How to Get the Rainbow Haki in Blox Fruits

If you’re looking to impede the enemies’ attack in Blox Fruits, the Haki provides you with the best advantage. It is an essential tool in helping you scale the Blox Fruits world. While there are many variations of the Haki, the Rainbow Haki is one of the most dynamic and superior Haki abilities in the game.

How to Get the Rainbow Haki in Blox Fruits

This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the Rainbow Haki and how to obtain it in Blox Fruits.

How to Get the Rainbow Haki

You must have attained a level of at least 1,950 before you can begin the quest to unlock the Rainbow Haki. Once you’ve reached Level 1,950, you’ll have to complete the Horned Man’s quest. This non-playable character (NPC) is atop the tallest tree on the Floating Turtle Island.

Interacting with the Horned Man will trigger a special “Rainbow Savior” quest to kill five Blox Fruits bosses who are bothering him. Completing all these quest challenges will ultimately earn you the Rainbow Haki. However, note that you will have to interact with the Horned Man after every boss fight so he can designate the next boss for you to fight. Follow the steps below to unlock the Rainbow Haki:

Killing Stone

This is the first boss that the Horned Man will assign to you. Stone is a Level 1,550 boss, and you can find him on Starter Island by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Third Sea.
  2. Locate Port Town, which is the Starter Island.
  3. Find the Yellow terrain hidden in the Island’s back area.
  4. You’ll find Stone in the middle of this Yellow path.

Two of Stone’s signature moves can rapidly deplete your health, so ensure you’re well-prepared before beginning this quest. You can do this by collecting substantial Devil Fruits and completing many quests before trying to get the Rainbow Haki. Getting to Level 1,950 first is ideal because you’ll have more XP to beat this boss. Killing the Stone boss will earn you a 25k money reward and help you gain 60,000,000 experience points.

Defeating Island Empress

This is the second boss you’ll have to battle and kill in the “Rainbow Savior” quest. She is a Level 1,675 boss and can provide you with the Serpent Bow if you defeat her. Here’s where you can find her:

  1. Go to the Third Sea.
  2. Find the Hydra Island.
  3. Navigate to the front of the palace on Hydra Island.
  4. You’ll find the Island Empress here.
  5. Launch an attack on the boss while keeping your distance to render her attacks ineffective.
  6. Use your long-range attacks to destroy her and complete the quest challenge.
  7. Go back to the Horned Man for the next assignment.

The Island Empress spawns every 30 minutes. Defeating her will earn you a 30k money reward and 70,000,000 XP. Luckily, she doesn’t have any reliable, long-range attacks.

Taking Down the Kilo Admiral

Kilo Admiral is a Level 1,750 boss. This boss wields the power of the famous Kilo Fruit, which provides him with some powerful moves. Here’s how you can find and defeat the Kilo Admiral:

  1. Go to the Third Sea.
  2. Find the Giant Tree.
  3. You’ll find Kilo Admiral under this great tree.
  4. Use long-range Magma Fruit to attack and defeat the Kilo Admiral.

The best way to win against the Kilo Admiral is to avoid his melee attacks and fight him from higher grounds, always keeping a safe distance. Besides completing the quest to obtain the Rainbow Aura, killing the Kilo Admiral will also earn you the Lei accessory.

Killing the Captain Elephant

Captain Elephant is a Level 1,875 boss in Blox Fruits. This boss uses the “Prehistoric Punt” and “Sky Cyclone” to beat his opponent. You can defeat Captain Elephant by doing the following:

  1. Find the Third Sea.
  2. Find the big Mansion located on the Floating Turtle.
  3. Turn towards the left of the big Mansion. You’re on the right path if you spot giant red mushrooms on the terrain you take.
  4. Move forward along this path until you arrive at a dirt area with trees.
  5. You’ll find Captain Elephant hanging around in this location.
  6. Employ long-range attacks to defeat this nefarious boss.

The twin hooks are the bosses’ main weapon. You can avoid his “Prehistoric Punt” move by continuously employing the left and right spam dash movement. You can easily dodge the “Sky Cyclone” by keeping a safe distance. Other than being the second-to-last boss challenge you have to complete to obtain the Rainbow Haki, this boss helps you win a 40k money reward and 90,000,000 XP points.

Defeating the Beautiful Pirate

There are four ways you can find the Beautiful Pirate. The first is by unlocking Level 1,950 in Blox Fruits. The second is by using portals. The third is by partnering with a player with the “Spikey Trident”; the last is by using Flash Step. Here’s how you can find and defeat the Beautiful Pirate:

  1. Head to Hydra Island.
  2. Find the Third Sea and interact with the Horned Man.
  3. Locate the Great Tree near the NPC.
  4. You can find the Beautiful Pirate under this tree.

Using Flash Step

You can create a glitch to access the Beautiful Pirate’s lair. Follow the steps below to use Flash Step and find the Beautiful Pirate:

  1. Go to Hydra Island.
  2. Locate the “Training Dummy.”
  3. Move behind the “Training Dummy” and use the wall behind it to flash step.
  4. Navigate to the box-shaped room.
  5. Use “Flash Step” once more to get inside the room.

Using Portals

You must first have access to the Portals to use this method.

  1. Hold any move and teleport to Hydra Island.
  2. You will glitch out and spot a brown box in the process.
  3. Find the brown square and use “Flash Step” to get inside.

Using Spikey Trident

Partnering with another player with the “Spikey Trident” ability can also help you locate the Beautiful Pirate:

  1. Head to the Floating Turtle.
  2. Look at the door to the Beautiful Pirate’s lair.
  3. Open PvP.
  4. Ask the other player to stand behind you and use the Spikey Trident’s.
  5. You and your partner will be teleported to the Beautiful Pirate’s domain.

Once you have found the Beautiful Pirate, the next order of business is taking him down. This boss spawns every 45 minutes, and defeating him will boost your level in the game with a 50k money reward and 50,000,000 XP.

Keep in mind that his “Piercing Dash” and “Scattering Gust” moves deal serious damage in their wake. Use the Observation Haki to avoid the “Piercing Dash” and keep a distance to intercept the “Scattering Gust.”

Using Buddha and Magma Fruits to unleash long-range attacks on the boss can help you take him down. If you have a low HP, sky-camping around his lair can also provide you with a great advantage when fighting this boss. You will automatically obtain your Rainbow Haki reward and the “Final Hero” title once he is defeated.

Dazzle Your Way Through Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is a game of mettle, and only the strong can survive. Obtaining the Rainbow Haki allows you to boast and display your power before your friends. This Haki comes with a colorful aura that works to enhance its cosmetic effects. You’ll be able to take down the bad guys and build your inventory while looking majestic.

So, do you think the Rainbow Haki is worth all the grueling quest challenges? Would you advise other players to get this aura? Let us know in the comments section below.

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