This film costs $1 million to buy on Amazon

If you were recently left reeling by Odeon’s £40 cinema tickets, this latest proffering from Amazon will have you up in arms. Llamageddon, a film whose premise you could probably guess (a killer space llama descends on Earth to attack a house party), is for sale on the site for the princely sum of $1 million. Before you balk, that’s only £790,000 for us UK dwellers.

Set in Ohio, Llamageddon promises “wooly terror”, as Luis the llama descends on a midwest house party to cause chaos. “It is a good film to see and hear,” affirms parent company Check is in the Mail Productions’ website, “but maybe not with your parents.”

Despite its price point, the film has garnered some critical acclaim, albeit more of the review-section-on-Amazon ilk. “Had to get four mortgages but worth it,” preached TheGiantSquirrel. “Great, but wish I could afford the HD version,” lamented another user (Llamageddon in HD retails at $0.99 more than its SD counterpart).

Llamageddon’s promo site, meanwhile, reels off a list of fern-encircled accolades, including “Official Rejection, Sundance 2023” and “Official Rejection, Cannes 2023”.

As was to be expected, Twitter is ablaze with commentary. “Starting a GoFund me to raise one million dollars so I can rent Llamageddon on Amazon Prime,” proclaimed one user. “If you can think of a better use of money, I’d like to hear it”.

At present, the film is unavailable to stream, with prospective viewers none the happier about it. “How long do they think they can keep #Llamageddon unavailable to us before we riot?” came one disgruntled fan’s response.

Alphr has reached out to Llamageddon’s production team for comment – and a timeframe for when the film might be available again. Watch this space.

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