How to Report an Account in Tik Tok

There are over a billion registered users on TikTok. 70 million of them are active every day, so you’ll have a lot of videos to cycle trough. With so many people using the app, you will probably run into some unwanted videos, comments, chats, and profiles. Some people like insulting others on social media just like they do in real life.

How to Report an Account in Tik Tok

What can you do when that happens? Is there an option to report offensive posts, videos, or users?

The answer is – yes.

TikTok has rules that must be followed. If their filter doesn’t delete the offensive content automatically, you can always report it, and the app will delete either the content or the profile from which it was uploaded.

Reporting Accounts on TikTok

If a user is displaying abusive behavior, posting insulting or racist videos or comments, or violating any of the Community Guidelines put in place by the app, you can report them. The process is anonymous, so the person you reported won’t know who did it.

When you want to report a profile, here is how you do it:

  1. Go to the profile of the user you wish to report.
  2. Tap the three dots for extra options.
  3. Tap “Report”.
  4. Select Report Account
  5. The on-screen instructions will prompt you to describe what the problem is. You will be able to choose between inappropriate content, false identity, intellectual property infringement, and so on.

Once you submit your report, TikTok will review the problem. If the powers that be determine that the profile in question is indeed violating any of the rules, they will terminate it.

Reporting Videos

If a user posts a video that violates the app’s terms and conditions, you can report that too. Here is what to do:

  1. Open the video and tap on the little arrow on the screen.
  2. Select “Report”.
  3. Again, you will have to follow the on-screen instructions to explain what the problem is.

If a video you posted gets reported by someone else, you don’t have to worry about your profile getting deleted. If the video does break the rules somehow, the TikTok support team will remove it, and you will get the full list of rules as a reminder. However, if you continue posting offensive videos after the warning, your profile may be terminated as a result.

Reporting Comments

Comments made by other users can sometimes be very offensive to the person that posted the video. Some people get a kick from insulting other people’s work, so if you ever experience that, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Tap and hold the comment you feel is inappropriate.
  2. Tap “Report”.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to provide more details about the post.

TikTok will delete every comment that violates the rules of the app.

Reporting Chats

You may experience abuse while chatting with another user via the TikTok chat. If that happens, you can report the entire conversation and TikTok support will look into the problem. Here is what you should do:

  1. Open the conversation with abusive content.
  2. Tap on the three dots in the top-right corner.
  3. Tap “Report”.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to pinpoint the rules that were broken.

Community Guidelines

As stated above, TikTok has strict community guidelines. These standards are listed on the TikTok website and anyone who receives a communication that they’ve been reported can view them here.

Some content, although controversial or offensive, may continue if it is deemed as educational. Other content, that is defined as harassment, dangerous, or illegal, is removed by the company. It may surprise some users that TikTok removed their content, understanding what is, and is not acceptable is important before posting any videos or sending messages.

Fortunately, when a video is reported, it’s immediately sent to a support team for review. This has benefits for two reasons:

  • It only takes one person to report offensive content – If someone has a symbol representing hate or a terrorist group in the background of their video it may be easy to miss. If you caught it and others didn’t, you don’t need a crowd to have the video dismissed.
  • If someone reports your video out of spite or competition it won’t be taken down – After it is reviewed and the claims are unfounded, you won’t suffer any negative repercussions.

Assuming your video doesn’t go against the community guidelines, you should be fine despite a complaint from another user.

Temporary Suspension

Several users state that their accounts are temporarily suspended. This can happen because the app has an “anti-spam” feature. Anyone who likes, comments, or shares too much in a short time may have some activities suspended for 24 hours.

The reason for your suspension may also stem from something you posted or violating the app’s T&Cs. If you feel the suspension was in error simply contact TikTok Support, or go to the ‘Report a Problem’ option under ‘Settings in the app.

Automatic Profile Deletion

After TikTok paid 5.7 million dollars in a massive lawsuit due to violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, they came out with an update that deleted all profiles with fake birthdays.

Children under 13 have lost the ability to share and upload videos made in the app.

Many users reported their profiles getting deleted without warning. They didn’t violate any rules, but their accounts were still deleted. It turned out that most of them didn’t use their correct birthdays when creating an account. The only way to get your account back is to prove your birth date by providing a copy of your ID.

Re-Activated Accounts Lose All Videos

Many of the users that proved their identity by providing IDs have been shocked to find all of their videos and music deleted. That may not be a problem if you didn’t have a broad audience, but some users lost tens of thousands of followers due to this app error.

Unfortunately, there is no way of getting your videos, music, or followers back. You will have to rebuild your account from scratch. The issue has turned many TikTok users away from the app. TikTok would have to improve its algorithms to make sure that nothing like that ever happens again.

The company has stated that they are aware of the problem and are looking for a solution for the users that lost their content and followers.

Think Twice Before Posting

Things have changed at TikTok following the aforementioned 5.7 million dollar lawsuit and the deletion of thousands of profiles. The rules are stricter than ever before, so make sure that your videos, comments, and chats stay within the Community Guidelines provided by the app. Otherwise, you could lose all your original content overnight without a chance of getting it back.

20 thoughts on “How to Report an Account in Tik Tok”

Avatar Samor Hessell says:
Someone has been using my daughter legal full name as their Tik tok account. We reported but not thing happening.
Is there any way for us to find out their name and email address. We are thinking to report it to the police.
Avatar sadek says:
i many time report some videos. someone create about me. but tiktok doesn’t take any action.
Avatar harry says:
I have been filmed and recorded in a public place. I informed the person filming me that I did not give my permission to be filmed or recorded. This film is currently being used to abuse me. How do I insure the content is removed. I do not want to create an account just to be able to get tic toc to respond appropriately and delete this abuse.
Avatar Jason says:
Deer tick tock my account got takedown for no reason and meanwhile you have naked women all kinds of violence hate and they still up why my account got taked down I want somebody to answer me back
Avatar Hidayatkoko313 says:
Dear tiktok team l make nice video but anyone will not like and follow my video.please you bring my video For you page
Thanks for your help
Avatar haneefbaloch14 says:
Palezz sir mere videos foryou me chlado plezz plezz sir
Avatar haneefbaloch14 says:
Please not my videos foryou plezz resolve my problem please
Avatar Reena says:
Hello I have more than thousand followes on my tiktok account but some due to mistakes my account is freeze and my account does not have like or views on my tiktok videos plz kindly unfreeze my account in future I will always follow all guidelines
Avatar Hya says:
Hello! I’m very sad that my husband’s and daughter’s dance video is no longer visible to others. I checked and it was “under review”. It was posted five days before it was taken down. We’re not famous and the video already got 1k views. It’s a very successful video for us. If Tiktok didn’t send any notification that it was removed, there’s still hope that it will be restored and visible to others again. Am I right?
Avatar russell humphreys says:
How long do i have to wait to post new videos once my account is reported
Avatar Jen says:
How to report when someone else is using your number on tiktok
Avatar Noel Tony says:
How many people should report a profile to get completely get deleted that profile from tiktok?
Avatar Delaney Dion says:
So I recently made a sound on TikTok and it got banned and I don’t know what to do now so I need to call them
Avatar Nameless says:
Hey, unfortunately I tried but your account is private so I couldn’t.
Avatar Jennifer whitlock says:
I keep getting banned from going live for not meeting the age requirement I am 38 years old and this has happened 3 times in one month this is very upsetting to me and to my fans can you please fix this asap
Avatar Edna Mode says:
I reported a video for bullying me. But I noticed that in the bullying form you specify who’s being bullied. Will the people i reported know it was me? Like does tik tok show them the account that is being “bullied” aka my account? For that form I didn’t have to put in a username because it was under the “me” tab, so I’m assuming tik tok collected the information that it was my account? i just don’t want the people i reported to know it was me and that someone wrote that I am the one being bullied in that specific context
Avatar Me says:
It doesn’t matter as long as the bully knows that you are brave enough to attempt to make the bully’s account get banned. Screenshot all the evidence where he is bullying you and there you have it 🙂
Avatar Caterina says:
How do we report an account that’s violating the under 13 years old rule? There’s a lot of kids on this app that shouldn’t be.
Avatar Me says:
Just screenshot all the evidence that proves they are under 13 years old. I have reported an account that is under 13 years old and I screenshotted the uniform she was wearing in her video. That uniform is a primary school uniform and TikTok informed me yesterday that they have taken action. I hope it helps 🙂
Avatar haneefbaloch14 says:
Please not my videos for you please resove my problem
Avatar @mr_shery09 says:
I have been blocked from posting temporarily on tik tok for some reason how can I get unblocked?
Avatar Amir says:
Wait for tiktok team message you do wrong then tiktok give punishment so wait and watch
Avatar Dagad_anil_100 says:
How to report them to the Debates Typically and demeaning them in TicktackTell me once in a while how to report them to women who are so badly mistreated by tickle talk
Avatar Ivana Rasch says:
I have been blocked from posting temporarily on tik tok for some reason how can I get unblocked?
Avatar Alice says:
I get reported when i have a live stream on TikTok.. why? Please and can I do something to stop this because after I get reported I can’t have a live in one week
Avatar Tonya Tobin says:
I forgot my password to my tik tok
Avatar Nishant Singh says:
How do I recovery tik tok account
Avatar Billy says:
How to un report a tiktok video after its already been sent?
Avatar Me says:
Wait- I just want to know why you reported the video in the first place?
Avatar Rehman bhatti says:
Why report my id chek it rehmanbhatti111

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