How to Get the Water Bolt in Terraria

Terraria is full of valuable items, weapons, and equipment you can use to strengthen your character. One of the most versatile early-game weapons is the Water Bolt, which is relatively straightforward to find.

How to Get the Water Bolt in Terraria

Water Bolt is a Spell Book weapon, and it shouldn’t be confused with a Book as a crafting material. It has some similarities with books, but once you find it and pick it up, you’ll see the different structure and behavior of the Water Bolt.

Let’s take a look at how you can find the Water Bolt, where to search for it, and more.

Obtaining the Water Bolt in Terraria

There is only one way you can find the Water Bolt in any generated world. This item can’t be crafted, looted from chests, or found in any other unconventional way.

Water Bolt is disguised as a Book and placed on the bookshelves in the Dungeons. All you need to do is explore a Dungeon and mine through each bookshelf you find along the way until you pick up the Water Bolt. You don’t have to use a hammer for this; mining with a Pickaxe is enough.

Furthermore, if you have time, you don’t have to mine each bookcase; you can just hover over it and see if there is a Water Bolt. Also, right-clicking on the Water Bolt is enough to pick it up, much like a potion.

There is a higher chance of finding the Water Bolt in bigger worlds, considering there’s only a 50% chance that each shelf contains a Book (crafting material), with only a 2% chance that a Water Bolt is hiding among them.

For this reason, you shouldn’t give up after mining a couple of bookshelves. You also should know the difference between craftable and noncraftable bookcases. Water Bolt can be found in noncraftable bookcases in a dungeon, which are one of the following:

  • Gothic
  • Blue Dungeon
  • Green Dungeon
  • Pink Dungeon Bookcases

Requirement for Acquiring the Water Bolt

Since the Water Bolt resides as one of the books in the Dungeons, you must defeat the Skeletron before entering if you’re playing on an updated version of the game. If you have an older version, before the 1.4 patch, or in some rare cases, you find the bookshelf with the Water Bolt on the surface of the Dungeon; you don’t have to defeat this boss.

Furthermore, you will awaken the Dungeon Guardian if you try to enter a dungeon before defeating Skeletron. This mob cannot be defeated, and upon reaching, you’re automatically killed. You might get to mine a few of those bookshelves before the Guardian appears, but the chances are low that you find the Water Bolt that quickly.

Finding the Dungeon in Terraria

Since a dungeon is necessary for finding the Water Bolt, knowing how to find and navigate through it is essential. Dungeons are full of dangerous and robust enemies, traps, and other harmful objects, so you must be adequately equipped and prepared.

In each generated world, Dungeon biomes are placed near the edge of that world. They are easily recognizable by the blocks, which can come in three colors: pink, blue, or green. This structure lies on the opposite side of the Jungle biome and close to the Snow one.

The first task you must complete before even entering the Dungeon is to defeat Skeletron. Interacting with the NPC in front of the Dungeon, Old Man, summons the Skeletron. Namely, when you use “Curse,” the NPC becomes the boss you must defeat.

If you want to fight the Skeletron again in the future, you can’t do it the same way, but find the Clothier Voodoo Doll by defeating enemies inside the Dungeon.

Furthermore, if you’re playing on Hardmode and you’ve already defeated Plantera and Golem bosses at some point, you’ll need to beat the Cultists before entering and exploring the Dungeon. This is another reason you need decent stats, potions, and weapons before venturing inside.

Possible Enemies in the Dungeon

Water Bolt is a mighty weapon, especially in the early game. Its ability to ricochet bolts can be helpful in tight spaces and closed encounters. It is also helpful in the Wall of Flesh arena. Mages benefit from this weapon and its spells the most. Moreover, Water Bolt can deal damage to up to 10 enemies at once, so it can come in handy against multiple targets.

But before you find the Water Bolt, you might have to defeat some enemies in the Dungeons. There, you can find Angry Bones, Dungeon Slimes mobs, or Dark Casters and Cursed Skulls, which can attack through the walls. Also, be sure to destroy Water Candles to decrease the spawn rate or enemies.

Traps are a part of a Dungeon as well. Dart Traps are the most common ones, so it’s best to come equipped with potions such as Dangersense potion or equip a Grand Design item revealing the placement of traps.


Which modifier is the best to equip to Water Bolt in Terraria?

When you use Water Bolt, you need a lot of mana; without mana potions, you run out quickly. This is one of the reasons why the Mythical modifier is best for the Water Bolt. Magical weapons, including the Water Bolt, benefit most from this modifier. It lowers the cost of mana by 10% and boosts your speed and critical strike, damage, and knockback effect.

Can I shoot faster in water with the Water Bolt?

Even though the Water Bolt is a water-based weapon, unfortunately, its bolts are slowed like with any other Staff or Wand.

What does the Water Bolt look like?

The Water Bolt looks the same in every world. Before you pick it up, this weapon looks like a book with blue covers and a yellow strap. In your inventory, it has a red color. If you don’t want to mine each bookshelf, you can try and search for the Water Bolt by its visual appearance, even though this method is more time-consuming and dangerous considering all the enemies in a Dungeon.

What are Spell Books, and which ones can be found in Dungeons?

Spell Books are weapons that deal magic damage and are dependent on mana. They don’t use ammunition, which is why mana regen is essential if you opt for this weapon, similar to Wands. Overall, nine Spell Books are in the Dungeons, including the Water Bolt. They are Book of Skulls, Cursed Flames, Demon Scythe, Crystal Storm, Lunar Flare, Golden Shower, Razorblade Typhoon, Magnet Sphere and Water Bolt.

Improve Your Early Game With Water Bolt

Since there is only one way of obtaining this water-based weapon, and you can’t purchase it from an NPC, there is no dilemma about how to get it. Prepare yourself for boss and mob fights, exploring, and mining. Dungeons are spawned in each world, and there is only the question of whether a certain Dungeon contains the Water Bolt. Finding it might take a while, but your early game will go much smoother with it in your arsenal.

Which water-based weapon is the strongest, in your opinion? Is finding the Water Bolt worth the struggle? Let us know in the comments section below.

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