Clash Royale: How to Get Gems

As the premium currency of Clash Royale, Gems are any serious player’s best friend. They have numerous functions that improve any player’s gameplay. However, due to the scarcity of Gems, obtaining them can be difficult.

Clash Royale: How to Get Gems

However, scarcity doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t strategize methods to increase your chances of receiving Gems.

Keep on reading for the main methods of getting Gems. We’ll teach you how to get them and how you can use them. There’s always the option to pay real money, but Clash Royale also gives you Gems if you play often enough.

How to Get Gems in Clash Royale

There are a few ways to get Gems in Clash Royale. Most methods are entirely free except for grinding and farming. However, the best and fastest way is to pay for Gems.

If you don’t want to pay for Gems, then the following methods will be helpful. They don’t yield a lot, but with some patience and self-control, you’ll eventually earn plenty of Gems.

Play for the First Time

Every player who creates an account gets 100 Gems for free. While creating a new account automatically gives that account 100 Gems, you can’t transfer the Gems to your main account, so this method only works once for most players.

Checking Out the Shop Every Day

The Shop occasionally gifts free Gems to players just for checking in. You may have to wait for a week or so before you reencounter this offer, though.

Sometimes, the Gems are part of in-game offers, but you’ll have to pay money for these Gems. If you’re a free-to-play player (F2P), you won’t be able to take advantage of this.

Try to check the Shop every day because you never know when the game will decide to bless you with some free Gems. Ten Gems is enough to start a Tournament, and saving up will eventually pay off.

Playing the Trophy Road

You could earn Trophies from winning battles, and Trophies eventually yield Gems. These Trophies are obtained from your opponent’s Trophy count, and the number of Trophies you gain or lose depends on your opponent’s count compared to yours. If your opponent has more than you, then you lose fewer Trophies.

With this basic idea, you can keep fighting other players for Trophies. Fighting starts off your Trophy Road career. The more Trophies you get, the better the rewards you receive. If you can earn enough Trophies, you can get some Gems when you reach specific benchmarks.

For example, earning 900 Trophies will net you 50 Gems. The next Gem reward is also 50 Gems, but you can only claim this reward after earning 2,900 Trophies. Once you reach 5,000 Trophies, you can get more Gems as a repeatable reward. You have to keep looking for their locations since they change slightly, though.

If you manage to climb beyond 5,000 Trophies, you’ll likely be able to get more Gems than weaker players. The path is long, but with some practice and luck, you can make it.

Opening Crown Chests

Crown Chests contain two to four Gems each. You get them by playing the game and fighting other players. However, you can only receive a single Crown Chest per day.

Keep in mind that you’ll need 10 Crowns to unlock the Crown Chest, and you have to collect all 10 within 24 hours. If not, you won’t be able to open the Crown Chest. If you play enough every day, you’re guaranteed to get at least two Gems.

Playing in Special Event Challenges or Global Tournaments

Rejoice If either event comes around. The rewards from both can include Gems, though you only get these as a one-time prize. As such, we don’t recommend relying on this as your primary method of earning Gems.

Obtaining Duplicate Magic Items

You can only obtain some Magic Items a certain number of times. If you happen to get extras, the game will convert them into Gems.

One example is the Book of Cards. All players can only have one Book of each rarity at a time in their inventory. If you get another one, you’ll receive a warning from the game. Accepting the warning will convert the Book of Cards into 100 Gems.

While there are four rarities of Book of Cards, all of them give you 100 Gems. Note that the Book of Books is in its own category and doesn’t count towards the other four.

Magic Coins are the same way. There’s only one type of Magic Coin, but you can only have one at a time. Getting a duplicate will also convert it into 100 Gems after the warning message.

Participating in Clan Wars

Clan Wars involves five Clans fighting each other in various events. You’ll get better rewards and Clan Trophies when you rack up wins. All Clan Wars last for four to five weeks.

If you participate enough times during a Clan War and your Clan reaches the Finish Line, you’ll get plenty of rewards. Even not reaching the Finish Line still rewards you with some loot. Occasionally, you can get Gems from participating in Clan Wars, but you won’t receive the rewards until the end of the War.

How to Get More Gems Faster in Clash Royale

Unfortunately, there isn’t a shortcut for getting more Gems in Clash Royale. The only way for F2P players to get Gems is to play the game regularly and intensively. Grinding for Gems entails logging in daily, checking the store, and getting Trophies for the Trophy Road.

There may be challenges where you can get some extra Gems, but these only last for a short while. Challenges do tend to reward you with more Gems than usual, even up to 100.

Sometimes, YouTubers or other surveys may reward you with Google Play or Apple Store gift cards. You can use those to buy some Gems if you’re inclined.

However, there’s rarely any free money without you spending time playing the game. Giveaways are rare, and you may not win them. The best way to get Gems quick is to grind.

How to Conserve Gems

Other than earning Gems, learning how to spend them efficiently and conserving them is extremely important. Here are a few ways you can make the most out of your precious Gems.

Playing Classic Challenges

Classic Challenges cost Gems to play, but you’ll earn some cards and Gold if you win enough battles. It’s not as much as playing Grand Challenges, which requires 100 Gems to play; however, it’s less risky, and you lose fewer Gems.

Spend Gems on Restarting or Continuing Special Event Challenges

Sometimes, it’s worth doing this for the rewards. It depends heavily on the event, but you can consider spending some Gems for the prizes if it rewards a lot of Gold.

Don’t Do These Things

Gems are precious, so it’s not recommended to use them for buying items in the Shop unless you notice a terrific deal. You’ll find that winning challenges is more rewarding than buying the same items straight from the Shop.

Spending Gems to speed up Card requests, unlocking Chests, or skipping a tier on your Pass Royale is also very wasteful, and there are better ways to use your Gems. Chests are unlocked eventually, and you only have to gain tiers by fighting other players.

Are There Any Hacks or Glitches to Get Free Gems?

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there regarding this question. Many bots bombard threads and forums with the temptation of hacks and exploits for free Gems without effort. For F2P players who can’t or won’t spend money, this is extremely attractive.

However, some users claim that these are only scams. Supercell, the developers of Clash Royale, have implemented security measures that prevent cheats and hacks. As such, many dreams of getting free Gems through hacks were crushed.

Any claims of glitches and hacks for the game are likely websites that can give your computer viruses. We don’t recommend clicking them for your safety.

Even if you give in to the temptation to use a working hack, it may come with repercussions, including a ban from the game. Remember that any Gems you have are gone forever if you lose your account due to a ban.

Other users also report that cheating software also makes you play against other cheaters, defeating the purpose of cheating. Since everyone has overwhelming advantages, you won’t get a leg up on the others there.

Rise and Shine, Time to Grind

Few things in the world are free without putting in some effort, including Gems in Clash Royale. These methods will help get you some Gems, but you also have to play the game regularly. Unfortunately, there’s no “get-rich-quick” hack or glitch that can make this process any faster; unless you’re willing to part from some hard-earned cash.

How many Gems do you have in Clash Royale? What was the most significant Gem reward you received? Let us know in the comments section below.

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