How to Customize the window title bar in Windows 10

The title bar is at the top of every window in Windows 10. This includes three buttons at the top right corner of the window and a title for each open window. There are a number of ways you can customize the title bar with a few extra software packages and the options included in Windows 10.

How to Customize the window title bar in Windows 10

Adjusting the Title bar Text Size

First, you can customize the title bar text size with Windows 10 options. Click the Cortana button on the taskbar and enter Control Panel in the search box to open it. Then click Display to open the options shown below.

title bars

There you can customize the font sizes in Windows. Click the drop-down menu on the left and select Title bars. Then choose a number from the drop-down menu on the right. In addition, you can also select a Bold check box to add that formatting to the text. Click Apply to confirm the selected settings as shown in the snapshot below.

title bars2

Customizing Window Title Bar Text With Winaero Tweaker

Winaero Tweaker is a third-party software package that has plenty of options to customize the title bar with. Open this page and click Download Winaero Tweaker to save its Zip file, which you’ll then need to extract in File Explorer by pressing the Extract all button. You can open the software from the extracted folder.

Scroll down to and select Window Title Bars to open the options shown in the snapshot below. That includes a Window title bar height bar that you can drag left and right. Drag it right to expand the title bar height, which can be handy if you’re going to increase font sizes.

title bars3

Below that there’s a Change font option you can select to further customize the title bar text. Press that button to open the window below. There you can choose a variety of alternative fonts for the title bar text. It also includes numerous font style, or formatting, options such as Italic, Bold Italic, Light Italic, etc.

title bars4

Click OK to close that window when you’ve selected some font options. Then press the Apply changes button to confirm selected options. Press the Sign out now button to sign out and log back in. Then the title bars will include the customized text.

Customize the Title bar colors

Winaero Tweaker also includes options to customize the title bar colors with. You can select Colored Title Bars on the left to open the options below. Then click the Enable Colored Title Bars option there to add color to the title bar as shown in the shot below.

title bars5

This title bar color is automatically selected based on your theme’s accent color. So to switch the title bar color, you’ll need to choose a new accent color by right-clicking the desktop, selecting Personalize and Colors. Switch the Automatically pick an accent color from my background option off if it’s on.

Then you can select a color from the palette shown in the shot below. Click a color there to further customize the title bar color. You can click the Disable Colored Title Bars option on the Winaero Tweaker to remove the color title bar.

title bars6

In addition, you can also customize the title bar color of inactive windows. Select Inactive Title Bars Color on the Winaero window as below. Then click the Current color box to open a palette and choose an inactive window title bar color from there.

title bars12

Add New Buttons to the Title Bar

The title bar has just the three buttons to minimize, maximize and restore windows. However, you can add new buttons to the window title bars in Windows 10 with the eXtra Buttons software. Press the DOWNLOAD BUTTON on this page to save the eXtra Buttons setup. Run through the setup to add the utility to Windows and launch it.

When eXtra Buttons is running, you’ll find three new buttons on the window title bars as shown below. The three new buttons on the title bar are Always on top, Send to tray and Bookmarks.

title bars7

Those three buttons alone are a handy addition to the title bar. The Always on top (pin) button keeps the active window on top of all the others when you press it. Press the Send to tray button to minimize the window to the system tray as shown in the shot below. Or you can press the Bookmarks button to add the current software window to a list of bookmarks that you can open it from for quicker access.

title bars8

However, you can also add more new buttons to the title bar by clicking the eXtra Buttons icon in the system tray. That will open the window shown below where you can select Buttons Set on the left. Then you can add more buttons to the toolbar by selecting them from the Available buttons list and pressing the Add button. Click Apply and OK to confirm the selections and close the window.

title bars9

For example, one of the new buttons you can add to the title bar is Transparency. When you click that button, it adds a transparency effect to the active window as below. To configure the transparency effect, click Transparency on the left of the eXtra Buttons window. Then you can drag the Default transparency level bar further left and right.

title bars10

Full screen is another button you can add to the title bar. This is not entirely the same as the Maximize button on the title bar as pressing it also expands the window over the taskbar. Thus, the button expands the window a little more.

You can also add these options to the title bar’s context menu. The software adds most of the options to the context menu automatically. So right-click a window title bar to open the context menu shown below and select one of the button options from there.

title bars11

To add or remove button options from the title bar’s context menu, click Window menu on the left of the eXtra Buttons window. Then you can select an option in the Available items list and press Add to include it in Selected items. Alternatively, click one of the Selected items on the right and press the Remove button to erase it from the context menu.

So with Winaero Tweaker and eXtra Buttons you can transform the title bar in Windows 10 with new fonts, colors, formatted text and some extra buttons. The new buttons certainly give you some handy window options. Note that you can also add the Aero Lite theme to the title bar in Windows 10, which this TechJunkie article provides further details for. 

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