How to Watch YouTube Videos Without YouTube

As a world-renowned video-sharing network, YouTube has a great deal to offer. However, you may become weary of the YouTube interface after using it for an extended period. Alternatively, YouTube may be temporarily unavailable because of an issue, in which case you could try another video-streaming service.

How to Watch YouTube Videos Without YouTube

You may be wondering, is it possible to watch YouTube videos without using YouTube? This article will discuss how you can watch YouTube videos without actually accessing YouTube.

How to Watch YouTube Videos When YouTube Is Blocked

Educational institutions or workplaces can block YouTube. Also, some videos might be blocked by YouTube due to geographical restrictions. If you want to watch YouTube videos, but YouTube has blocked them, or you can’t access YouTube, there are a couple of things you can try.


Using a virtual private network (VPN) to disguise your IP address is the best and safest available method. With it, you can easily conceal your IP address and get around YouTube’s geographic restrictions and blocks. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the site of the VPN of your choice. We’re going to use ExpressVPN as an example.
  2. Select “Get Express VPN” from the homepage.
  3. After selecting a plan, enter your payment information, and create a user ID and password.
  4. Now, open the ExpressVPN software and sign in.
  5. Select the server you want to connect to.
  6. Find the video that was blocked before


Proxies are servers that allow you to appear as though your IP address is being shifted to another location. A proxy serves as a middleman between users and servers, facilitating communication. A proxy’s principal function is to ensure the confidentiality and encapsulation of communications across several systems. It does, unfortunately, impact your connection speed and does not encrypt your activities.

Smart DNS

Using a smart DNS, you may access a wide variety of online media channels. You can either do it yourself or use a third-party tool to do so. This will allow your DNS service to believe that it possesses access to material from countries or areas that you enjoy.

Download YouTube Videos

One of the simplest ways to bypass geo-restrictions on YouTube is to use this method. It’s possible to save YouTube videos and watch them later on your computer or mobile device, thanks to a plethora of websites. In this way, you won’t have to access YouTube at all. You’ll need to do a little research to figure out the best way to save videos on your phone or tablet.

Use Tor to Unblock YouTube Videos

Tor is a web browser that ensures the privacy of all your online activities. Connecting it will slow down the internet connection, yet the IP address will remain anonymous. Tor’s lone drawback is that you can’t pick the nation from which you’ll eventually be connected while using the browser.

Use Google Translate

Google translate would be the last resort for unblocking YouTube videos that have been geo-restricted. Look for videos in a foreign language, and you’ll have access to them.

You may use this search engine to get results in other languages. You must choose “Translate this page” to see the site in your preferred language. Using this method, your computer will only load URLs from Google Translate, evading the national limitations of YouTube set by your business or educational institution.

How to Watch YouTube Videos Without the YouTube App

If you want to avoid YouTube for any reason, the only way is to watch YouTube videos through a different streaming website. You can access these websites with any browser on most devices.


Toggles is a lightning-fast and bare-bones YouTube interface replacement. Searching for specific clips, which load almost immediately, is possible on the homepage as well as via the search bar. All YouTube videos that aren’t geo-blocked within your location can be seen on the site.

Likewise, the viewing experience is lightning-fast. There aren’t any comments, suggestions, or other distractions here. To put it another way, it implies that the website will play your video as quickly as possible.

The left-hand section displays the video’s summary and information. When you’re set to take a glance at the linked videos, just click on the button in the top-left corner. There is also a Chrome extension for Toggles to help you search more efficiently.

Toggles is a must-have if you have a sluggish internet connection or frequently feel frustrated by YouTube ads.


It’s possible to view YouTube clips without using a browser, but it’s a method that gets little attention. Alternatively, you may utilize a specialized video player program to stream videos from a URL. While VLC is perhaps the most famous one of these players, many others are available for iOS, Android, and the PC.

To watch a specific YouTube video using VLC, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Media.
  2. Select “Open Network Stream”
  3. Copy and paste the URL of the desired video.
  4. Hit “Play” when you are ready and wait for the stream to load and buffer for a few seconds.


Another option to see Youtube clips without going to YouTube is via ViewPure. If you’re fed up with having to scroll through comments, suggestions, and other annoyances when you’re watching YouTube, this app could be right up your alley. The videos on the site are also free of advertisements, making it an excellent resource for classes and families with young children.

ViewPure has a bookmarklet and unique links for easier sharing and remembering. While you’re watching videos, you may choose between a white or black background using a toggle.


You may also use Kodi to view YouTube videos outside of the website itself and any browser. With Kodi, you can access a wide variety of content, from movies to live news to YouTube, thanks to various add-ons that you may install on your device.

In addition to allowing you to add clips to the “Watch Later” list and create your own personal playlists, its add-ons include the Like feature, as well as a Subscribe button.

DF Tube

Chrome browser plugin DF Tube or Distraction-Free YouTube improves the official Youtube website rather than providing an alternate URL.

YouTube feed, sidebar “Related Videos,” comments, playlists, live chat, subscription bar, autoplay, and the trending tab may all be hidden with this feature. Even playlists can be disabled.

Watch YouTube Videos Freely

The methods we’ve mentioned in the article are just the most popular and effective ways to get around a YouTube block, or to watch videos without having to access YouTube at all. Alternatively, you may maximize the YouTube experience by using alternate YouTube URLs.

Moreover, YouTube applications for Android and iOS are available, as are cracked programs that eliminate ads and other bothersome elements. However, you have to be careful with such apps and do your research before downloading them.

Have you ever used one of these methods to watch YouTube videos? In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of the official YouTube website? Let us know in the comment section below!

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