How to Find Aether Biome in Terraria

Terraria’s 1.4.4 update, nicknamed “Labor of Love,” introduced a brand new biome: the Aether. This is one of the only places in the game where you can find and use the rare resource known as Shimmer. So, it’s definitely worth seeking out. Unfortunately, finding this biome isn’t always easy.

How to Find Aether Biome in Terraria

This guide will show you a few tricks to find the Aether biome quickly.

How to Find Aether Biome in Terraria

The Aether falls into the category of “mini-biomes,” which means it’s smaller than the rest. Not only that, but only one Aether biome spawns per world. It’s certainly not the easiest biome to seek out, but there are some simple tricks you can use to locate it quite quickly.

1. Make Sure You’re Playing in a 1.4.4 World

The first step is to ensure that your game world was generated after the 1.4.4 update. The Aether didn’t exist before 1.4.4. If you’re playing on a previous save in an older world, you won’t be able to find the Aether in it, as the game does not dynamically update older worlds with new content.

Ensure your game is fully updated with the 1.4.4 or newer patch and generate a fresh world to begin your search for the Aether.

2. Find the Jungle Biome First

The Aether always spawns on the same side of the world as the Jungle. So, the first thing to do is track down the Jungle biome. From your central spawn location, pick a direction and start walking. If you find the Jungle, you’ll know you’re on the right track and the Aether is in that same direction.

You can spot the Jungle by its green-colored sky, along with lots of bamboo, jungle grass, vines, and mud. It’s also worth noting that the Jungle and the Dungeon always spawn on opposite sides, too. If you find the Dungeon first, then that means the Aether (and the Jungle) will be on the other side, so you should turn around and head the other way.

3. Travel Onward to the Ocean

Once you’ve identified the right side where the Aether will spawn, simply keep on running in that direction until you reach the ocean biome. The Aether won’t spawn in the middle of the map. Instead, it always appears quite close to the edge, in the outermost regions, near the water.

Therefore, when you get close to the ocean, that means you’re probably not too far away from it. But there’s still one final step in order to find it.

4. Dig Down

The final step to find the Aether biome is just to dig down. It’s usually located quite far underground, in either the Underground or the Cavern layer of the map. You’ll simply need to burrow down and explore the underground areas until you find it.

First Method

The first method is to stand close to the edge of the ocean and then just dig all the way down in a straight line. You may simply spot the Aether as you go, if you’re lucky. It’s quite easy to see, as the blocks around it are all starry, like the night sky.

The blocks actually look just like the Space layer at the very top of the game world. So, if you spot the stars, you’re in the right area. If not, you’ll need to head back to the surface and move a little left or right before digging another tunnel right down to the bottom.

Second Method

The second method is to dig quite far down, all the way to the Cavern layer, which has darker blocks than the Underground layer. Then, once you feel you’re deep enough, start moving left or right and seek out the starry blocks of the Aether biome.

This method is typically the slower of the two and is also more luck-dependent. However, it’s a handy option for those who don’t mind taking their time and want to explore the underground areas. You might even come across a few treasures along the way while searching for the Aether.

What to Do Once You Find the Aether

The key feature of the Aether biome is the presence of a large pool of Shimmer in the center. Shimmer is a rare purple-colored liquid added to the game with the 1.4.4 update, and it has a range of unique and interesting abilities. There are several ways you can interact with Shimmer, including:

  • Jump into the pool of Shimmer to start falling through the world until you arrive in a cave or empty space.
  • Drop items into the pool to have them be “transmuted,” or transformed into different things. There are specific items that can only be obtained via transmutation.
  • Guide NPCs into the pool to change their sprites.
  • Lure Critters into the Shimmer to turn them into Faelings.
  • Drop coins into the pool to get a temporary Luck boost.

Once you find the Aether in your game world, you can play around with the Shimmer pool. You could try dropping things into it to see how they get transmuted, for instance. However, you’ll need to be careful, as Shimmer has the potential to downgrade certain items, making them less useful.


What’s the point in searching for the Aether?

The main reason why players might like to find the Aether biome is due to the fact that it has a big Shimmer pool. Before beating the Moon Lord, the Aether is the only source of Shimmer in the game. So, if you want to use Shimmer’s unique abilities, like transmutating items into other items, this is the place to be.

Is it hard to find the Aether?

Not necessarily. It can be difficult for those who are new to the 1.4.4 update. But once you know the basic rules about where the Aether spawns, it shouldn’t be too tricky to find. It may still take a while, but you can speed up the process by always searching close to the ocean on the Jungle side of the world.

What are the key characteristics of the Aether?

The Shimmer pool is the main feature of the Aether. This biome also stands out due to the fact that the blocks surrounding it look like a starry, space-like sky. Seeking out these Space-like blocks is one of the most efficient strategies for finding the Aether. It also typically contains a few Gem Trees, situated beside the Shimmer Pool, and you may spot a few Faelings flying about.

Can multiple Aether biomes spawn in the same world?

No. Having multiple Aether biomes in one world would certainly make it easier to find one. However, for now, the rule is that only one Aether cave spawns per map. That’s part of the reason why it tends to be so tricky to spot. There’s a chance that a future update might change the rules and allow for multiple Aether zones per world. But for the time being, you can only have one.

Find the Aether in No Time

There’s certainly a little luck involved in finding the Aether. Sometimes, you might get lucky and find it on your first dig down. Other times, it may require a little more exploration. But, as long as you look on the Jungle side of the map and dig near the edge of the world, you should be able to find it in the end.

Have you found an Aether biome in “Terraria” yet? Have you discovered any fun or interesting ways to make use of the Shimmer liquid? Share your tips and stories in the comments section below.

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