How to Disable Mute in Discord

We all know how annoying notifications can be. Especially in the middle of a high-stakes online match. This is the worst moment to see a notification pop up and chime.

How to Disable Mute in Discord

Dealing with notifications on Discord isn’t overly complicated, but there are some useful settings to help make your gaming time much more peaceful. Well, at least regarding things that are happening outside of your game. Here’s how to deal with notifications on Discord.


Let’s start with enabling all notifications. If you really want to be notified about everything on Discord, there’s an easy way to do it. To disable Discord mute on your mobile Discord app, while inside the app, navigate to your profile icon and tap it. Then, find the Notifications entry. In the Notification menu, simply turn on all three sliders.

On the desktop/web version, go to the bottom-left part of the Discord window. Here, you’ll see your profile icon. Don’t click it. Instead, select the gear-shaped icon. In the User Settings menu that pops up after selecting it, find the Notifications entry. It’s located in the left part of the screen. Then, enable all sliders.

until I turn it back on

There you have it, you’ve successfully disabled mute on Discord!

Customize Notifications

The mobile version of the Discord app doesn’t offer too many notification settings. Basically, you can choose whether you get notified within Discord, whether you get notified outside Discord, and whether or not you wish to integrate calls with the phone app.


On the desktop version of Discord, you can select the push notification AFK (away from keyboard) timeout. You can also choose whether you receive text-to-speech notifications. But most importantly, you can select which events will trigger sound notifications. There’s quite an extensive list of sound notifications to turn on/off here. Discord is very customizable in this department.

Disabling Notifications from a Specific User

You might find that one person annoying. Or maybe you just want to mute all except for a select few. In either case, you have two options here. Muting a user and blocking a user.


Muting a user only works on the desktop app. To do so, first, go to your private messages. You can’t mute a user from the friends list. To mute a user, navigate to the Home menu by clicking the Discord icon in the upper-right part of the screen.

Then, you’ll see the list of your contacts on the panel to the left. Scroll through it, find the contact that you want to mute, and right-click it. In the menu that pops up, go all the way down and hover over Mute @[contact name]. Then, you’ll get to choose how long you wish for the mute to last. You can always choose the Until I turn it back on option.


As a more extreme option, blocking someone will prevent them from sending messages to you altogether. Additionally, you won’t see their mentions and their messages on any mutual servers that you share will be hidden. You’ll be able to click a button to see the messages, though.

On desktop/web, navigate to a person’s entry, right-click it, and select Block. Now, confirm if you’re certain that you want to block the user. That’s it. You’ve successfully blocked them.

On the mobile app version, find their profile entry, tap it, and then select the three-dot icon, located towards the right corner of the menu. Now, tap Block and confirm.

Whether you block someone using the desktop/web app or the mobile/tablet app, they’ll be removed from all your lists. To unblock them, you’ll have to search for their profile. Once the chat window opens, navigate to their username at the top of the screen, right-click it, and select Unblock.

Turning Off Notifications on Specific Channels

This is one of the most common muting settings for Discord users. By default, you’ll constantly be notified about new messages on every single channel that you’re on. You can see how this can get annoying and distracting very quickly.

The solution? Turning off notification on a specific channel. The funny thing is, you’ll still be notified when someone messages you, so this is basically the default setting for most Discord power users.

To turn off notifications on a specific channel, open the server in question, first. Then, navigate to the channel that you wish to mute. Right-click it and hover over Mute Channel. Then select how long you want to mute it for. Select Until I turn it back on for an indefinite mute.

On Discord mobile, you need to select the channel that you want to mute. Then, to access the channel’s settings, swipe to the left. You’ll see a Notifications option. Select it and you’ll get to choose how long you want to mute the channel for.

Turning Off Notifications on Specific Servers

Muting a server will essentially mute every single channel within it. Whether you’re accessing Discord via the mobile app or from desktop, the list of servers that you’re on will be displayed in the leftmost panel.

To mute a channel on the desktop version of the Discord app, navigate to the server in question and right-click it. Then, hover over the Mute Server option and select how long you want the server muted for. It’s as simple as that.

On Discord mobile, select the server from the list. In the screen where you see the list of channels, navigate to the top, and tap the server name. A screen will appear. Select Notifications and choose how long you wish to mute the channel for.

Discord Muting

Discord offers extensive muting and notification settings. After all, it’s a gaming-dedicated communication app and gaming often requires huge amounts of focus. You can choose whether you mute an individual, channel, or entire server. You can also effectively block individuals you don’t wish to hear from. If these muting/blocking settings aren’t enough, consider filtering through your servers and leaving the ones that you don’t really need. Discord clutter is a real thing.

Did you find this article helpful? Did you manage to shape your notification/mute/block settings to suit your style? Feel free to add your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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