How to Change Your Location on Hinge

If you’re using the popular dating app Hinge, you may be looking to find potential matches in a new geographical location. Whether simply traveling around or completely moving to a faraway city, this guide will walk you through changing your location settings on Hinge. To help you make the most of this option, we’ll touch on topics such as using Hinge while traveling and protecting your location data.

How to Change Your Location on Hinge

Changing Location on Hinge

Updating your location on Hinge is a smooth process – it only takes a few short steps. You can explore potential matches who reside in your desired area in mere moments. Follow these simple instructions to start swiping locally:

  1. Download Hinge, and ensure you have the latest app version on your phone. If not, head to the App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android and update it.
  2. Open your profile from the home screen by tapping the profile icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. Tap the Preferences icon. In this menu, you’ll find a section called “Location.”
  4. To update your current location, Click “My location”.
  5. Use your device’s location services by selecting “Use My Current Location.”
  6. When you’re done, save it, and you’re all set.

When you’ve taken these steps, your new spot will show on the Hinge app, and you’ll see possible matches in that locale.

After following these steps, your location will be current, so it’s easier to meet people nearby. Don’t forget to re-adjust your location if you move or travel frequently – that way, your results will be more precise. Check out other options within the account settings menu for modifying your preferences like age range and distance for better results and more meaningful encounters.

Using Hinge While Traveling

Traveling is an adventure, and so is meeting people around the world. Now that you know how to change your location on Hinge, you can take full advantage of this feature. But keep a few things in mind when looking to connect with someone new while away from home. Here are a few points to note.

Update Your Location Dynamically

While you explore new cities, update the location on Hinge if you want to meet new people there. That way, you’ll always be able to find potential matches from the area in which you’re currently based.

Adjust Preferences

When visiting a new place, you might want to adjust your preferences other than location. To do this, head to the settings tab in your account and tap “Preferences” to make whatever changes you desire.

Respect Different Cultures

When you use Hinge abroad to make friends or maybe find love, remember that different countries have different cultures and customs. Be considerate and open-minded to those differences. This way, you will enjoy a more positive experience and create genuine connections without worrying about upsetting anyone.

Location Privacy on Hinge

Using Hinge requires precautions concerning your location data and privacy. The app uses your location to show you potential matches who’re nearby. It’s only natural to have apprehensions about where and how this data gets around. Here are some recommendations if you wish to be extra vigilant about protecting your privacy:

  • Manually enter your city instead of sharing your location automatically. This will prevent Hinge from accessing info from the device’s geolocation. However, this might make it harder for the app to show accurate matches in your area.
  • Read the app’s privacy policy. To be sure of how Hinge deals with your location information, take a look at their policy. You may find useful details on their website or the settings menu.
  • Use a virtual private network (VPN). You can use a VPN for extra protection to mask your actual location, making it harder for third-party apps or others to trace where you are. However, this could also reduce the accuracy of the match suggestions.
  • Be cautious with sharing personal info. If you’re talking with someone who sparked your interest, get to know them better before oversharing about yourself. This includes sensitive details such as exact whereabouts and personal information.

Hinge+ and Its Features

Are you thinking about upgrading your Hinge account? If you wish to update because you anticipate you’ll have access to features similar to Tinder Passport, you may not have as much luck at this time. However, the premium pay level, Hinge+ may be attractive for several of its features. Let’s dive into some details about exactly what you get when you upgrade.

Hinge+ Costs

You can purchase a single month of access to Hinge+ for $29.99. This is a great deal compared to Hinge Preferred if you want to try the next level of Hinge and see if it’s your “thing.” But if you want even more features, you can also try the highest-tier membership option, HingeX, which costs $49.99 per month. The monthly fee for Hinge+ varies from $14 to $19, depending on your subscription length.

Hinge+ Main Features

Here’s a rundown of what you get for being a Hinge+ subscriber:

  • Unlimited likes – With your Hinge+ membership, you won’t have to worry about running out of likes since you have unlimited access. This gives you plenty of chances to connect with people who might interest you.
  • See all likes – You can see the profiles that liked yours instantly instead of having to view them one profile at a time.
  • Advanced preferences – Using additional filters such as height, children, family plans, education, politics, drinking, smoking, marijuana, and drugs help you narrow down potential matches swiftly until you find the best match possible.
  • Advanced sorting options – With Hinge+, you can sort incoming likes and discover profiles by compatibility, activity today, proximity, and newness.

If you’re considering enrolling in Hinge+, it’s important to consider your situation and what you’re seeking. That could be a great move if you’re looking for a serious relationship and live in an area with many users. Upgrading could double your chances and provide way more fun than searching through only free users.

On the other hand, if you don’t live in a densely populated area or find yourself running out of profiles, it may not be worth it. Remember that upgrading won’t change your luck overnight – you still need to ensure your profile is attractive and optimized to draw in good matches.

Get a Match Anywhere

Many dating app users know how difficult it can be to meet someone special and that the dating scene can seem daunting and intimidating. But changing your Hinge location is a great first step to opening up new possibilities and making meaningful connections with people from different places. Whether traveling on vacation or relocating for good, updating your location can expand your dating pool. Amazingly, this simple tweak in an app’s options menu has the potential to change your life.

We’re curious about other people’s experiences of changing their Hinge locations. Have any of you had success making new friends or finding love when adjusting your preferences? What tips would you offer others looking to do the same? Please share your stories in the comments below – we’d love to hear them.

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