How to Get Fragments in Blox Fruits

The Fruits you find randomly in Blox Fruits aren’t useless; they’re essential to gameplay. Other than awakening Fruits, obtaining weapons is another integral part of the game. The problem is many players don’t know what to spend to acquire new weapons.

How to Get Fragments in Blox Fruits

Here’s where Fragments comes in.

Fragments are a new currency introduced in Update 11 (2020). Not only do you need Fragments to get new weapons, but you’ll also them to thrive in the Second Sea and perform other tasks. With this considerable need for Fragments, you’re going to need a reliable way to farm them.

Read on to learn different ways to get more Fragments in Blox Fruits.

What Are Fragments in Blox Fruits?

As we mentioned, Fragments are a currency introduced to the game in Update 11. Fragments are used for:

  • Purchasing Items

Some items or weapons can only be bought with Fragments. These items include the Kabucha gun, Flower Ship Boat, and the Dragon Breath fighting style. Depending on the item, you may also need some Beli, the main currency of Blox Fruits.

  • Awakening Your Blox Fruits

You need to spend over 10,000 Fragments to awaken your Blox Fruits fully, depending on the Fruit. You can get Blox Fruits from random drops or buy them from certain NPCs. By awakening them, you unlock new abilities to use in combat or exploration.

  • Resetting Your Stats

You can reset your stats by finding Plokster. He’s usually on the bridge between the Green Zone and the Kingdom of Rose. However, you have to pay him 2,500 Fragments for the reset. In addition, you must be over Level 700 and be on the Second Sea/New World to qualify for a stat reset.

  • Changing Your Race

In The Café, you can pay Norp 3,000 Fragments to change your race. The change happens randomly, though, and you can’t choose a specific one. You can become a Human, Skypian, Fishman, or Mink. However, you can’t change to the same race, so you have a one in three chance of getting the race you want.

  • Buying a Microchip

Microchips are for playing in the Order Raid and have a cooldown every time you buy one. You can buy them from the Smoke Admiral for 1,000 Fragments.

  • Buying the Death Step Fighting Style

This new fighting style was released in Update 13. It’s an improved version of Dark Step, but you need to spend 5,000 Fragments and fulfill other conditions before you can buy it. Phoeyu the Reformed sells this fighting style.

  • Sharkman Karate

Sharkman Karate is the humorously named fighting style sold by Daigrock the Sharkman. It costs 5,000 Fragments, and that’s after completing several tasks before you can buy it.

  • Buying Enhancement Color Layers

Talking to the Master of Enchantment lets you purchase colors to layer over your Enhancements. Regular colors cost 1,500 Fragments, while Legendary colors have a price of 7,500 Fragments.

  • Changing Your Race to Cyborg

The Cyborg race will become yours if you pay an invisible NPC 2,500 Fragments. It’s a defensive and energy-based race. Before obtaining the Cyborg race, though, you have to beat the Law Raid.

  • Buying Crew Slots

Crews are similar to clans or guilds in other games. Any Crew can have 25 member’s maximum, and slots do no disappear if a member leaves. However, if your Crew runs out of room, you need 2,000 Fragments to buy more slots.

How to Get Fragments in Blox Fruits?

Getting Fragments when you reach the Second Sea and hit Level 1,000 should be your priority, although you can get them before then. Let’s take a look at the various ways of getting Fragments.

  • Defeat Blackbeard

Blackbeard is a Boss that you summon by using a Fist of Darkness. After dealing damage equal to 10% of his health, you’ll earn 1,500 Fragments. You can only fight him once every four to six hours.

Since Blackbeard is Level 1,000, we recommend you be prepared before fighting him. Losing doesn’t reward you with any Fragments at all.

  • Defeat a Sea Beast

Sea Beasts are an enemy summoned by the Tide Keeper boss. Each Sea Beast you kill earns you 250 Fragments. That’s half of what it takes to awaken a Fruit’s first skill.

  • Raids

Grinding Raids can yield up to 1,000 Fragments if you win. Running out of time will still give Fragments, albeit a lower amount.

  • Defeat Anyone With a YouTuber Title

If you happen to defeat a YouTuber in combat, you get 250,000 Beli and 2,500 Fragments. They have to have a bounty on their heads first, though, and not all of them have this reward upon defeat.

  • Events

Occasionally, events let you get more Fragments easier than usual.

  • Buy Fragments with Robux

If you have some Robux, you can exchange them for Fragments in the game’s shop.

The Grind Never Ends

Fragments allow you to purchase essential items or awaken your Blox Fruits. That’s why many players above Level 1,000 tend to spend most of their time in-game grinding for them. The rewards you can get with Fragments are well worth the grind.

How many Fragments do you have? How many Fragments you’ve spent? Tell us in the comments section below.

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