How to View Hidden Chats in Viber

While messaging apps are easy to use and provide many useful features, they aren’t as well-protected as you might want them to be. When you want to open Viber, for instance, all you have to do is click on the icon on your mobile device. This is good if only one person uses the phone, but problems might occur when someone else invades your privacy.

How to View Hidden Chats in Viber

If you don’t want anyone to see your messages on Viber, hiding the chat is a good solution. But what happens when you hide specific messages or chats and forget or don’t know how to find them?

Read on to learn how to see hidden chats in Viber, how to hide or unhide messages, and more.

How Can I Find Hidden Chats in Viber

Hiding chat and messages on Viber is necessary to protect your privacy from other people. When you hide a message or a chat, the other person can’t find it in your chat log. Hidden conversations can only be seen by typing in the name of the person on the hidden chat or entering a PIN.

Finding Hidden Conversations With Name

If you want to find a specific chat with someone, this is what you need to do:

  1. Open Viber on your mobile phone.
  2. Navigate to the search icon in the right corner of the screen and tap it.
  3. In the search bar, type in the person’s name.
  4. Click on the person.
  5. Type in the PIN.
  6. See the hidden messages.

Finding Hidden Conversations With PIN

When hiding messages on Viber, you must use PIN codes. The codes can differ from one contact to another for more straightforward navigation, or you can use the same code for all your conversations. The code contains four digits you need to enter to see those messages.

This is how you can find the hidden chats with PIN:

  1. Open Viber on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the search button and tap it.
  3. In the search bar, input the PIN.
  4. Click on the message you want to open.

After Step 3, you’ll see all the hidden messages and conversations you hid with the PIN you entered. From there, you can choose which one you want to open, see, chat, or delete.

Resetting the PIN

Setting too many different codes for messages and contacts in Viber can get confusing. If you don’t access them frequently or don’t write down the codes somewhere, you can easily forget them. In case you forgot the codes, however, you can reset them. But this will automatically delete the hidden conversations and all photos or videos you had in said chat.

This is how you can reset your PIN:

  1. Open Viber.
  2. Go to the “Settings” option.
  3. Click on “Privacy.”
  4. Open the “Hidden Chats” option.
  5. Tap “Reset PIN.”

How to See Hidden Chats With Backup Files

Forgetting your PIN doesn’t have to be a big deal if you’ve made a backup of your messages on Viber at some point. With backup, you can restore the hidden files on another device if you have the necessary information about their account on Viber.

This is how you can access the chats with this method:

  1. Open Viber on your mobile device.
  2. Click on three horizontal dots.
  3. Go to “Settings.”
  4. Open “Account.”
  5. Click on the “Viber Backup” option.
  6. Tap the “Restore” button.
  7. Click on “Restore Now” to confirm.

Hiding Chats in Viber

The hiding chat feature in Viber comes in handy when your chat log gets overwhelmed, and you don’t want to delete rarely opened conversations. Another reason for hiding messages is to protect and secure your messages from other people.

This process differs slightly for Android and iOS devices. Here’s how you can hide your chats and messages on Android:

  1. Open Viber.
  2. Navigate to your chats.
  3. Tap on the chat you want to hide.
  4. Hold the conversation and select the option “Hide This Chat.”
  5. Input the PIN with four digits.

Some actions will be restricted when you hide your messages. You won’t be able to see these messages in the chats section. You also can’t see the hidden messages at all if you’re using the desktop Viber app on your PC. Furthermore, if someone from the hidden conversation sends you a video or a photo, it won’t be downloaded like in regular chats.

Unhiding Chats in Viber

If you’ve accidentally hidden the wrong conversation or you simply want to bring a particular chat from being hidden, you can unhide it by following the steps below:

  1. Open Viber on your mobile device (This process won’t work on a desktop).
  2. Navigate to the desired hidden conversation.
  3. Click on the three horizontal dots for more options (iOS users have to click on the contact’s name).
  4. Tap the “Unhide This Chat” option and input the PIN.


Do I get notifications from hidden conversations on Viber?

Yes, you do. When someone sends you a message from the hidden conversation, you’ll receive a standard notification on your device, except the content of the message won’t be visible. To see the message, you have to go to the hidden chat section and find the chat with the notification sign. You must also enter the PIN whenever you want to open the desired secret conversation.

What is the disappearing chat feature on Viber, and do I how to use it?

The disappearing chat feature was introduced to Viber back in 2021 for extra protection. Since you can track messages and conversations with monitoring apps, a disappearing chat feature became necessary. When you turn on this feature, the messages you send will disappear after a specific time. You can set a timer for this. The messages will disappear for both parties and if you try to screenshot the conversation, the other person will be notified.

Hiding Messages for Security

The hidden conversation option makes you feel safer when chatting privately with another user. It also prevents other people from snooping around on your phone. There are a few ways to see the hidden messages, so you never have to compromise your privacy again.

Do you often hide your messages on Viber? If so, what have your experiences been like? Let us know in the comments section below.

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