How To Block Someone Without Them Knowing in Viber

Some people are simply too unpleasant or annoying to endure for long. If they get a hold of your number, they can message you on Viber, and hints might not be enough to get them to leave you alone. In this situation, it makes a lot of sense to block the number.

How To Block Someone Without Them Knowing in Viber

But blocking can be a sensitive subject. If this is an acquaintance you’ll have to deal with face-to-face, you probably don’t want to offend them. Read on and find out how to block them without their knowledge.

What happens when you block a person on Viber

Before you go ahead and block someone on Viber, it is good to know what exactly is going to happen.

You probably wouldn’t put that much thought into blocking an unknown number, because you don’t know the person behind it. What about people you do know?

When it comes to people on your contact list, rest assured that they will not be notified that you blocked them. Here is what happens with a contact you have blocked:

  1. They are no longer able to contact you in any way, not by a text message or by calling you.
  2. They can no longer see if you are online or not.
  3. Any profile changes you make will be invisible to them.
  4. A person you blocked can’t add you to any group chat on Viber.
  5. However, if you are already a part of the same group chat, they will see all the messages you write.

Although the blocked contact won’t get a notification, they may notice that you blocked them if they try calling or messaging you. If you’re lucky, they may assume you’re just temporarily unavailable. However, their messages will never be marked as “delivered” or “seen”. In time, they will probably conclude that you blocked them or stopped using the app.

Unfortunately, there are a few simple ways they can check whether your Viber is still active – for example, they can send a message from a new number. You can’t completely hide or deny that you have blocked someone.

How to Block an Unknown Number on Viber

Let’s look at what happens when a person messages you from an unknown number. You will be notified of the message on the top of your screen. The notification will give you the following options:

  1. Add to contacts
  2. Block and report spam – This is a good way to get rid of bots. Based on your spam report, Viber can ban this account for good.
  3. Block – If you receive a message which is not spam, you can simply block the account it was sent from.
Viber how to block

Now, a few words on blocking in general.

How to Block an Existing Contact on Viber

There are several ways to block a contact on Viber. You can do it directly from a chat window or use the block list.

How to Use Viber Block List

Block list is a feature on Viber which collects all your blocked contacts in one place. You can always add more people to the list, or unblock them if you change your mind. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open your Viber app.
  2. Tap on More at the bottom of the screen to access options.
    Viber how to block someone
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Then tap on Privacy.
    Viber block someone
  5. Choose the Block list.
  6. At the top right you will see a + (Add) icon.
    Viber block
  7. When you tap it, a selection window will open and you can choose which contact to block.
    how to block someone Viber
  8. You can also do it manually by typing in their name or their phone number. If you do it by number, don’t forget the international call code.

How to Block Using the Chat Window

Here is another simple way to block somebody:

  1. Open Viber.
  2. You will automatically land on the chat window.
  3. Select a contact you want to ban.
  4. Go to options (three vertical dots on the top right part of your screen).
    Viber block someone without them knowing
  5. Select chat info.
  6. Choose Block this contact. You can later unblock them using the same steps.

Viber how to block without knowing

Can’t Hear You

That is everything you need to know about blocking on Viber. You can block and report the spammers you don’t know, but you can also block the people you wish you didn’t know.

They will not notice it unless they try to make contact with you after it is done. But things can become awkward if you are both a part of the same group chat. You won’t see their messages but they will see yours.

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Olya says:
Viber service blocked my number, an error occurred, help me(380952458817)
Steve Larner says:
You’ll have to contact Viber. Error 380952458817 is not found.
Julian Filev says:
Hi all, I am trying to find out more how to ban someone for certain period within the week, for example each day after 9 pm , is that possible?

The issue is the following , I am admin of the existing group , but more of the participants want to not bother them after 9 pm , but to be able to chat during the day only, they request me to find some solution.

Please advice me is that possible?

Best regards, Julian

Achilleas Boulogiorgos says:
I want to temporary block someone I know to send messages between certain hours. For example I don’t want to receive any messages or calls from a specific contact but only from 10 pm to 8 am.
Zdenka says:
I want to send message to some of my contact. He is active..I can see his status (last…), but mu messages never be delivered – showe one check mark .
How is possible?

He is oine.
Active message can not be deliver to him?!?!??!

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