How to Add Amazon Prime Instant Video for Multiple Users

If you pay for Amazon Prime, you get a whole host of benefits, including free delivery, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, and Prime Early Access. It’s turning into a more appealing package every day, but there’s no need to overspend: two adults can share the benefits by setting up their “Households and Family Library.”

How to Add Amazon Prime Instant Video for Multiple Users

How to Share Your Amazon Prime Account with Family

  1. Log in to Amazon Household
  2. Select the type of member you’d like to add: “Add Adult,” “Add a Teen,” or “Add a Child.”
  3. Enter the name and email of the family member and click on “Continue.”
  4. Click on “Agree and continue” to share your wallet as residence verification.
  5. Review the share settings and choose which content you’d like this family member to access. You can always alter the content access later. Click on “Continue.”
  6. Confirm the family member’s name and email, then click on “Send Invite.”
  7. A confirmation appears, confirming your sent invite. The household recipient has 14 days to accept the invitation.

That’s it—you are ready to go now! You can share your Prime benefits with two adults and four children. Children’s accounts will not allow shopping and give the account owner the power to control the content available for each child.

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ultimaniac says:
Strange. Prime Video benefits are not showing up on the added adult account. It’s still asking for payment.

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