This terrifying flamethrower face mask is just asking for trouble

If somebody told you they’d found a way to spew flames from their face, you’d understandably be a little bit uncomfortable around them. Well, that’s now a legitimate possibility thanks to YouTuber, Sufficiently Advanced, who’s built a flamethrower face mask to mow his enemies down.

Well, he’s actually built it as part of a series focusing on X-Men abilities – shooting flames from your face is the closest thing to X-Men’s Cyclops and his laser eyebeam power. Still, it’s a frightening look at the lengths some people will go to for fun. Bad ideas like this remind us of this horrifying gun-wielding homemade drone.

If the idea of a flamethrower strapped to your face doesn’t sound all that crazy, let me count the ways this does sound like a really bad idea:

  1. There’s an explosive fuel tank right next to your face.

  2. You have zero peripheral vision when wearing the mask.

  3. You’re “throwing” petrol out of nozzles either side of your eyes, petrol that could easily splash back onto yourself.

  4. Need I say more?

Sufficiently Advanced has built some rather interesting projects in the past – such as Thor’s Mjolnir hammer that can only be lifted by certain individuals due to a fingerprint reader and electromagnet. However, a flamethrower mask is just plain stupid.

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