How to Check Your Number in WhatsApp

The amount of information we have to process daily has steadily increased. Getting a new phone after you’ve lost your previous one can also add a lot more information to catch up with. For example, you might not remember your new phone number yet and are having a hard time keeping up with updating your friends and relatives. “How do you find your WhatsApp number?” is a question you usually don’t want to ask in the middle of the street.

How to Check Your Number in WhatsApp

Some phones make it difficult to see your phone number. However, messaging apps often don’t have such problems. In this article, we’ll show you how to check your phone number in WhatsApp.

How to Check Your Number on WhatsApp

WhatsApp uses the same phone number as that of your phone, so checking there will usually give you your current phone number.

Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Tap on More options on the top right. The icon looks like three dots.
  3. Tap on Settings.
  4. Select your name at the top of the menu.
  5. Your phone number will be listed in the Phone section under your username and About details.

The next time you’re wondering how to check your phone number on WhatsApp, remember that the steps are easy. All you have to do is check your profile settings.

How to Check If Your WhatsApp Number Is Blocked

Blocking is a powerful feature to stop receiving calls or messages from someone. If someone has blocked you, you might not notice it at first, but they will hold all the cards in the conversation.

Here are five different ways to check if someone blocked your number on WhatsApp:

  • Check the last seen message: When you open the chat window, look at the last seen information under the user’s name. If this hasn’t changed recently or you can’t see it, they might have blocked you.
  • Look for updates: If a user blocked you, you won’t receive any updates regarding their About page, and their profile picture won’t update for you either. A lack of updates on an account might mean you’ve been blocked (or that they don’t care to update their profile often).
  • Send a message: If you send a message to a user who blocked you, they won’t receive the message. However, you’ll still see a checkmark that you’ve sent it. If that checkmark never turns into a double checkmark (for seen messages), chances are you’ve been blocked.
  • Try to make a call: If you try to call the person who blocked you, the call won’t go through. This is one of the most reliable ways to test for someone blocking you.
  • Use group chats: Try adding a person to a group chat. If you receive an error message prompting that you’re unable to add someone, they have most likely blocked you.

How to Check Who Saved Your WhatsApp Number

Checking up on who has your WhatsApp number saved is relatively easy. We’ll need to use a somewhat obscure WhatsApp function to test this out – broadcasts. Broadcasts are similar to group chats. However, one notable feature of the broadcast is that they won’t be visible to users who don’t have you on their contact list.

Here’s how to use the broadcast function:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Select More options on the top right (look for the three dots).
  3. Tap on New broadcast.
  4. Select the users you want to check out. However, you’ll need at least two confirmed users. Use someone that you know has added you to their contact list.
  5. Tap on the checkmark on the bottom right corner.
  6. Send a broadcast message. It doesn’t have to be anything specific, and a simple ‘Test’ will do.
  7. Wait for some time and then check on the delivery information of the message. Press on the message until a menu pops up, then select Info.
  8. Check the Delivered to section. People who are not in this section most likely haven’t added you on WhatsApp.

The next time you’re wondering how to check if someone saved your number on WhatsApp, use the broadcast feature. It might be the only time you’ll need it.

Additional FAQ

How Do You Check If You Have a WhatsApp Account?

The easiest way to check if you have an account is to download WhatsApp. If you don’t need to go through the account creation process and you get an account automatically, you have WhatsApp.

How Do I Get My WhatsApp Verification Code?

When creating a WhatsApp account, a verification code is automatically sent via SMS. If you can’t receive messages, you won’t be able to receive the code. Make sure you’ve put down the correct phone number when creating your account.

How Can I See My WhatsApp Number Online?

If you don’t know your phone number, your best bet is to find it on your phone rather than looking online.

How Do You Check If a Number Has WhatsApp?

To check if a number is on WhatsApp, use WhatsApp’s account finder:

• Open up WhatsApp on your device, if it isn’t already open.

• Click the Search icon at the top of the screen and enter the number.

• See if anything pops up.

Alternatively, try adding the phone to your contacts. If they have a WhatsApp account, it will automatically find it. However, you can only check a limited number of times.

How Do I Find My WhatsApp Account Number?

Your account number is linked to your phone number. There are no official ways to find your account number.

Saving Numbers

Now you know how to check your number on WhatsApp, and also if someone has added or blocked you on WhatsApp. Knowing who is communicating with you is important in maintaining the right social relationships.

Have you found your friend on WhatsApp? How did you realize someone had blocked you? Leave a comment in the section below.

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