What Is the Default Password for an HP Laptop?

Unless your laptop is safe inside your home 24/7, you’re advised to use a password to stop unauthorized persons accessing your files. But what if your device is asking you for a password you never set or can’t remember?

What Is the Default Password for an HP Laptop?

If you never created a password on your device, you’re probably dealing with a default password. Read on to learn about default passwords and how to access your HP laptop when the login screen stands in your way.

What Is the Default Password for an HP Laptop?

A default password is defined as the password a device comes pre-configured with. In the tech world, it’s common to find default passwords like “123,” “password,” “admin,” etc. Therefore, it’s logical to assume that your HP laptop also came pre-configured with something similar.

However, modern operating systems no longer use default login passwords. If your device is asking for a password, you or someone else might have already set one.

If you purchased your laptop secondhand, or someone set up your device for you, they might have input a generic password like the ones previously mentioned. Your best bet is to contact them directly to inquire about the password.

What Is the Default Admin Password for an HP Laptop?

To make changes to your device, you need to enter admin mode. This might require a password. If you don’t remember ever setting an admin password on your device, you might run into an issue when trying to make some modifications. Whether there is a “default” admin password partly depends on the operating system of your device.

In the past, devices running on Windows had a dedicated Admin account by default. But there is no default Admin account since the release of Windows Vista in 2007. In newer versions, user accounts have admin capabilities. Therefore, unless you or someone else created a separate admin account with its custom password, there is no default password to speak of.

However, if your HP laptop is still using an older version of Windows, such as XP, you might be able to log in with the default admin account. If you never set this up properly, the default admin password will be blank. Just press enter without writing anything in the password field and you’ll be able to log in. If this doesn’t work, the password has been changed.

What Is the Default BIOS Password for an HP Laptop?

Today, there is no default BIOS password with HP laptop. If you’re using a personal device, a BIOS password will need to be enabled first. But if your device is asking for a password, someone has manually turned on the function. You can remove the BIOS password from your personal device by resetting your BIOS.

To reset your BIOS, you’ll need to remove the CMOS battery and utilize the password jumpers on the motherboard. But only do this if your product warranty has expired and you’re well-versed in the subject. Doing it improperly can damage your device, so if you’re not confident, take your laptop to a professional service instead.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to recover your BIOS password if you’re using a HP business laptop. In that case, the only solution is to change your system board entirely.

How to Recover Forgotten HP Password

If none of the above solutions granted you access to your computer, you can try password recovery methods.

Recover Your Microsoft Account

If you’re logged in to your HP laptop through your Microsoft account, recovering your password will be a breeze. All you need is another device that can connect to the internet.

  1. Go to Microsoft’s account recovery page.
  2. Enter your Email, phone, or Skype name and press “Next.”
  3. Choose how you will verify your identity and follow the instructions. You will receive a temporary code.
  4. Enter the code and you’ll be able to reset your password.

You can now log in to your laptop with the newly created Microsoft password.

Enter Admin Mode

If you’re using a local account to log in to your computer, the only way to change your current password is through an admin account. If your device has an account with admin privileges, log in to this account and follow these steps:

  1. Click the Windows icon and search for “User Accounts.” This will open a new window.
  2. Click “Email & Accounts.”
  3. Choose the account you want to edit.
  4. Find “Change the password.”

You’ll be able to create a new password for the account here.

Use a Password Recovery Disk

This method only works if you have created a password recovery disk for your device in the past. Use your password recovery disk after you get the login error message.

  1. Click “Sign in with Windows Hello or a security key” after the device tells you your password is incorrect.
  2. Plugin the recovery USB. The Password Recovery Wizard will open automatically.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.

A password recovery disk is the best safeguard against losing your password. After logging in this way, you won’t need to create a new recovery disk. If you regain control of your account in any of the other ways, though, you should consider creating a recovery disk.

Reach Out

Getting locked out of your laptop can be extremely inconvenient. If you don’t have time to try all the fixes yourself, turning to professionals will be the most stress-free solution. Some shops even offer password recovery services for free. You can also consider investing in HP’s SmartFriend service, available in the U.S. and Canada. It helps troubleshoot in situations like this one.

Regain Access to Your HP Laptop

Default passwords result in many security risks, which is why Microsoft has done away with them. If your HP laptop is running on Windows XP, you can try leaving the admin password field blank. If you use any of the newer operating systems, you’ll need to look beyond “123” and reset your password using one of the methods outlined above.

Have you ever got locked out of your HP laptop? Which method helped you regain access? Tell us all about your experience in the comments section below.

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