The Best Viber Stickers Reflect Your Expression

Viber offers a wide range of stickers for its messaging service, from cute animals to animated kisses, and cartoon characters to enhance your chat experience. Stickers are sold in packs, and there is an artistic expression for every mood and occasion.

The Best Viber Stickers Reflect Your Expression

This article will review Viber’s diverse collection of sticker packs, highlighting those that are unique, popular, and creative.

Criteria for Choosing Emojis Stickers

Choosing emojis and stickers is a subjective process. You may want to compartmentalize your selections, using some for business, some for children or family, and others for romance. Viber Sticker packs help you personalize a chat with a dedicated character expressing emotion.

Some people choose stickers that represent their feelings, and others seek to make others laugh with jokes. Adorable animals and cute cartoons are popular as well as stickers that represent various cultures, identities, and experiences.

Viber Sticker Themes

Here’s a look at the main themes that people look for on Viber when they want to express themselves.

1. Animated Stickers

Dynamic animated characters bring conversations to life. From dancing animals to funny gestures, they add a playful and eye-catching touch to your messages. Characters that wave, hug people, and blow kisses are the most popular options.

2. Movie and TV Show Stickers

Show off your knowledge of a favorite movie or TV show by sending a message from a popular character. Whether you’re a fan of superheroes, iconic quotes, or cartoon anime, there’s a sticker collection that’s perfect to send to someone who shares your taste in entertainment.

3. Love and Romance Stickers

Express your affection with romantic stickers that send your lover hugs, cuddles, and kisses. From alluring comments to images of cute couples holding hands, these stickers add an intimate side to your chats.

4. Travel and Adventure Stickers

Travel-themed stickers help express your love of adventure. From iconic landmarks to adventurous activities, these motifs allow you to pique the interest of others with your knowledge of different cultures

5. Food and Drinks Stickers

Tantalize your fellow foodies with stickers that make them want to bake or join you at a supper club. Many of the stickers in this collection feature talking food. From junk food, exotic dishes, to refreshing beverages, these stickers add a culinary angle to your chats.

6. Sports and Fitness Stickers

 Viber has a sticker for every sport and activity. Whether you’re a fan of soccer, basketball, or yoga, these stickers allow you to express your passion for an active lifestyle. There are also sticker packs with milestone numbers and calendar dates that can help you celebrate fitness goals with a friend.

7. Seasonal Stickers

Viber offers sticker packs dedicated to every holiday and every season including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and the Fourth of July. These stickers add a festive touch to your conversations with family, friends, or business associates. There are also stickers to celebrate culturally diverse holidays, and intimate, romantic events like Valentine’s Day.

Unique Viber Sticker Packs Themes

Viber excels at offering stickers for certain themes. However, there are a four types of sticker packs that are a must-have for users.

1. Cute and Adorable Stickers

These feel-good sticker packs feature adorable characters, animals, and toys that make people smile. From cute tiny puppies to funny fat cats to laughing babies, they add a touch of cuteness to your conversations.

2. Funny and Humorous Stickers

Adding humor to your conversations is a great way to get someone’s attention, and also lighten the mood at the virtual office. Packed with funny characters, witty expressions, and hilarious scenarios, these stickers will have you and your contacts laughing out loud.

3. Emotionally Expressive Sticker

When it comes to emotions a picture can be worth a thousand words. Viber sticker packs feature characters, cartoons, animals, and text-based images that express a wide range of gestures and actions., These stickers enable you to convey feelings such as happiness and sadness effectively and make your conversations livelier.

4. Diversity and Inclusivity Sticker

Viber has several sets of unique stickers that tastefully acknowledge cultural diversity and inclusivity. These packs include stickers representing various identities and experiences so that all users no matter what their background can express themselves in an inclusive manner.


What is Viber Sticker Marketplace?

Viber Sticker Marketplace is where you can discover a variety of sticker packs created by artists and designers from around the world. The Viber Marketplace is a special community that must be joined through the app or the website. Browse through different categories such as animals, emojis, quotes, and more to find original stickers that resonate with your interests.

How do I design my own stickers?

Viber offers users a special feature that allows you to design your own personalized stickers. Simply select the photos or drawings you want to turn into stickers, customize them with filters or text, and save them to your sticker collection. You can create stickers using your phone’s Viber app, or you can design them by clicking “Create Sticker” on the website.

How do I add sticker packs to my list of Favorites?

If you download a lot of sticker packs, you may want a way to prioritize the one you use most often. To add a sticker to your Favorites, tap on the heart icon that appears next to it, and the image will migrate over to your favorites.

How do I eliminate unwanted sticker packs?

As your sticker collection grows, you may have the need to get rid of those that are outdated. Fortunately, you can easily delete these unwanted sticker packs to free up space and keep your collection organized. To do so, go to the sticker menu, long-press on the sticker pack you want to delete, and select “Remove from Viber.”

How many stickers can I upload to a sticker pack?

You can upload a minimum of one to 24 stickers per pack, which gives you the flexibility of adding more stickers as you go. You can also arrange stickers from most frequently to least used. Viber has a drag-and-drop system that makes it easy to rearrange your 24-sticker pack, and replace discarded ones with new ones.

The Best Viber Sticker Is an Expression of You

Remember, the best Viber sticker packs depend on personal preferences. Explore the marketplace and discover the packs that resonate with you most. Whether you’re looking for cuteness, humor, emotional expression, or inclusivity, there’s a sticker pack for everyone on Viber.

Have you ever used the Viber sticker marketplace? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments section below.

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