Who Does This Phone Number Belong to – How to Find Them

How many times has have you checked your mobile phone, only to notice a missed call from an unknown number? Before calling the number yourself, you want to check if you know the person behind it. But how can you do this?

Who Does This Phone Number Belong to - How to Find Them

This article will show you what you can do in order to find out who this number belongs to.

Figuring out Who the Phone Number Belongs To

Unwanted phone calls can be very annoying and disturbing. The following methods show what you can do if you need more information about the person who’s calling you.

Use Google

In general, you don’t have to be tech savvy in order to research an unknown phone number. All that you need is access to the internet, and then you can start with the most obvious option.

Since you have your unknown caller’s number on your mobile phone, copy and then paste it into Google’s search bar. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing this on your mobile phone or on your computer, just be careful with entering the correct number in the search bar.

Once you’ve done that, hit enter (or tap the search icon if you’re on your mobile phone) and check the results.

If your unknown caller posted the phone number publicly online, it will pop up in the results. Click the link and check for the name of the person that the number belongs to.

Use a Reverse Phone Number Lookup Service

white pages

There are many reverse phone number lookup services available, but not all of them work well. Some are even made to scam the users. Keep away from options that request you to complete different surveys, or anything where you have to pay for the service before you get access to the website.

On the other hand, there are official and trustworthy services that get the job done. Whitepages is one of the best options.

Whitepages has over 275 million people in their database, allowing you to perform fast background checks on the person whose number you have (provided that the person is in their database).

All you need to do in order to find more details about a certain person is to enter their first and last name, and preferably the city that they live in. Of course, if you know other information about the person that you want to research, you should enter all of it as your results will be more accurate.

But in addition to the background checks, Whitepages offers services like reverse phone number lookups, business searches, and more. To use the reverse phone number lookup, all that you need to do is enter the unknown caller’s phone number and hit Enter.

If the number is stored in their database, you will easily find out who it belongs to. You’ll also learn where that person lives, and other information that you could use.

Another phone number lookup service that you might want to try is the 411 website. It resembles Whitepages a great deal, so you won’t have trouble figuring things out.


Use Facebook

Facebook allows its users to fully customize their profiles on this platform by entering all sorts of information about themselves. If you like, you can set your email to be visible to everyone, and also set your phone number.

So if none of the previous methods work, you should try entering the phone number in Facebook’s search bar, located on the top of the page (this is where you would normally search for people by entering their names).

If your unknown caller entered the phone number on his or her profile, you will be able to find out exactly who that person is as the profile will pop up.

Call the Number

Finally, you can also call the number that you received calls from, and then ask them who they are. If the person doesn’t want to answer, proceed with the previously mentioned methods or simply block them.

Stop Someone from Calling You Again

In case an unknown caller is harassing you by calling you late at night, you can always block their phone number without even trying to figure out who the caller is.

All smartphones have this feature and it is pretty easy to use. If the person starts using different phone numbers to call you again, you can test some of the methods you found in this article. On the other hand, you can also speak to your provider or take further measures.

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