How to Check Your Order Status on StockX

With the StockX marketplace, you can ensure that the shoes you buy are the real thing. Each pair of sneakers is authenticated and arrives with a StockX tag.

How to Check Your Order Status on StockX

This guarantees that you’re holding a pair of deadstock shoes. But once you place your order, the entire process might take a while.

So it’s important that you can track the shoes you purchased at all times. In this article, we’ll explain how you can track your order status on StockX and what to do if there’s a problem.

Tracking Your StockX Order

Buying shoes and accessories on StockX is a far less complicated procedure than packaging and shipping. You don’t have to pay the authentication fee, the seller does. But you do have to pay for shipping.

StockX uses UPS exclusively for all their orders. Once the seller drops off the packaged order and UPS scan the barcode, your order is in the StockX system.

This all happens automatically. Once UPS and StockX register your order, you’ll receive an email notification informing you of that. But that’s not where the tracking ends.

Every time your order changes status, you’ll get an email that keeps you posted. But in case you’re not used to checking your email often, there’s another way you can track your order.

All you have to do is log into your StockX account and then click on “Buying” on the left panel of your screen. There you’ll have an entire history of your StockX purchases and their current status. You can refresh the page every now and then to see if there’s been a change.

How to Check Order Status on StockX

Problems with Tracking Your Order

When you get the email notification from StockX that says, “verified and shipped”, you’ll see an URL that leads to your order status. But sometimes, when you click on the link, you might get redirected to a blank page.

This can be immensely frustrating and lead to concern about what’s happening with your order. In most cases, this occurs when using the StockX mobile app. And the best thing you can do is visit the Play Store or App Store and see if there’s an update for the app. Get the update and try the tracking URL again.

Chances are it’s going to work fine. And if the problem persists, you should contact StockX customer support directly.

How Fast Does StockX Deliver?

StockX has become more popular over recent years and gained the trust of many buyers and sellers around the world. One of the main reasons why is due to their meticulous authentication process.

When you purchase a pair of sneakers or a hat from StockX, you know you’re holding the real thing in your hands. But that all takes time. And how long it takes from the moment you hit “buy” on StockX until the package is on your doorstep can vary.

Check Your Order Status on StockX

And it’s also one of the main complaints many satisfied StockX customers have. So, what should you know about StockX and shipping time? The company claims that you’ll get your order between 7-12 business days.

The emphasis is on the “business” here. Weekends and holidays don’t count. Within that time frame, you have the days the seller has to ship the shoes to the StockX designated facility. Also, the time StockX takes to make sure that the shoes you ordered are deadstock and original.

And finally, the time it takes for UPS to ship from StockX to you. Considering all that, it’s not that bad. But how do you know that the seller will do what they’re supposed to?

Well, StockX has taken precautions, so you don’t have to worry. There’s a high penalty for sellers who fail to ship the order by the date stipulated. It’s usually no more than two business days. They can take 15% of their seller’s fees or even suspend their StockX account.

Is There an Option for Expedited Shipping?

Even though StockX has a broader time frame for standard shipping, the orders usually arrive much sooner than most customers expect.

But since the excitement about getting a new pair of sneakers can be overwhelming, you might want them to arrive even faster. So, does StockX offer expedited shipping?

Unfortunately, no. At present, they can’t do that. If you want your order to get to you as soon as possible, make sure that you don’t order around major national holidays or weekends.

Waiting Patiently for Your Kicks

It’s hard not to hit the refresh button on your browser when you’ve just bought the best pair of sneakers ever—or obsessively checking your email for more notifications.

If you’re using StockX to make sure that you get authentic items, then it’s worth the wait. Once you get your order and see the StockX stamp of approval, the waiting period will seem like no big deal.

Have you ever bought something through StockX? Were you able to track your order? Let us know in the comments section below.

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