How To Add GIFs in Mudae

Mudae is a popular Discord-based entertainment bot. This bot’s main purpose is to collect your favorite characters from video games and anime. Mudae is home to more than 80,000 characters, most of which have detailed descriptions and stats. This bot allows you to add images or GIFs to your characters.

How To Add GIFs in Mudae

If you’re interested in learning how to add GIFs in Mudae, look no further. This article will provide detailed, step-by-step instructions on adding a GIF to one of the most popular Discord bots.

Mudae How to Add GIFs

Adding a GIF to one of your existing Mudae characters isn’t complicated, and takes only a few steps. Follow the instructions below to do it.

  1. Launch Discord and log in. We recommend using the desktop version.
  2. Go to a server with the Mudae bot.
  3. Place the cursor in the message field and type the following:
    $ai [character name] $[link to the GIF]”.

“Ai” stands for “add image.” We recommend using Imgur for finding GIFs or a similar reputable website. If you’re not sure how to copy a GIF’s link on Imgur, follow these steps.

  1. Find a GIF you want to add to your character in Mudae.
  2. Press the three dots on the right of the GIF.
  3. Select “Copy link.”
  4. Go back to Discord and paste the link in the formula we mentioned above, right after the second dollar sign.

If you pasted the Imgur link but your GIF shows as an image, type “.gif” at the end of the file name. Of course, ensure the link you’re using is actually a GIF image. Adding “.gif” can’t convert an image to a GIF image.

If you’re creating a custom character for your server, here’s how to add a GIF to it.

  • Click in the message field with your cursor and type the following syntax:
    $addcustom [character name]$[gender]$[type of roll]$[Imgur link]”.

In the formula, replace “gender” with “m” for male, “f” for female, or “fm” for both or genderless. Replace “type of roll” with “game” or “animanga” or both. To apply the GIF, use “.gif” at the end of the GIF’s link.

GIF Rules

If you want to use GIFs in Mudae, you need to ensure they’re in line with Discord’s rules. Most rules are related to the GIF’s content and size.

For example, the GIF you use shouldn’t be distorted or stretched. There shouldn’t be any nudity, violence, or major plot spoilers on the GIF. The preferred GIF size is 10 MB.

Your GIF shouldn’t contain any eye-straining or highly flashy details. Unlike images, GIFs are allowed to have subtitles.

GIF Troubleshooting

If you can’t view or upload GIFs to Mudae on Discord, there are several things you should double-check.

Firstly, ensure the GIF you’re trying to upload is actually a GIF, not an image. Then, check the GIF’s size. If your GIF exceeds 10 MB, you most likely won’t be able to upload it to Discord. Even if you manage to upload it, the GIF won’t work correctly.

Once you’ve established your GIF fits into the size requirements, it’s time to move on to other potential issues. One of the most common reasons GIFs don’t work on Discord is the internet connection (or the lack of it). Computers can often get disconnected from the internet without us realizing it. To ensure everything’s working right, check your internet connection. We recommend running a speed test to confirm there aren’t any problems. Try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network and try re-uploading your GIF.

Another action you should take is to check your subscription plan. The free version of Discord doesn’t allow you to use GIFs as avatars. To do that, you’ll need at least the Classic subscription.

Like any platform, Discord can experience glitches and lags. So, not being able to upload or see GIFs doesn’t necessarily mean the problem’s on your end. You can try restarting or reinstalling Discord to eliminate the issue. You can log out and log back in, as sometimes Discord doesn’t sync your profile to the server properly, potentially resulting in different issues.

Make Mudae Even More Fun

Besides allowing you to collect characters, Mudae hosts numerous multi-player games, features a Gacha character and Pokémon roulette, and offers plenty of interesting features. By adding GIFs to your characters, you can make your experience even more fun. The process is simple and quick, but you need to ensure you respect Discord’s guidelines.

What do you like about Mudae? What is your favorite feature? Tell us in the comments section below.

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