How to View Your Amazon Fire Stick History

Like all Amazon devices, Firestick also keeps track of the movies, sports games, TV shows, and anything else you’ve watched. If you want to revisit a movie you’ve watched a couple of months ago, you can always find it in your History. Also, you can check whether your kids watched something they shouldn’t have. Let’s see how to check history on Firestick and perform some basic maintenance.

How to View Your Amazon Fire Stick History

View Your Firestick History

Let’s say that you’re looking for a movie you watched some time ago, but you can’t find it. Here’s how to see the history on your Firestick and find it.

  1. Log into your Amazon account from
  2. Click the Accounts and Lists button in the top right-hand corner of the webpage.
  3. Click Prime Video, then Watch History.

Everything you have ever watched on Prime Video will be listed there. Go through the list and click the movie you want to watch again. Also, you can delete items you don’t want to appear on the list anymore. What’s best, this list contains everything you’ve watched with that particular account, regardless of the platform.

Reason to Review Firestick History

It is wise to review your Firestick’s history periodically. You might stumble upon a long-forgotten favorite or a movie or TV show that you hold close to the heart.

If you were having a bad day or a weird mood and watched something you’re embarrassed of now, you don’t need to keep seeing that. You can remove that item from the list. An occasional audit also helps you detect if someone had compromised your Amazon account and watched videos without you knowing.

It is also wise to check the history from time to time if multiple people are using the device in your home. If you have a partner and you find some questionable material in viewing history, you might need to have a serious talk about it with them.

If you have children, you should monitor the history of the Firestick. This can help you determine if you have set the parental controls on the device properly. If you haven’t, it can be a reminder for you to set them. Amazon’s website can walk you through the entire setup.

It is possible to audit and clear the viewing history on any Amazon device. This includes the Firestick, Fire tablet, Kindle, and others.


Clear Your Cache

It is also good to clear your Firestick’s cache. To keep your device working well and to minimize app crashes and lag time, you should clear the cache every so often. It is easy to do and it only takes a few quick steps.

  1. Go to your Settings menu and pick Applications.
  2. Go to Manage Installed Applications.
  3. Select an app and then select the Clear Cache option.
  4. Repeat this for each app you want to clear.

You may just want to clear selected apps if they’ve been giving you troubles, or you may want to clear them all and start fresh. If the issues persist, there is always the option to reset your Firestick to factory settings and get a completely fresh start with your device.

Other Tips for Your Firestick

Just like people, you must manage your electronics and keep up on their wellbeing. This includes actively avoiding things that could impact performance. For a device like the Firestick, there are a few things you can do to keep your device in good shape.

As was already mentioned, cleaning the cache regularly is great for keeping the device working at its best. Other things that can help your device are turning off some things in the background that can slow down performance.

  1. If you don’t play games, turn off Gamecircle.
  2. Turn off Collect App User Data.
  3. Turn off automatic app updates.
  4. Delete any app you don’t actively use.

These small tips can tremendously improve the performance of your Firestick or any other device.

firestick history

Know Your History

It is a good practice to periodically check your viewing history on the Firestick. You may stumble upon old favorites or even find things that require some conversations. Also, clearing the history is quite easy via your account on Amazon’s webpage. You can also delete the device’s cache from time to time to keep it running smoothly. Besides those things, you can also delete stuff you don’t use and stop automatic updates.

Do you review your Firestick’s history on a regular basis? Have you ever found something that shouldn’t be there? Tell us in the comments below.

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