How to Change Settings in Among Us

Although Among Us was officially released a couple of years ago, it’s grown in popularity in the past year thanks, in part, to Twitch streamers. Players from every walk of life were eager to re-create the high-drama intensity that this social mystery game delivered.

How to Change Settings in Among Us

However, most players use the default settings when playing the game.

Default settings are not a bad thing, but if you want to play a more challenging game or kick back the difficulty for new players on your Crew, you’ll have to tweak them a little.

Keep reading to find out more about game settings for Among Us, including where to find them and which elements each setting controls.

Customizing Your Among Us Game Using Settings

If you’ve taken the time to change your avatar, odds are that you’ve already seen this menu. Most players, though, never venture beyond the obvious cosmetic changes. There are a variety of little tweaks you can do to the game to make it as difficult or as easy as you’d like.

Getting to the Settings Menu

Navigating to the Settings menu is a simple process. Check out the steps below if you need a refresher or if it’s your first time opening the settings menu.

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Host a game, either online or local. You can only change the game settings if you are the host.
  3. The next screen depends on whether you chose to host a game locally or online. If you chose to host a local game, you’re immediately whisked away to your private room’s lobby.

    On the other hand, if you’re hosting an online game, you’ll see a preliminary settings menu. Choose any settings and press the “Confirm” button to head to your lobby.
  4. Once you’re in the lobby of the ship, look around for the laptop. When you’re within range, you’ll see a “Customize” icon appear in the lower-right corner of the screen. Click or tap on this button to access the customization menu.
  5. If you’ve customized your avatar before, the first four tabs may be familiar to you. You can customize color, hat, pet, and skin with these tabs. However, it’s the last tab you want, the “Game” tab. Click or tap on this tab to open the game customization options.
  6. Change the game settings as little or as much as you want and then exit the menu for the changes to take effect.
  7. Start the game.

An Overview of the Game Settings

Before you start playing around with the game settings, it’s a good idea to have a firm understanding of what each one does. Here’s a quick rundown on the different game customization settings you’ll find in the menu:

  1. Vision (Crewmate, Imposter)
    The “Crewmate Vision” and “Imposter Vision” settings refer to how much either can see around the ship or map. Generally, Imposters have a slightly larger field than Crewmates, but you can change that with these settings.
  2. Kill Distance/Cooldown
    Do you want your Imposters to get in close to kill Crewmates? How long do you want Imposters to wait before they make the next kill? These settings control kill distance as well as the cooldown time between kills to make the game more interesting.
    Generally, if you want to keep your game interesting, you’ll want a higher Kill Cooldown if you have many players in one game.
  3. Number of Tasks (Short, Long, Common)
    This setting is relatively self-explanatory. You can set the number of common, short, and long tasks per game, thereby extending or shortening opportunities for Imposters to kill or sabotage equipment.
  4. Visual Tasks
    Toggling “Visual Tasks” on or off enables players to watch someone performing a task. Crewmates may want this toggled “on” to confirm certain players are not Imposters.
  5. Player Speed
    Another self-explanatory setting; this one sets how quickly each player traverses the map. Just remember that setting a high player speed may allow the Crew to get to sabotage fixed faster, but it also allows Imposters to move around just as quickly.
  6. Number of Emergency Meetings/Cooldown
    This setting allows a certain number of emergency meetings to occur per game. If you do allow more than one meeting per game, the “Emergency Cooldown” setting gives you a buffer so that players can’t have one meeting on top of another.
  7. Discussion Time
    Meetings are never fun, and it’s even worse if your game meetings go on for a very long time. You can nip endless debates in the bud by setting “Discussion Time” and forcing a vote after the specified time.
    If you find that your party likes to debate endlessly on the merits of ejecting one possible Imposter over another, setting a timer may your only way to continue the game with your sanity intact.
  8. Confirm Ejects
    Was it truly Colonel Mustard in the Library with a Candlestick? If you relished the reveal in the old Clue board game, you’ll want to make sure you get these settings into play in your game.
    However, if you prefer the nail-biting anxiety of whether you ejected the “right” person, keep this setting off and stay on your toes for the remainder of the game.
  9. Number of Imposters
    Generally, players set the number of Imposters at the lowest possible setting because the game may adjust itself and assign more. It all depends on how many players you have waiting in the lobby. The game may also auto-adjust certain settings depending on the layout of certain maps, but you’re allowed to change any or all of the settings to suit your needs.

Try Something Different – Setting Examples

With the game customization settings, you make small tweaks or huge sweeping alterations that may change the way you play the game. Check out these examples to turn Among Us into a different game by altering important game mechanics.

Example #1 – Get Into Politics

The main star of this game-setting combination is the meetings, so if you detest discussions and voting in the game, you may want to steer clear of this one. With these settings, players are forced to focus on discussions to identify Imposters instead of haphazardly choosing someone to accuse. Imposters will also have to ramp up their acting skills to remain undetected because players will have more opportunities to address suspect behaviors.

  • Vision (Imposter/Crewmate) – 1.5x
  • Player Speed – 1.5x
  • Kill Distance/Cooldown – short, 30s
  • Number of Common Tasks – 0
  • Short/Long Tasks – 1, 3
  • Number of Emergency Meetings – 10
  • Voting Time – 10s
  • Discussion Time – 60s

Example #2 – The Speed Run

If you find that Among Us is getting rather monotonous, this is a setting to try. Think along the lines of reduced cooldown for kills, increased speed, abbreviated politics, and virtually no tasks assigned. If this sounds like something you’d like to try, head to the settings menu for these configurations:

  • Crewmate Vision – 4.0x
  • Imposter Vision – 3.5x
  • Player Speed – 3.0x
  • Kill Distance – Short
  • Kill Cooldown Time – 10s
  • Number of Common/Long Tasks – 0
  • Number of Short Tasks – 1
  • Discussion Time – 10s
  • Voting Time – 10s
  • Number of Emergency Meetings – 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Change Among Us Settings During a Game?

No, you can’t change Among Us settings in-game. You can only access the game setting menu in the lobby when you host the game. If you find that your tweaks aren’t working exactly how you expected, you’ll have to wait it out and host a new game to access the proper menu.

Who Can Change Among Us Settings?

Only game hosts can change Among Us game settings. To access these settings, you need to pick the type of game you’ll host and wait until you’re in the ship lobby to access the “Customize” icon button.

Give Among Us a Face-Lift

There’s nothing wrong with default settings for Among Us, at least, at first. They make for an entertaining game the first handful of times. After a while of playing the same game, though, you may eventually want to see something different. Changing the game settings is a great way to change the game’s difficulty without completely changing the essence of the game.

Which game settings do you find yourself tweaking the most? Do you change settings to change the game’s difficulty or make it easier? Let us know in the comments section below.

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