How To Fix an AMD Driver Timeout Error

The “driver timeout” message box is among the most common errors an Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) user may experience with an AMD card. With various games and applications, this problem affects all AMD card types. For some users, applications will crash, with or without the error box displayed on a black screen. Others need to force the system to restart.

How To Fix an AMD Driver Timeout Error

In this article, we’ll show you how to work your way through some of the most common issues caused by the AMD driver timeout.

AMD Driver Timeout Error: What’s the Cause?

There are several reasons why the AMD display drivers might keep crashing with the timeout issue. The following are the main causes:

  • Old Operating System (OS). If your OS is not up to date, the latest AMD driver may not work, leading to the timeout problem.
  • Less size of system virtual memory. The AMD driver won’t load if your system’s virtual memory is not large enough.
  • Out of date, corrupt, or incompatible drivers. The timeout problem may be in an AMD driver that is out of date, corrupt, or not compatible with the system.
  • Improper Radeon configuration. The AMD driver may take a while to load as a result of many improper Radeon configurations of the AMD Radeon software settings. This leads to the timeout problem. These options could include the FreeSync feature, the Shaders Cache, etc.
  • Corrupted system files or the Windows registry. They can result in several errors, including the AMD driver timeout. They can interfere with the system’s ability to boot.
  • Overclock and overheat. If this situation arises, disable the overclocking settings. Often, when you overclock a CPU or GPU, the system overheats and begins to crash.
  • Incompatible RAM and any defective system hardware could cause driver issues.

Before you do anything, make sure your Windows OS is up to date. Updating your OS can fix the AMD driver timeout detected. But if that doesn’t solve your problem, try some of the fixes below.

AMD Driver Timeout 5600 Xt

  • Update the AMD driver. Updating the graphic driver can often resolve the AMD driver timeout. You can use Driver Easy to update your AMD driver. With one scan of your PC, this tool can update your drivers as well as resolve many other driver problems. You can also do it yourself. Go to the AMD Settings and in the Update section, select “Check for Updates.” Download and install any AMD driver updates that are available. Restart your computer to see if the AMD timeout problem still exists.
  • Reinstall the AMD driver. To resolve the driver timeout issue, uninstall and reinstall the AMD driver. Make sure to first turn off Windows Update, antivirus software, and LAN/Wi-Fi connections after uninstalling a driver before restarting your computer. Use the default installation options when installing the AMD drivers again. Reboot your computer and turn on the LAN and Wi-Fi. Finally, enable Windows Update and see if the driver timeout problem is gone.

AMD Driver Timeout 5700 Xt

  • Adjust the Power Plan and Visual Effects. If your computer is set up to use battery-saving mode, you might run into this problem. The modules required for the AMD driver’s operation may fail to load in this mode. In this situation, switching to a high-performance power plan and optimizing visual effects will fix the issue.
  • Boost Virtual Memory. Your computer’s OS uses virtual memory, which is space on your drive, as RAM. The AMD driver may not load if your system’s virtual memory is not high. Increasing the virtual memory on your computer can fix the AMD driver timeout. Clean up the space on your devices, delete temporary files, or use Disk Cleanup.
  • Turn off the system’s fast startup. Windows’ default startup method, Fast Startup, puts your computer into a sleep or hibernation state. Even though this feature is very helpful, it sometimes fails to use a resource that the AMD driver needs. You can disable your system’s Fast Startup feature to resolve the AMD timeout problem.
  • Turn off “AMD Driver Issue Reporting.” If the AMD driver timeout dialogue box bothers you but the system functions, unchecking the issue-reporting box in the AMD Adrenalin program may help. Open the AMD Adrenalin software, select “Settings,” and switch the “Issue Reporting” button to Off. Restart your system and check if the problem persists.

AMD Driver Timeout 6700 Xt

  • Clear AMD Card Shader Cache. Instead of having to generate game shaders each time a game launches, AMD cards’ shader cache speeds up game loading times by compiling and saving often used shaders. As a result, if the card’s shader cache is damaged or overloaded, the AMD adapter may throw an error. In this case, you can clear the AMD card’s system-wide shader cache to fix the problem. Click “Settings” in the AMD Adrenalin application, then select the “Graphics” tab. Select “Perform Reset” next to “Shader Cache.” To clear the shader cache, confirm.
  • Disable FreeSync and Virtual Super Resolution. If FreeSync isn’t functioning as it should, this feature may cause issues. If so, you can try disabling FreeSync and Virtual Super Resolution in AMD Settings to see if that helps. Select the “Display” tab in AMD Radeon Settings. Turn off AMD FreeSync and Virtual Super Resolution.
  • Edit the AMD Card’s Voltage and Frequency Settings. Choose the “Performance” tab in the Radeon Software. To access advanced controls, select Manual > GPU Setup. Now reduce the GPU’s greatest frequency by two times. Check to see if the AMD driver problem is still there. If yes, set the voltage to 850 MV and the frequency to 1350 MHz. If that doesn’t work either, you can try changing the voltage and frequency to 1100MV and 2000MHz to see if that fixes the issue. If the problem persists, change the Undervolt GPU setting to Automatic.

AMD Driver Timeout Rx 580

  • Increase the card’s power limit. Open the AMD Radeon software. Go to the “Performance” tab > “Tuning” tab and select “Manual.” Activate “Power Tuning” and raise “Power Limit” by 50%.
  • Adjust the System Fan. Click the “Performance” tab in the AMD Radeon software. Now select “Tuning” and turn on “Fan Tuning.” Boost the “Max-Fan Temperature” to 100 degrees.

AMD Driver Timeout Black Screen

  • Update your BIOS. If nothing else has worked, try this. But if the issue occurred after a BIOS update, you can go back to a previous version of the BIOS and the problem will be gone.
  • Consider Replacing Your Graphics Adapter. If the problem persists, it’s likely the AMD graphics adapter broke. If it’s still under warranty, you can have the hardware replaced. You’ll that the video card is broken by trying it on another system or trying another one on yours.

Are You Still Having an Issue?

If the problem persists and only affects a specific program or game, see if reinstalling that application fixes it. Make sure the games are using the correct DirectX version as some games prefer to use DirectX 11. If a browser displays the driver timeout issue, see if turning off its hardware acceleration fixes the issue. Some users claimed that keeping the AMD Radeon software minimized resolved the issue for them. If the problem is still there or if it reappears, have your GPU checked for a hardware malfunction.

Have you ever had an AMD Driver Timeout error before? Did you solve the problem? Let us know in the comments section below.

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