How to Change Your Voice in Discord

After five years on the market, Discord remains the best gaming chat service around. If you are an online gamer, you’re probably using this brilliant app daily.

How to Change Your Voice in Discord

The platform offers fantastic voice chat services, so there is no need to use a third-party voice app. Plus, since its release, Discord has started offering numerous fun and useful integrations. Some of the more popular are voice changer tools and mods. Here’s how to change your voice on Discord.

How to Change Your Voice in Discord on a Windows 10 PC

There is no official way to change one’s voice on Discord. You can go to the voice and video settings, select the input and output devices, check whether your microphone is working properly, adjust input/output volumes, select whether you want to use the Voice Activity or Push to Talk option, and make various other tweaks. However, you can’t change your voice just like that.

To change what the other players hear coming from your microphone, you’re going to have to go third-party. Luckily, there are various apps on the market for Windows devices that work with Discord. Here are some options and how to use them:

  • Clownfish – A very simple tool that works with various voice chat platforms, including Discord. It is easy to set up and includes several voice options and sound features. It is also completely free. To set it up, download the installer and install it like you would any other program. Start the application. The Clownfish icon should appear in the system tray. Double-click it to enable/disable the voice change.
  • Voicemod – Voicemod offers a variety of voice filters to choose from, as well as many effects. This app is easy to use and works in real-time. Install the tool, go to Discord’s Voice & Video settings, and select the Voicemod Virtual Audio Device (WDM) option as the input device.
  • VoiceMeeter – This is a tool that advanced users are going to like. It’s great for real-time audio mixing. Installing the app is as simple as downloading it and running the installation. However, you’re going to need advanced mixing knowledge if you want to use it to its full extent.

There are various other tools for changing your voice in Discord on the market, but we consider the three mentioned diverse options with varying complexity levels.

How to Change Your Voice in Discord on a Mac

Like with Windows, changing your voice on Discord’s Mac app boils down to using third-party software options. You can make the same audio tweaks mentioned above, but you won’t be able to change or mix your voice audio without a third-party tool. Here are two macOS tools that will work with Discord on Apple computers:

  • MorphVox – Primarily, MorphVox is made to provide a crisp-clear audio output. It goes as far as trying to mimic your own voice for extra clarity. It is an evolving app that offers various features and voice-changing options that range from fun to useful. Unfortunately, this app isn’t free, although it does offer a free trial. It is worth the money, though. Using it is as simple as installing it and messing around with the sound options.
  • Voxal Voice Changer -Changing and disguising one’s voice is Voxal’s selling point. You get a wide array of funny options to work with, but this app is made primarily with maintaining anonymity in mind. To use it, install the Voice Changer App and open it. Then, select the Voxal option under the Input Device list in Discord’s Voice & Video settings.

How to Change Your Voice in Discord on an iPhone

Finding an app that changes your voice on iOS devices is a bit more difficult. Most voice changers allow you to record a video/audio file with a changed voice. However, they don’t work in real-time.

There is a prank call-based app called Live Voice Changer that runs in the background and changes your voice in real-time. In other words, as long as the app is active, it will change the voice that’s going through the iPhone’s microphone. There are various funny voice options included, such as squirrel, tomcat, Darth Vader, etc. You also get a 12-band equalizer which is very easy to work.

Download this app from the App Store, select the voice options, and turn the app on. Then, communicate normally via Discord, and your voice will change automatically.

How to Change Your Voice in Discord on an Android Device

As is the case with iOS devices, the Android marketplace isn’t rich with real-time apps for voice changing. Many apps allow you to record a video/audio file of yourself with a changed voice, but this won’t work with phone calls and apps like Discord.

Voice Changer Mic for Gaming is an app that works great with Discord and offers various fun voice change options that range from Darth Vader and Kylo Ren to Bane.

Making the app work is as simple as downloading and installing it using Google Play and activating the voice option. Then, use Discord normally, as the app will run in the background.

Why Change your Voice in Discord?

Primarily, people use voice-changing apps for pranks and fun. After all, the gaming community is all about laughter and funny situations. Create a voice chat, round everyone up for a game that you normally play, start a call, and listen to them freaking out after you’ve spoken in Darth Vader’s voice. It never gets old.

However, there are more serious reasons why you may want to change your voice on Discord. One of them is anonymity. Some people don’t like their voice to be heard in public, and it’s their right to use a voice-changing app. Although it’s been conceptualized as a gaming-focused app, Discord is used by various communities that range from cryptocurrency to business. Some people may want to hide their true voice, and no one should judge them for it.

There is another reason why someone may want to install a voice changer app to their device to use on Discord. Some of them are built with EQs and various other options that can help make your voice clearer and more balanced. This means that the other players will have a much easier time understanding you, boosting your play style.

Additional FAQ

Are voice changers illegal?

In itself, no voice changer app is illegal. However, committing crimes, cyber or otherwise, using one of the mentioned apps is illegal. This includes wrongful impersonation, scare tactics, bullying, making threats, etc. If you intend on using a voice changer app in this capacity, you are advised to reconsider.

If you are reported on Discord, the developers can quickly get to the bottom of who you are, at which point you might be subject to legal prosecution. At the very least, you’re going to lose your Discord account. If you intend to use a voice changer for fun, it is not illegal to do so.

Is there a built-in Discord voice changer?

Unfortunately, Discord doesn’t come with any built-in voice changing options. Such tools aren’t available as official add-ons, either. However, each of the mentioned tools from the above lists is legitimate and will work as a voice changer for your Discord voice conversation sessions.

Does Voicemod work in-game?

Voicemod starts working the moment you enable it. As soon as you start communicating with your game-mates, it changes your voice to what you’ve selected. Naturally, when you start a game, you’ll still be using the same Discord conversation. In other words, yes, Voicemod certainly works while playing the game. It wouldn’t be near as fun if it didn’t.

Discord Voice Changing

We hope you’ve found the perfect app for changing your voice on Discord with the device you’re planning on using. All third-party apps and tools that we’ve mentioned work with Discord and bring various tools and features to the table.

Is there an app from this text that you’re particularly impressed with? Do you have any additional questions? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. This does not effect our editorial in any way.

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