How To Add Images or Video to an Existing Instagram Story

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that allow users to share photos and videos with their friends and followers. To enhance user satisfaction, Instagram constantly adds new and cool features that make the app even more fun and interesting. In 2016, Instagram launched its own version of Stories, modeled from a similar element in Snapchat.

Instagram Stories allows you to share multiple photos and videos to document your day, whether you’re on an adventure or just chilling out. These stories can be viewed by your followers within 24 hours, after which, they are saved in your archive. The photos and videos in your Stories are uploaded separately from your Instagram posts.

Instagram Stories Explained

Instagram Stories last for 24 hours (although you can Highlight them to keep them longer) and can be viewed by the world or just by your followers, depending on your privacy settings. For private accounts, only your followers can view your story; however, everyone can see your stories on public accounts.

Instagram Stories appear on your followers’ Instagram feed (at the top). Unlike standard Instagram Posts, users can add images and videos to their Stories.

Creating an Instagram Story is relatively simple. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open Instagram and tap the + icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap Story at the bottom of the page.
  3. Tap the image or video you’d like to add to upload. Then, tap Next.
    Note: If you want to add more than one image or video to your Story, tap the Select multiple option and make your selections.
  4. Select the option where you want to share your Story. Then, tap the arrow icon.

Now, your Story will appear for all of your chosen friends to see it. But, what happens when you realize you forgot to add a few images? What if your Story is an actual story and you need to add more context throughout the day?

Fortunately, the next section explains how you can easily add to your existing Instagram Story.

Adding Photos to Your Story

Adding photos and videos to your Instagram story is easy. The steps are nearly identical to those creating a Story. But, there are a few things you should know to make sure the updated videos and images are added correctly.

To add content, follow these steps to add images to a Story you’ve already published:

  1. Open Instagram and tap the + icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap Story at the bottom of the page.
  3. Tap the image or video you’d like to add to your existing Instagram Story. Then, tap Next.
  4. Select the option for who you want to share your updated Story. Then, tap the arrow icon.
    Note: This must be the same option you selected with your original Story.

You can add any filters or text before selecting the arrow icon to personalize your Story. After uploading your updates to your Story, users can tap your Story icon at the top of their feed and the Story will roll from the original images and videos to the newer ones.

You can repeat the same steps if you want to add more photos and videos to your Instagram Story.

Where does my Instagram Story Appear?

Once you’ve uploaded your stories to Instagram, they will appear in these places:

  • At the top of the feed: You will see your profile picture along with the people you follow.
  • On your profile: A colorful ring will show around your profile photo, and people can tap on it to reveal your Story.
  • In your feed next to the post you share: A colorful ring will show around your profile picture when you share a post; people can tap this to view your story.
  • In Direct inbox: In your Instagram Direct inbox, a colorful ring will appear around your profile picture. Your friends can tap this to view your stories.

Deleting a Photo or Video from Instagram Story

Just in case you have added the wrong photo to your Instagram story, or you just changed your mind about it, you can always delete it from your Story. Here’s how:

  1. Open your Story.
  2. Select the More icon (three dots) at the bottom right of your screen.
  3. Then, tap delete.

What Else Can You Do After Posting Your Story?

Aside from simply adding more to your Story, Instagram limits your ability to make edits once you’ve sent it to all of your friends or posted it. If you want to make edits to filters or add the text you will run into some difficulty. Unfortunately, you’ll need to re-upload your Story.

But, if you want your story to live on forever, you can add it to your Highlights. A Highlight in Instagram will live on forever in your profile (or at least until you delete it).

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re an Instagram expert or a novice, we’ve heard your questions! Here are some more answers to the questions our readers have asked about Instagram!

Can you add images to an Instagram post?

Unfortunately, no. An Instagram post is different from an Instagram Story. The former is a permanent fixture on your Instagram account until you delete it, but it doesn’t have the same options as a Story for editing and updating. Once you publish a regular Instagram post, there aren’t a lot of options to edit or add content. You will have to delete the entire post and upload it all over again.

Can you add content to your Instagram Highlights?

Yes, you can edit and add content to your Highlights. Highlights are a more permanent option to display your Story on your profile. If you’d like to add more content, you can visit your profile page and click on the highlight under the ‘Edit Profile’ button.

How can I add multiple images to my Instagram Story?

The Stories are usually short snips with a video or only one image. One option is to use your phone’s screen record feature to scroll through multiple images and upload the video. For this to look good, you may need to create an album on your phone just for those photos you want to upload to your story, but also be mindful of the video’s length. The other option is to set a photo as the background and use one of Snapchat’s stickers that allow you to upload more photos. When posting, take, or select your photo and swipe up from the bottom to access the stickers.

Instagram Stories are a neat feature of the app that makes it just that little bit more interesting. The time-limited nature of them is both a benefit and a bane of the system but forces you to be creative quickly. It also means you don’t have to scroll through weeks’ worth of other stories to get to the most recent.

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Becky Cox says:
Can you add pics to an existing feed (not story)? Thanks
Leia says:
Hi, I think I’m missing something. When I tap my Story to add more to it later, it just plays. I don’t see where I add more stuff. I’m using an Android, if that makes a difference.
Leia says:
I see what I was doing wrong. Instead of tapping g the Story icon, I needed to long-press it. Then a minj menu comes up to add to my Story.
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This just saved me because I definitely didnt understand the above mentioned article. Thx

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