Forget wallpaper, you can now turn your whole wall into a TV with Samsung’s 146in giant modular set

For a time, my brother and I were involved in a TV arms race, which he kickstarted with a 37in set. A 40in set from me followed before he upgraded to a 45in TV. With a 49in set now dominating my living room, I feel ready to throw in the towel on this particular battle, but should I ever feel like ending the war with a ludicrous show of strength, it’s good to know Samsung has my back.

Forget wallpaper, you can now turn your whole wall into a TV with Samsung’s 146in giant modular set

At CES 2018, the South Korean tech giant unveiled The Wall. Not a cover of the Pink Floyd album, or its own spin on the Dale Winton gameshow, but a wholly unnecessary 146in 4K television set for those who can’t stand the idea of having wallpaper breaking the immersion via their peripheral vision as they watch Game of Thrones.

Because the TV is bezel-less, Samsung says, the screen can be made to whatever size you want it to be – though it’s not clear how many televisions made up the wall at CES. All we really have to go on is the company’s statement that “consumers can build their TV to reach over 100 inches, extending the screen size to larger-than-life levels.”photo-the-wall-ces-2018_main_6

Of course, that party trick would be all but useless if the TV were stuck with grainy visuals – fortunately, it seems that’s not the case with Samsung boasting about the MicroLED technology (right in the image above) doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

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In short, each microscopic LED can emit its own light meaning that no backlight is required. You may not be able to tell from the lead photo, but the result is suitably impressive with deep blacks and vibrant colours on display.

I mean, you’d hope that would be the case for something that’s going to cover your entire wall and, presumably, costs a pretty penny. How many pretty pennies isn’t clear at the moment, but you can’t imagine it coming cheap. We’ll find out more details this spring, but I can’t see my TV size tripling anytime soon – no matter how nauseating Man vs Food might look at that level of detail.

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Samsung has been focusing its efforts in recent months on setting itself apart from its rivals with a number of unusual TV sets. Most recently, at IFA 2017, Samsung unveiled The Frame which lets an aesthetically conscious TV owner hide their TV in plain sight, disgusing it as a painting or a piece of art. Its wooden-framed panel is designed to look like a hanging frame when mounted on your wall or a focal piece when placed upon on a tripod stand.

As a TV, the Samsung Frame is actually just a HDR-enabled 55in Ultra HD TV with support for Bluetooth audio output, Dolby audio, Samsung’s Smart TV services and AV connections on its rear.

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