What is the TikTok Creator Program? Should you Join?

What is the TikTok Creator Program? What does it offer? Should I join it? These questions and more will be answered in this article.

What is the TikTok Creator Program? Should you Join?

TikTok is huge in the teen app market and growing stronger all the time. Despite numerous controversies, the app keeps going from strength to strength and is gaining users by the thousand. The ability to become a TikTok star is obviously too much for some to ignore.

The TikTok Creator Program is actually called the TikTok Next Level program now. It looks to be the same thing, an elevated experience for the most influential creators but has a cool new name.

What is the TikTok Creator Program?

The TikTok Next Level program is a higher level membership of the platform that offers more support for creators. While ‘standard’ users have all the tools they need to create their 15 second videos in the app, more prolific users, businesses and those who want to make a career out of TikTok videos may want more support. That’s where the Next Level program comes in.

It offers tech support, analytics, early access and the ability to connect with other creators. All things absent from the normal app.

Tech support

Normally, TikTok isn’t supported and you have to rely on websites like ours to solve problems. There is a knowledgebase and some FAQs but no live tech support. The Next Level program offers ticketed support with a response time of 72 hours. Not amazing by any stretch of the imagination but better than what you’re used to on the app.


If you’re trying to make a living from TikTok or are promoting brands or businesses, analytics plays a key role in that. The Next Level program offers a weekly insights package that provides audience data that can help you refine your efforts. You will likely already use something else to track this but this could add extra insight.

Early access

TikTok isn’t exactly resplendent with features but if the app does come up with something new, it will hit early access first. If you’re in the Next Level program you’ll get to see and use these features before anyone else.

Creator Connections

TikTok offers to host regular events for creators in the Next Level program to meet, share methodologies and copy each other’s ideas.

These four features are the main offer from the Next Level program. Not much else is actually known about this program. There is no news, no announcement, no explainer from TikTok, nothing.

Should you join the TikTok Next Level program?

Joining the TikTok Next Level program depends entirely on how you use TikTok and how serious about it you are. There doesn’t seem to be anything here to help the video creation process or any tools to help increase engagement. It’s mainly back end support, tech support and analytics.

Early access and Creator Connections don’t really offer much unless you like going to events or beta testing features before they are released into live.

If you’re promoting a business or brand and have problems with the app then perhaps it might be worth joining. Depending on what analytics tools you already use, the analytics included in the program may also be of value. Marketing campaigns run on data and the more data you have, the better you can refine your campaign.

Getting into the TikTok Next Level program

Aside from a signup feature on the page, there is nothing else mentioning this program anywhere. Presumably there is a barrier to entry, like minimum number of followers, number of published videos, influence levels or something else otherwise everyone would join. There is no information published that I can find that lists the criteria but you can bet there is a qualification to join.

All you need to sign up is your TikTok username, name and email. There is no mention of rules, costs, qualification criteria or anything. This could be part of the elitism of the program or that nothing really came of it, we just don’t know.

The TikTok Next Level program is something of a mystery. Nothing has been published about it, there is no news around it and TikTok themselves don’t mention it anywhere. That’s either a good sign or the opposite and at the moment there isn’t enough data to decide either way.

Are you a member of the TikTok Next Level program? Do you know anything about it? Can you tell us anything about it? Tell us what you know below!

3 thoughts on “What is the TikTok Creator Program? Should you Join?”

Thedovameme says:
I was invited to the Tik Tok creator program through Instagram and when I askers about it they never responded, if I get more info I will post it here.
Console_Harmony says:
I too am not a member of TikTok next level program. I do not know anything about it either.
Crystal says:
I am not a member of tiktok next level program. I do not know anything about it.

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