Which of these icons did you not know about? What unique icons do your friends have? Leave a comment in the section below and let us know.

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on my in game screen it says in the corner something like >13 or <13 i do not know witch
Steve Larner says:
Nort sure what you mean, but that is age.
Miyelle davis says:
i have a check mark by my name and idk what it is

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