What Is the Best Armor in Terraria? A Full List

As players complete quests in Terraria and gain more experience, they also unlock a bunch of cool features. In addition to weapons and accessories, your armor options improve over time. This is extremely significant, as better armor allows you to take on more powerful foes and keep making headway in the game.

What Is the Best Armor in Terraria? A Full List

In this entry, we’ll go through some of the best armor sets in Terraria and explain how they enhance your character’s combat prowess. 

What Is the Best Armor in Terraria 1.4?

There are dozens of armor sets in Terraria, but the best one may be the Solar Flare Armor. The gear is made for melee players and provides you with terrific capabilities:

  • Plus 78 defense
  • Plus 26% melee crit chance on PCs and phones
  • Plus 17% melee crit chance on consoles
  • Plus 29% melee damage on PCs and phones
  • Plus 22% melee damage on consoles
  • Plus 15% MS (movement speed)
  • Improved life regeneration to three health per second on PCs and phones
  • Generates solar shields over time

What Is the Best Armor in Terraria 1.3?

Apart from the Forbidden Armor, the 1.3 version of the game has three sets you can’t go wrong with:

  1. Nebula Armor
    • Plus 46 defense
    • Plus 10% MS (movement speed)
    • Minus 15% mana cost
    • Plus 16% magic crit chance
    • Plus 26% magic damage
    • Plus 60 mana
  2. Stardust Armor
    • Plus 38 defense
    • Plus 22% minion damage
    • Plus one max number of minions
  3. Vortex Armor
    • Plus 62 defense
    • Plus 10% MS
    • Plus 27% ranged crit chance
    • Plus 36% ranged damage

What Is the Best Armor in Terraria Calamity Mod?

The Calamity Mod also gives you numerous armor options. However, the Auric Tesla Armor stands out with the following properties:

  • Plus 20% damage increase
  • Plus 10% crit chance increase
  • Plus 100 HP
  • Standing still gradually boosts damage by up to 20% and crit chance by up to 10%.
  • Plus 75% MS
  • Max acceleration increased by 15%
  • Nearby enemies can’t move for three to four seconds when players take damage.
  • Wearers can fly horizontally for a short time after they run out of wing time or jumps.
  • Projectiles generate healing orbs when attacking your foes.
  • You can move uninhibited in liquids
  • Temporary protection from lava

What Is the Best Armor in Terraria on the iPhone or Android?

Here are your best armor solutions for the mobile version, depending on your class:


The best armor for melee builds is the Beetle Armor. It provides terrific offensive and defensive bonuses:

  • Plus 73 defense
  • Plus 8% crit chance
  • Plus 14% melee damage
  • Plus 12% MS


If you’re looking for an ideal summoning build, your best bet is to go for the Tiki Armor:

  • Plus 35 defense
  • Plus four minion slots
  • Plus 30% minion damage


The best choice for a mage build is the Spectre Armor:

  • Plus 42 defense
  • 40% less magic damage taken
  • Magic damage dealt to enemies heals you


Finally, the Shroomite Armor works best for rangers:

  • Plus 51 defense
  • Standing still activates stealth mode, increasing ranged abilities and lowering the chance of being targeted by enemies.

What Is the Best Armor in Terraria Xbox One?

While some stats are different on your Xbox One, some armor sets are a perfect match for certain classes across all platforms. For instance, the Solar Flare kit reigns supreme for melee builds, whereas the Shroomite gear stands at the top of ranger armor options. Also, summoners should feel immensely pleased with their Tiki armor.

But when it comes to mage builds, there’s another option that’s just as good as Spectre Armor, if not better. What we have in mind is the Nebula Armor Set. This gear also offers tremendous boosts to your character:

  • 15% less mana consumed
  • Plus 60 mana
  • Plus 16% crit chance
  • Plus 26% magic damage
  • Plus 10% MS

What Is the Best Armor in Terraria Journey’s End?

The story remains the same in Terraria Journey’s End. The following armor kits are unmatched in their respective classes:

  • Melee: Solar Flare
  • Rangers: Shroomite
  • Mage: Spectre and Nebula
  • Summoners: Tiki

What Is the Best Armor in Terraria 3DS?

When it comes to the 3DS version, you should go for Adamantite or Titanium Armor. Here’s what makes both options so powerful:

  1. Adamantite Armor
    • Plus 32 defense
    • Plus 20% MS
    • 25% chance to avoid consuming ammo
    • 19% lower mana consumption
  2. Titanium Armor
    • Plus 30 defense
    • Gain immunity after striking your enemies

What Is the Best Armor in Terraria Expert Mode?

The Expert Mode can be quite brutal, especially early on. You’d want to assemble a kit that will help you deal with all challenges more easily. To that end, get your hands on the Molten Armor as soon as possible, as it will be an invaluable asset.

This is what the kit brings to the table:

  • Plus 25 defense
  • Plus 17% melee damage
  • Plus 7% MS
  • Plus 7% crit chance
  • Wearers can’t be ignited

What Is the Best Armor for Summoning?

Besides the Tiki Armor, players completing a summoner build should also consider the Stardust Armor. The armor has the capacity to boost your summoning abilities – a crucial feature of the class. When you collect the full set (the helmet, plate, and leggings), the armor provides more significant benefits:

  • Players receive a Stardust Guardian that targets hostile NPCs or creatures automatically.
  • Plus 38 defense
  • Plus 66% minion damage
  • Plus five minion slots

What Is the Best Armor for Defense?

Since we’ve covered a wide array of armor kits, we’ll now take a look at the highest-rated individual pieces of equipment in terms of defensive potency.

Regarding helmets, the most powerful item you can get is the Chlorophyte Mask (Plus 25 defense). It requires 12 Chlorophyte Bars you can craft by mining Chlorophyte Ore in an underground jungle. After collecting the necessary material, the object can be smelted at a Titanium or Adamantium Forge. The crafting takes place at an Orichalcum or Mythril Anvil.

The best breastplate is part of the Solar Flare Armor (34 defense). You need 16 Luminite Bars to forge the item, and you can go to an Ancient Manipulator to craft it. However, obtaining the breastplate requires you to enable the hard mode and defeat Skeletron. Additionally, players need to vanquish the Lunatic Cultist and combat the Solar Pillar.

The highest-rated leggings are part of the Solar Flare kit, too (20 defense). To build it, you need 12 Luminite Bars. Other requirements remain the same as with the breastplate.

What Is the Best Armor for Melee?

The best melee armor in Terraria is the Solar Flare Armor. It’s an incredibly powerful item with the highest defensive rating in the game. It also looks remarkable and brings tremendous advantages to the wearer:

  • Plus 78 defense
  • Plus 29% melee damage on PCs and phones
  • Plus 22% melee damage on consoles
  • Plus 15% MS
  • Plus 26% melee crit chance on PCs and phones
  • Plus 17% melee crit chance on consoles
  • Improved life regeneration to three health per second on PCs and phones
  • Generates solar shields periodically
  • The chances of getting attacked are much higher, allowing you to get close to your enemies.
  • The armor builds up charges once every five seconds you can use to dash toward your enemies and create small explosions.
  • Fend Off Your Attackers

While making your way through Terraria’s world and encountering various enemies, you can’t focus solely on acquiring fancy swords and powerful crossbows. You also need robust defenses to shield you from enemy attacks and mitigate their damage.

We’ve listed a host of armor kits you can use for your Terraria character. So, decide on your class and make your pick accordingly.

What’s your favorite Terraria Armor? How hard is it to obtain the full set? Let us know in the comments section below.

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