CES 2018: All the highlights from the International Consumer Electronics Show

CES 2018: All the highlights from the International Consumer Electronics Show

CES 2018: What trends will we see at CES 2018?


Robots have been doing the rounds in the world of consumer electronics for a while now, with each new year hurtling us towards some kind of dystopian (or utopian – glass half full and all that) future. In 2017, the AI voice assistants, namely Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Home, ruled the roost in many a home – a potential precursor to robots finally going mainstream. As AI chips increasingly filter down into consumer-grade products, we definitely anticipate a larger focus on robots at CES 2018.

Smart home innovation

This leads us aptly onto more smart home innovation. Last year’s IFA saw an influx of exciting smart home products; think smart wireless speakers that connect you to your home network, and automated fridges that bring you beer. We also saw Amazon’s Echo range given a new lick of (technological) paint – definitely symptomatic of a big rejuvenation of the smart home industry. In this light, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa are sure to crop up significantly at CES 2018.

Car technology


In keeping with the eponymous trend for consumer electronics, the automotive industry is one we predict will feature increasingly so this year’s CES. Following on from the announcement of the Tesla Roadster, we’re looking forward to some seriously impressive smart car technology unveiled this year.


Cybersecurity’s become a major issue in recent years and we anticipate some forward-thinking solutions to recent lapses. Biometric security is a particularly prominent example of this, with Apple’s new iPhone X featuring Face ID, a 3D face-scanning technology used to unlock the phone. Synaptics – an elite biometric company – has already announced a new in-display fingerprint reader. We expect to see biometrics abounding.

AR, VR and mixed reality


Eminently fun, mixed reality has really been upping its game in the past few years. Last year was one for the ages: Microsoft’s HoloLensHTC’s Vive, and Oculus’ Rift were all big hitters. A relatively nascent technology, it’s opened up the door to new third-party developers – a world of opportunity awaits.

Faster chips

Chipsets at the moment are coming along leaps and bounds, and the ensuing improvement we’ll see in smartphone performance is set to be phenomenal. Qualcomm’s announced the Snapdragon 845 chipset, which could feasibly feature in the imminent Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, as well as the LG G7. We’re hoping these chips are showcased in Las Vegas, so we get to try out their quickfire wonder – and navigate potential pitfalls like this one.

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