How to Know If a Venmo Account is Verified

If you’re looking for answers to Venmo-related problems, then Venmo’s website is remarkably well designed. It rivals PayPal in the way it addresses account, setup and transaction problems, and both offer very good online articles that help you find the answer yourself. The trouble is, Venmo has a series of online help articles that are just a bit too advanced.

How to Know If a Venmo Account is Verified

Nobody is saying they should dumb it down, but the way they diligently explain each issue is a little too concise. If there’s a line or section you don’t understand, then you’ll have to contact their support service to get an answer.

Your Account Limits Will Change

Before you’re verified, you have a limit weekly rolling limit of $299.99. This is a rolling limit for all of your transactions combined. If you’re unable to transact more than $300 total per week, then you’re not verified yet.


When you are verified, you get a $4,999.99 weekly rolling limit. This is also for all of your combined transactions, such as sending funds, Venmo MasterCard purchases, and Authorized merchant payments. Despite $4,999.99 being your combined total, there are also individual totals for verified users.

Sending funds and receiving funds has a $2,999.99 rolling limit that works weekly. Authorized merchant payments may occur at a maximum of $2,000 per purchase or 30 transactions of any size per day. The Venmo MasterCard has limits too. You may spend a maximum of $3,000 per purchase, and you may only withdraw $400 per day on your card.

Even when verified, you’re not able to raise your limit. It’s Venmo policy to refuse all requests for a limit increase.

Verifying Your Bank Account

You can verify your bank account by using the Venmo instant verification. This is where you use the Venmo platform and sign in to your bank account. You also give Venmo the ability to log in and check your bank balance on a periodic basis if you use instant verification. If you get through to your bank account via the Venmo app, then your account is automatically verified.

If you verify your bank account with the micro-transfer method, it takes around a week to complete. You sign up to be verified, and then send two small transactions into your bank balance. They ask that you have at least $2 in your bank to be sure the payments go through. Once they’ve made the payments, they’re going to make two small withdrawals.

After you’ve signed up for Venmo micro-transaction payments, you need to check your bank account’s recent transactions after about three days. You’ll see two deposits and two withdrawals. You then head over to where they ask you questions about how much was deposited and how much was removed, and they may also ask you for the serial numbers that were next to the transactions. Get these questions right, and within 24 hours your bank account will be verified.

Verifying Your Identity and Email Address

You verify your identity by sending them screenshots or images of your photo-ID documents and then something with your current address on it, like a bill or IRS letter. It takes about three business days for them to check your details. After that, you should hear back from them after a further three days. In some cases, they get back to you to say you’re verified, but usually they send you back a message saying that one of your documents can’t be verified, or something like that.

Identity Verification

Verifying your email is easy. They send you an email with a link. You click the link in your email, or you copy the link and paste it into your address bar on your web browser. This takes you through to a page where it says your email address is now verified. This is all you need to do to verify your email address.

Know What You Are Getting in to

Nobody is maligning Venmo, they seem to have played everything honestly and openly so far. But you can never be sure whom the company is going to be sold to. With that in mind, make sure you know what you’re getting into before you sign up. For example, if you opt for the instant verification, then it gives Venmo the ability to check your bank balance periodically to see if you have enough money in your account to cover payments.

How quickly was your Venmo account verified? Did you notice a sharp difference when your account was verified? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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