Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 – How to Factory Reset

There are some circumstances that call for a factory reset of your phone. Although this decision should not be taken lightly, this type of reset is not difficult to do on your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 device. If you find yourself in a situation that warrants a factory reset, keep reading to find out how to do it.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 - How to Factory Reset

Method 1 – Reset Using Device Buttons

Use this method if your phone has an unresponsive touchscreen or you forgot your Lock screen password. This method does not require you to go into settings, but like any hard/factory reset option, it will erase all user data. So hopefully you have backed up your information before getting to this point.

Step 1 – Power Down Device

If your smartphone isn’t turned off already, power it down fully by pressing and holding the Power button. This is necessary to unlock the Recovery menu for your phone.

Step 2 – Open the Recovery Menu

Next, it’s time to access your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4’s Recovery menu. Press and hold both the Volume Up button and the Power button at the same time. Keep holding the buttons until you see the Recovery menu pop up on your screen.

Step 3 – Wipe and Reset

In the main menu, navigate through your options by pressing the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. Confirm your selection by pressing the Power button.

To reset your phone, choose the “Wipe and Reset” option. In the next menu, choose “Wipe All Data” and confirm this action by tapping on “Yes” when prompted.

Method 2 – Reset Using the Settings Menu

In addition, you can also perform a factory reset using your Settings menu. Use this method if your touchscreen is still responsive and none of your applications are frozen.

Step 1 – Access the Settings Menu

First, access your Settings menu. You can do this by tapping on the Settings icon from your Home screen or you can swipe down to open your Notifications panel from any screen. Tap on the gear icon located in the upper right corner to access the menu.

Step 2 – Access the Reset Menu

From your Settings menu, scroll down to the System & Device section and tap on “Additional settings”. In the next sub-menu, scroll down again until you see “Backup & reset”. Tap on this option to open the next menu.

Step 3 – Factory Reset

Near the bottom of the screen is a category called Personal Data. You will see the option to “Factory data reset”. Choose this option to reset your phone. This will open a final screen to factory reset the device.

Keep in mind that you may be prompted to enter your password to confirm this action. Furthermore, performing a factory reset will erase all data from your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. So make sure that you’ve backed up your data, especially if you plan on doing a restore after this reset.

Final Thought

The most popular way to perform a factory reset is through the Xiaomi’s Recovery mode. However, that is not necessary if your phone is still responsive and in working order.

Finally, remember to back up your data prior to performing any type of hard or factory reset because any data that is erased is unrecoverable after this action.

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