Can You Check if Someone Read Your Message in Discord? Nope!

Whenever you text someone on Instagram, WhatsApp, or Facebook, you receive a notification when the recipient has read your message. Some justifiably hate this feature, though it’s highly convenient when you need to find out whether someone’s ignoring you. But what about Discord?

Can You Check if Someone Read Your Message in Discord? Nope!

The short answer is no – Discord doesn’t show read receipts like many popular messengers and social media platforms. Does this mean there is absolutely no way of finding out when your message has been read? Let’s find this out.

The reason Discord doesn’t feature read receipts when just about any other platform does isn’t clear. Some users suggest it’s about fighting social anxiety – preventing that feeling of seeing the read icon under your message but not getting a reply. Or the feeling of accidentally opening a message you weren’t going to reply to.

Others speculate that Discord developers simply weren’t asked about it frequently enough to be bothered. After all, every new feature requires large investments, and if users won’t appreciate it, it’s a waste of time and money. However, numerous threads dedicated to the issue on Discord’s community forum and social media indicate that many users are interested in this feature.

In February 2020, a user tagged Discord’s official account on Twitter and asked, “Would you like to make an icon that shows whether you read your message? That would be a useful feature.” Discord’s Twitter account replied with “Read receipts are a pretty popular suggestion! Make sure to upvote this idea on our feedback page so it stays on our dev team’s radar!”. Let’s hope the developers haven’t forgotten about this request and will implement the feature soon.

Alright, but can you check if someone has read your message on Discord now? Unfortunately, not directly. And before you rush to search for a read receipt plugin, we must tell you that we’ve already done this – and found nothing. Some users report that although Discord supports a wide array of plugins, adding the read receipt feature is simply impossible.

However, you can find out whether a person is online and active on Discord. By default, the user’s online status is indicated by a green dot displayed next to their avatar. If you see a yellow moon icon (“Idle”), the user is online but is currently busy. Lastly, the red no-entry icon (“Do Not Disturb”) means that a user doesn’t want to be bothered right now and won’t receive message notifications. Thus, if you’ve messaged someone but their status is “Idle” or “Do Not Disturb,” they likely haven’t read your message.

However, a user can disable their online status. In this case, you will still be able to see if a user is typing you a reply, but only if you keep your chat open.

Value the Privacy

Finding out that the feature you’ve been looking for does not exist may be upsetting. However, Discord’s official Twitter page has confirmed that the developers are considering the idea. It may just be a matter of time before it is implemented. Meanwhile, let’s focus on the pros of not having the read receipt feature: less anxiety and more privacy.

Do you know any plugins for enabling Discord’s read receipts? Share your discoveries in the comments section below.

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