How to Block YouTube Ads on Roku

If you have a Roku, you probably already know all about its flaws. It’s a great streaming device, but it comes at a price. Without beating around the bush, it has far too many ads. There are ads on the home screen, there are commercial breaks if you’re watching TV channels, and of course, there are ads on YouTube.

How to Block YouTube Ads on Roku

People switched over to streaming from cable TV to avoid ads, among other things. If you’re wondering if there’s a way to block YouTube ads on Roku, the short answer is yes. Keep reading for several effective solutions.

Why Are Ads So Persistent on Roku?

Roku doesn’t want you to block ads. They make a lot of money out of them, including the ones on YouTube while you watch it on Roku. If they wanted to get rid of ads, they could easily do so, but unfortunately, that’s not going to happen.

More bad news: no ad block software works on the Roku operating system. This means that you can’t just install an ad blocker, and simply watch YouTube uninterrupted as you do on your browser. If you’re subscribed to YouTube TV, the chances are that you’ll have to watch even more ads.

This can feel frustrating, to say the least. Rest assured, there’s a workaround for your situation. Many people have the same issue with YouTube ads on Roku, so we compiled a list of best solutions.

These solutions aren’t perfect; they’re not guaranteed to remove all the YouTube ads on Roku. However, if you apply them all, you’ll greatly reduce the number.

We’ll start with the simple solutions first, and later get into more advanced ad block options. Yes, there is an ad blocker that works for Roku, only it’s not advertised like that. Keep reading and you’ll find out.

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Start with Roku Settings

The best place to begin is within Roku settings. There’s actually a native option that can be selected to reduce targeted ads and keep your browsing history private. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Tap on the Settings option in your Roku home screen.
  2. Next, tap on Privacy, and choose Advertising.
  3. Then you need to tick the box next to Limit Ad Tracking.
  4. Finally, restart your Roku device.

This is a good starting point, but you can still do more. You’ll still get generic ads after this step, but there should be less or none targeted ads on YouTube while using Roku.

Proceed with Your Router

The next thing you can do is block some domains using your router’s settings. This should remove some of the Roku ads. Follow these steps:

  1. You have to open your router settings. Enter your router’s IP address in the address bar, log in with your info, and click on the Advanced tab (the process may wary from router to router, but it’s nearly the same).
  2. Click on Security, Access Control, or Filtering. Find the option that lets you block websites, domain names, or keywords.
  3. Add these links, http://Analytichtpp:// to the list. Then block Enterprise Advertising and Analytics Solutions by clicking on the checkbox.
  4. Restart your Roku device.

When you click the Enterprise Advertising Solutions option, it will block ads on YouTube. The links you blocked should prevent ads from appearing on your Roku device’s home screen. Keep in mind that these solutions may not block all ads, but they should at least reduce the number you get.

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Use AdGuard

AdGuard is your last line of defense against pesky YouTube ads on Roku. It’s the thing we talked about: an ad blocker that works on any device, including Roku. It’s free to use, and available across many platforms including Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, iOS, Android, and your router.

Use the provided link to find out more about AdGuard and download it for your platform of choice. You don’t need to install anything for AdGuard to work. It’s a free, secure DNS resolution system.

Its main purpose is blocking ads, phishing, and tracking, which are all bad for your privacy. The best part is that they update their database, which means that no ads will get through to you. You can also use the family protection mode to block adult content if you have children.

You’ll actually be using your router settings for enabling AdGuard. All you need to do is input some DNS server addresses and you’ll get rid of all YouTube ads on Roku devices, and other devices connected to your home network.

YouTube Without Ads

YouTube is the most popular video platform and it has grown immensely since its inception. Most people use it on a daily basis, and sit through a lot of ads. Don’t be one of those people, even if you’re watching YouTube on Roku.

Ads are boring, and useless most of the time, so it’s best to avoid them. If you have anything you’d like to add, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “How to Block YouTube Ads on Roku”

Angus Black says:
Obviously the author is just repeating something without actually trying it. Also, didn’t get anyone to proof-read or follow-up with this article.
AdGuard will not block YouTube ads on Roku.
As has already been pointed out, the URL typos will cause you problems rather than blocking ads.
Chad Ruch says:
Please update the typos of the link in section Proceed with Your Router, step 3.
Dale Sines says:
I’ve run through these steps (part 1 I had previously done). I’ve added the items to the blocked sites list (along with others found on another site such as and couple of others). I’ve even updated to AdGuard’s DNS servers. After rebooting my network equipment and the Roku I haven’t noticed any decrease in ads. Adblock on Chrome still works like a champ, but still hoping to get the Roku down to a manageable level.

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