How to Get More WhatsApp Stickers

With a whole host of great messaging services available, competitiveness in this area has never been higher. WhatsApp, one of the most popular apps around, has a lot of neat features to brag about. Around twelve months ago, they added some cool sticker packs to help spice “app” your messaging experience.

How to Get More WhatsApp Stickers

Compared to apps like Snapchat and Hike, WhatsApp is a bit late to the sticker party; however, with a broad arsenal of stickers at its disposal now, WhatsApp has truly become one of the best apps in its category.

Getting More Stickers

For all of you who aren’t really interested in all the cool things that stickers have brought to the table, or why stickers themselves are such a big thing nowadays, here’s a quick guide on using them inside the app.

To access stickers on WhatsApp, all you need to do is open a group or an individual chat, navigate to the text field, tap it, and select the sticker icon in the right part of the text field.

Right off the bat, however, you’ll see that the number of available stickers is modest, at best. Are these all the stickers that you’ll be able to access on WhatsApp? Of course not! You can download countless sticker packs to make your chat experience fun and dynamic.

To download more stickers, go to the stickers screen (as instructed above) and locate the plus icon in the far-right part of the stickers screen. Tap this icon and you’ll be presented with a new screen, featuring all the available stickers that you can download and use as you wish. To download a sticker pack, just tap the download button (a circle with an arrow pointing downwards). On the next screen, you’ll be able to see the list of all the stickers that that particular pack features. Tap Download to get them all.

whatsapp stickers

Why Stickers Are Important

First of all, stickers are a widely-used feature on many platforms. Whether you like them or not, they’re used by many avid messengers. Now, WhatsApp, as aforementioned, are a bit late to the game here, as the majority of its competition introduced the sticker feature quite a while back. Despite preferring WhatsApp’s simple, user-friendly design and interface, as well as quality, bug-free performance, many users have transitioned to other chat apps that offered stickers.

As one of the most widely-used apps on all smart platforms, it was important for WhatsApp to utilize this feature to remain at the top of the game.

But the reasoning here isn’t purely aesthetical. You may not be aware of it but many people actually prefer using stickers to typing things, especially when the answer is a simple thumbs-up or an OK sign. Additionally, stickers really do liven things up and make even the dullest, most pedestrian of chats more interesting.

What You Need to Know About WhatsApp Stickers

Stickers on WhatsApp are available for both iOS and Android users. If you don’t see the sticker feature, it’s not because of your platform of choice. Go to your device’s dedicated store and make sure that your WhatsApp is up-to-date.

To delete a sticker pack, access the sticker screen (as instructed above) and tap the circled tick sign to the right of the sticker pack that you own (located where the download icon is for the packs that you haven’t downloaded). This will take you to the pack screen where you’ll see a red Delete button towards the bottom of the screen. Confirm deletion and that’s it!


WhatsApp Stickers

Downloading, managing, and deleting WhatsApp stickers is simple and intuitive. As an update, these stickers mean a whole lot for WhatsApp, but also for you, as a user, as well. Whether you like or dislike the idea of stickers, you’ll definitely be seeing plenty more of them on WhatsApp from now on.

Do you use stickers on WhatsApp? Do you like the available packs? What new packs would you like to see in the future? Feel free to add your thoughts, tips, opinions, and ideas in the comments section below.

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